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A moment later she had Daisy's knees pushed up toward her chest, and she was licking her asshole.

"Well damn," I said to myself.

The little minx was stroking Daisy's shaft while licking ever nook and cranny from her nuts to her pucker.

It was obvious they knew how to get each other off. When Daisy started to thrash about, moan and talk to her, Dana crawled up on top of her, and sat on Daisy's she-cock.

I could tell she knew exactly how to position herself, to make sure she got all of that cute little pussy poker into her.

She worked her little ass in a circular motion, as she rode that cock like a real cowgirl, and Daisy was telling her how good everything she did felt to her.

They went at it like that for what seemed like a long time, with Dana talking dirty and dominating Daisy.

I watched each of them cum more than twice before they'd both had enough, and Dana collapsed on top of her.

Apparently Daisy can have lots of orgasms just like some cis women can.

I had no idea about that. I guess it's true, you're never too old to learn something.

After their lovemaking, the rest of that day, and the evening, was filled with them doing touristy stuff, while I went back and hung-out again, with the local inhabitants of purgatory.


The next day they flew to the Riviera.

It was about a two hours drive from Heres to Nice. I thought we'd never get there. I was tempted to go on ahead of them, but I toughed it out.

I sat on top of the cab this time, as we zoomed along the A57 and A8 highway. It felt safer up there than inside.

The hotel they'd chosen was small and well maintained. Their room was larger than the room in the corporate hotel they stayed in when we were in Paris. The service here was heavenly. As if I'd know what heaven is like.

I was looking forward to watching the girls tour, and look for celebrities in Cannes and Saint Tropez, but those two had a surprise up their sleeves.

Once the girls had gotten themselves sorted and refreshed, much to my delight I might add.

Instead of putting their clothes back on, and going for a walk along the Promenade, they put on swimsuits, grabbed their huge shoulder bags, and headed to the beach.

I floated along behind them, watching how their asses moved as they walked. Going to the beach was cool with me, since I was looking forward to checking out all the topless women.

I soon found out why they chose to go to the beach instead of the Promenade.

The women on the beach weren't only topless, many were nude, and if that wasn't good enough, some of them were trans. There were also cis men and women out there. The couples were made up of every combination you could think of.

This assignment was getting better and better.

I followed the girls to a spot that provided them with a good view of both the water and the beach. Obviously I wasn't the only one planning to people watch.

It only took Dana and Daisy a minute or two to get sorted. All they had to do was spread their towels on the sand, and strip naked.

They were giggling like schoolgirls as they removed their bikini tops, before removing the bottoms.

It was pretty hot seeing them naked in public like that.

I sat in the sand at their feet, and listened to them talk, as they checked out the other people on the beach.

I was looking at them as well as the other sexy bodies all around us.

I never knew trans women could be so pretty and feminine until that day.

I took pride in the fact that the trans woman I was looking after was as pretty as any of them.

After watching them for a while I noticed that both of them were checking out the men, and paying little attention to the trans women.

They were talking about what their ideal lover would look like.

They had been eyeing this guy they both thought was good looking. Dana liked his cock, which was pretty big, even though it was soft.

Daisy was more interested in his face and body.

When he walked past where they were sitting a couple of times, they made sure he wasn't looking, then they smirked at each other.

That was when I reme

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