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He rubs the head up and down my slit, getting it good and wet before pushing into me. I moan into his mouth. He feels good inside me, so long and thick. I feel his wet finger at my anus and he gently pushes into the tight hole. I was aching and empty all week, and now his tongue, cock and finger are all invading my body. I reluctantly break our kiss and buck frantically, riding his cock and finger for all I'm worth. I'm so close. My body has been craving sexual release and my son-in-law's double penetration is just what I needed. "Brad... Oh, Brad, I'm coming."

"That's it Julia. Ride me baby, ride it out. Ah fuck, that's good, squeeze my dick baby. I want those cunt muscles to milk me. I'm almost there Julia. Fuucckkk..." I can feel his hot cum shoot into me. His cum runs out of me and up my crack, providing extra lube for his probing finger. The room is filled with the sound of sex, Candi screaming in ecstasy as she's filled with two cocks. Brad and I are breathing heavy as we calm down after our orgasms. I'm no longer riding him but he hasn't pulled out of me yet. "That was a great start to the day Julia. But I have three months of fucking to make up for and Kara won't be home until this evening. Before we're finished you and I will have fucked in almost every room in this house." Brad stands up and I lock my legs around his waist. His softening cock and finger are still in me. We leave Candi on screen with her men and he carries me to his and Kara's bedroom.

No, this isn't good. I can't fuck Brad in the bed he shares with my daughter. I already feel guilty enough. "Uh Brad, why don't we go to my room instead?"

Brad chuckles. "Don't worry, we will. But I want you in my bed first. Obviously Kara and I fuck here. But this is also where I watch Greg eat my wife's pussy. That makes me horny, so I bury my face in Lisa's wet snatch and eat her out. And there's nothing hotter than pushing my dick into Lisa's tight cunt while I watch Greg drill into my wife. Damn, if this bed could only talk. Next time I fuck Kara here I'll be thinking of riding your sweet pussy in the same spot." He pulls his finger out of me and I whimper.

I feel Brad's cock twitch inside me as he talks. I didn't really need to hear details of what happens in their bed, but I'll reluctantly admit to myself that it made me horny listening to him. "Does it turn you on Julia? Hearing what your daughter and I do in this bed with our friends. Knowing that you're lying in Kara's bed with my dick pumping into your pussy instead of hers? I almost wish I could brag about this to Nick. I wonder how he would feel knowing your pussy belonged to me while you're here. Tell me your pussy is mine Julia. Tell me it's mine not Nick's."

I moan as Brad lays me back onto the unmade bed. His cock is almost fully erect inside me again. "Tell me this is my pussy or I'm pulling out Julia. I'll leave you horny and aching for me."

"It's yours. My pussy belongs to you Brad." I'd tell him anything at this point. Anything to keep him buried inside me. My lust and aching need for this man is scaring me.

"Fucking right this pussy is mine. And my dick is all yours baby. Until you leave next week my dick belongs to you, not Kara. I plan to fuck you all day Julia. I'll fuck your sweet pussy until it's raw." Brad hooks his arms under my knees and pushes deep into me. His balls slap against me as he relentlessly begins to pound into my pussy. The smell and sound of hot sex fills the room. I hear the buzz of Brad's cell phone on the nightstand. His phone is in front of their wedding picture. My beautiful daughter in her wedding gown is smiling at me. This isn't right; what I'm doing with her husband while she's away. My body tenses up; I have to tell him to stop. We can't do this.

Brad saw me staring at their wedding picture.

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