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Damn! The person serving was a guy! At least she wasn't wearing a short skirt.

'Hi! I'm Candy. Like, err, I want to buy a nice red lipstick, okay,' Alicia said.

'This is a shoe shop,' the guy said, looking more confused than she did.

He was concentrating on what she was showing off, and only half listening.

'Of course, like, yea, I know that. I'm dumb but not silly,' she giggled.

'So you came in for a lipstick,' he said, sounding as though he was willing to do anything she wanted. 'Take a seat, do you want a coffee? Can I get you anything, anything at all?' he purred.

He was young, looked impressionable, and Alicia felt sorry for him.

'Like, I need some red shoes, yea! So as to look for a rave red lipstick, yea. Like it's got to match, really, really, super sexy,' she said, and was relieved, knowing she'd got this part right.

'I see, that makes sense. What kind of shoes are you looking for?' he asked.

'Really, like, high heels, yea! Shiny bright red, okay,' she giggled, and put a finger to her mouth.

'Sure, I understand,' he said, but didn't smile, or relax at all.

'Oh! Good, like, really, I'm glad you understand. Like I try, but I often don't really. I'm too stupid to know things. Like, do you know things?' she lisped around a finger, then giggled.

'I don't think your dumb, err, stupid,' he proffered.

'Oh! Your, like, so cute. Candy likes you. Bring candy some lovely red shoes, and, like, I'll let you kiss me,' she brazenly offered. 'Like, guys always want to kiss me. I only kiss the guys I like, and I like you, cause you're going to get me some lovely red shoes!' she giggled.
He gave her a smile, then sped off to the back storeroom. He was rummaging around, letting boxes drop to the floor, in a hurry to get back to the beautiful blond. A kiss was all the incentive he needed to do his best. The sullen adolescent was working in his uncle's store during a school break. It had been so very boring for an eighteen-year-old, up until now. He was no longer sullen, he was excited.

He came back in with a box, pulling at the tissue paper. They were the most expensive shoes in the store and hardly likely to be sold in this area. Farmers boots, and visitors hiking boots were the popular footwear, not delicate heels.

'Will these do?' he asked.

'Oh! Like wow, they are perfect! Like, how clever you are! I must try them on, please!' Alicia begged.

She was getting into the role, and starting to enjoy it. The poor guy was attentive, and polite, more than willing to help her, which made a change. The shoes would be paid for by James, so that was a bonus. They looked gorgeous, but insubstantial, so therefore very expensive.

Alicia sat down, and played at being startled.

'Oh! Dear, like, what's happened?' she said, looking worried.

'Help me up,' she told the guy.

He held her hands, and pulled, as it was obvious she would have trouble in such high heels. Maybe she wasn't going to try on the new ones after all.

'Like, can you see what's happened to my shorts, yea. I felt my bottom when I sat down,' she complained.

He made a show of looking at her ass, as requested. He'd already taken a good look at her ass when she walked in.

'Err, the shorts have ridden up, I think,' he said, trying not to sound nervous.

'Oh! No! Like, I'm showing off my botty? That is so rude. Like, oh, dear, can you help me, please! Like, really, I don't want to be rude,' Alicia explained.

'What do you want me to do?' he asked, with a hint of fear vying with excitement.

'Like, pull my shorts down, please! Like, cover my tush, or I'll be in trouble, yea. Please, you can do it for me, please,' she said, while demurely looking through her long eyelashes at him.

'Okay, I guess. Err, I'll have to touch you,' he said, sounding troubled.

'Like, please, go ahead, please! Touch anything you like, just cover me up, please! Oh, like, just do what you have to, really. I don't mind, honest, just pull my shorts down, yea,' she pleaded.

'Okay. I'll try,' he promised.

Trying hard not to grab her ass, he pulled at the bottom of the s

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