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The pleasure swing.


I wiggled my ass, trying to tell him to fuck me harder but I needn't have as he started pounding in and out of me as fast as he could. I was grunting from the savage fucking my ass was taking and I could feel my balls beginning to tighten. I wanted to come in the worst way and I suddenly erupted in the hot mouth sucking me, sending a torrent of hot come down its throat. I heard a moan when I first exploded and then felt the mouth, sucking harder as it tried to empty my balls. I could feel it swallowing my come and that was a turn on too. I washed the cock in my mouth with my tongue faster now, as it continued fucking my face. I heard Jeff grunting behind me as I felt his cock twitch and then my ass started filling with his come. He groaned loudly and held himself against my ass as he emptied his balls into me. I groaned too and suddenly had a mouth full of come, spraying the insides of my mouth and trailing down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could as huge globs of come erupted out of Steve's hard cock.

"Yeah, Mr. C. Swallow my come. Taste me as you swallow all of it," I heard Steve say. "Oh fuck, that feels good. Suck my balls dry."

I felt the mouth around me, leave me and the coolness of the room hit my softening cock. I wanted Dee to suck me some more but he had moved out from under me and I couldn't see where he was. I found out as Jeff pulled out of me and Dee took his place. Steve was finished coming so he pulled his spent cock out of my mouth as Dee mounted my ass. His cock was a little big bigger than Jeff's but I took it all and he started fucking me with abandon.

He didn't waste any time in fucking me as he used long, fast thrusts to fill my canal with his fullness and hardness. His head was rubbing up and down my canal and I could feel his head twitching before too many thrusts. I knew he was coming and I felt his load suddenly, spewing up into me, mixing with the come from Jeff. I groaned as I felt him come over and over again until he pulled out, leaving my ass hole agape and his come and Jeff's running down my legs.

I slumped forward onto my arms and panted from the fucking the three of them had just given me. I hadn't rested very long when I heard the door open. I looked around and there was my wife standing, looking at the four naked men on our bed.

"Well, you could have at least, told me you were all going to be here," she said, mockingly. "How come no one asked me to join you?"

Jeff spoke first.

"Geez, Mom. We would have but we wanted to fuck Dad first."

"Well, now that you have, is it my turn?" she asked as she started towards the rumpled, wet bed, taking her clothes off as she came closer.

I felt her get on the bed and then the three young men were all over her. I moved to the side and watched as they attacked her body, one using her breasts, sucking her nipples hard, while another was between her legs, licking and sucking her crotch with loud slurping noises. The third had his hard cock in her mouth and was pumping it in and out of her as she groaned loudly.

As I watched them work over my wife, I couldn't help but admire their asses as they clenched and unclenched. They were smooth and tight and as I watched, I started to get hard again. Never in my life had I gotten another erection so close to coming before but watching the young men fuck and suck my wife was too much for me.

I waited until they all got into a position they wanted before I made my move. Steve was still pumping his cock in and out of my wife's mouth as Jeff thrust his long, hard cock into her cunt, wrapping her legs around his waist. Dee was sitting on her chest, his hard cock between her mashed breasts, tit fucking her. I moved behind Jeff and opened his cheeks, looking down at his puckered hole. It was the most exciting sight I had ever seen and I wanted it, right there and then.

I leaned down and ran my tongue against his thrusting ass hole and he jumped when he felt it. He groaned loudly.

"Oh fuck, yeah, dad. Tongue my ass hole."

I pushed the tip of m

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