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A photo session in the garage gets erotic.

I told Kelly I had a club meeting and asked her not to wait for me. Once I made sure she had left, I went over to the parking lot looking for the familiar grey truck. There it was. I gasped nervously and slowly went over. I felt like running away but I pulled myself together. I approached the car and saw Chris sitting there ... alone.

I had to draw my breath from just looking at him. He was wearing a V-neck shirt displaying little curls on his chest. He was tossing his head back and forth rhythmically as he listened to what sounded like a Bob Dylan song. I knocked on the window and opened the door.

"Hey." Getting in the car, I tried to sound as casual as I could.

"Hey ... close the door, we are going on a trip, babe." He looked at me and started the car.

"Wait, what?" my casual tone went away instantly, "Chris, where are we going?"

"We are going at an awesome place at the beach."

"Not sure it's a good idea." I muttered quietly.

"Me neither, actually." He pushed gas laughing and we left the school.

I did not even bother to make him stop the car. If I wanted to feel alive, I would need to follow my heart for once. Then again, if you had asked me a day earlier if sitting in the car with Chris fucking Ebron was something my heart would be willing to try, I would have said you were crazy.

Suddenly I realized I knew the song. It was "Song to Woody". I chose not to say anything about it. Actually, we were both quiet, not saying a single word. For the whole ride, I was just looking out the window and listening to the Bob Dylan classic. The level of awkwardness was literally off the charts.

We finally arrived at the destination after 20 minutes of driving. Climbing out of the car, I looked around and enjoyed the scenery for a second. The Sun was up, but it wasn't hot. A little breeze and the sound of waves made evening a little more pleasant. I decided to take off my sneakers and walk down to the sea. I was wearing shorts, so I was not really worried about getting them wet. I did not go too far though. It was enough just to feel the warm water on my feet. I looked back and realized Chris was not planning to join me. He had sat on the sand observing me. I started feeling emotionally naked all of the sudden. The beach was so empty too. It was just us, a middle-aged couple swimming far away and a freaking seagull stumbling around the beach like a total idiot. The ocean was empty too -- huge and lonely. After couple of minutes, I decided to go back to my tour guide and took a seat next to him. I don't know if it was the calm scenery or the aftermath of an amazing kiss but I did not feel any hatred toward him anymore. The way he was just sitting there smiling ... it made me want to let that moment last for eternity.

"Chris, what are we doing here?" I asked slowly, looking at the ocean.

"I thought you'd enjoy the scenery." He answered with a smile on his face, "There is a cave too. It's pretty fucking cool. My dad and I used to come here all the time. We should totally check it out."

"Yeah, sure. Wanna go?"

I helped him stand up and he took the lead me following in the back. He just started briefly recalling the things he had discovered there and stuff like that. I could not concentrate on what he was saying because the memory of telling him how I hated him came back to me. I suddenly felt extremely ashamed. The guy had saved me from a rapist, took me to a romantic place and I was just being a self-centered asshole the whole time. On top of everything, he had lost his usual cocky side and was just sincerely sharing his experiences. Jesus, I really was going to hell.

"Here we are."

It was an ordinary cave. It was empty and it got darker the further we went in. Finally, he stopped and took a seat on one of the stones. Then he patted me on the shoulder and asked me to sit next to him.

"It's quiet in here." He whispered, "Isn't that nice?"

"Yeah, I guess." I mumbled as an answer, trying to hide my uneasiness.

I hated the silence.

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