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Husband and Wife find pleasure in exercise.

His big hands slid inside, caressing her satin skin. It became obvious that she was not wearing a bra as the pretty little dress she was wearing, a dress that her husband had bought for her birthday, but she had never worn, slid to her waist. Her exposed breasts were spectacular, not so much in size as shape, firmness and placement, High on her chest; they appeared larger as they thrust forward. Her nipples were pink and small, surrounded by coral shaded areolae, slightly puffy and incredibly beautiful. His hand slid around to caress one firm mound.

The fire intruded. A small pocket of oil, long trapped in the wood, popped, a small explosion, causing the guilty couple to start. It was quickly forgotten as his thumb caressed one little peak, bringing a moan to her lips. The eyes of the elk head mounted over the fireplace glinted malevolently at the interloper. He paused in his relentless seduction for a moment as if he felt their stare, then quickly refocused on his prize.

He had been working at this conquest for months; the fruits of his labor were before his eyes, the gorgeous young wife of his boss, John Hayward, at last, naked to the waist before him. He was going to fuck her on her husband's bed tonight. The slights, the ignored brilliance of his work, the passing over for promotions, would at last be repaid by the surrendered body of this beautiful wife.

He pressed into their kiss, slowly reclining her back until her head was on the cushion and she was supine beneath him. The antique sofa springs protested at the burden, but the couple was unheeding, the man's lips tracing a line of fire down the white column of the beautiful young wife's neck, bringing a shiver to her slight form as the sensations swept over her.

His lips nibbled at her delicate skin, bringing her to a rising sense of excitement as the moist caresses moved down, circling her erect nipple, teasing, never quite touching the object of their mutual desire.

She gave a little moan of frustration, her fingers tangling in his hair to bring the teasing lips to the little pink bullet. She gasped as his lips closed around the sensitive nub, the sound not unnoticed by the listening walls, their solidity apparently unperturbed by the activities of the couple now writhing on the sofa.

Her lover laved her breasts, giving them his complete attention. The mind of the young wife, now consumed by the sensations she was experiencing, could barely contain her excitement. The consuming fire left her heaving breasts and trailed sparks down over the arch of her chest and onto the flat plane of her belly, pausing to thrust a dagger of delight into her tiny navel. It tickled that delightful declivity for a moment before proceeding downward to meet the material of her dress, now bunched at her waist.

Fingers tugged and she lifted her hips, allowing the dress to be slid downward, exposing the yellow lace of a pair of very tiny panties. The dress was discarded and the lips tugged at the panties, causing lithe thighs to spread and hips to tilt, gaining the contact she craved.

The wind gusted again; the stairs creaked in protest at the scene being played out in the living room. The protest went unnoticed by the pair writhing in passion on the sofa. Clever fingers slid inside the lace, pulling it aside as the beauties within were exposed for the first time to hungry eyes. Kisses rained upon smooth silky skin and the moans of the young wife became more audible. The sounds of passion rose. Skillful advances were made, the lips and tongue caressed the moist folds, slipping up to find the erect nub of her clitoris, peeking from its hood, her arousal evident in her flushed condition and her slickness.

His skillful play drew her close to the brink, the precipice of pleasure before her, but he wanted more. "Let's get more comfortable. Where's your bedroom," he whispered.

"Upstairs," she moaned.

He swept her slender body into his strong arms and the walls shuddered at another gust.

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