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He left work a little early and went home. His house was neat and well organized. He grabbed a towel and headed for the bathroom. He found himself absentmindedly stroking himself in the shower as he thought about her. Those big brown eyes, so expressive! And that mouth needed to be kissed! Those breasts, well, he could only imagine how they felt. He shook his head and refocused his attention. He finished up his shower and went into his bedroom.

It was definitely a man's bedroom. The bed was a four post, wooden, king size one. There was a large dresser with a mirror along one wall. A tall, antique armoire sat against another wall. The brown rug was thick underneath his feet and the walk in closet was neatly hung with his clothes.

He selected a pair of black jeans and a black short sleeve, button down shirt. He left the top three buttons unbuttoned, revealing his chest hair. He put on cologne, combed his hair, and put on his boots. He liked what he saw in the mirror. He thought about the evening to come and this elicited a smile. He went to the kitchen to get something to eat.

The Date

Kelli was on pins and needles. What was it about Alex that drew her to him? She decided that rather than make an entrance, she would be there waiting for him. Maybe she would have a drink while she was waiting, just to soothe her nerves. She left her house early and headed for the bar.

When she arrived at Mojo's there were half a dozen cars in the parking lot. She parked, checked her face, and headed in on unsteady legs. She hadn't wanted to make an entrance, but as she walked in it seemed everyone looked up and stared at her. Now she wished she had waited, but it was too late. She came in and let her eyes adjust to the darker atmosphere.

"Welcome to Mojo's! Would you like to sit at the bar or did you want a table?" the perky voice of the waitress startled her.

"A table, please!" Kelli responded

The waitress led her to a small table by the wall. This was good because Kelli didn't feel as exposed here. She sat down and ordered a long island iced tea. She figured she'd get one good drink in before he got here to give her courage. Though she wasn't sure why she needed courage. As she sipped at her drink she watched the door, oblivious to the stares of the other men around her.

Alex arrived at the appointed time and the parking lot was half full. He walked in and was immediately hailed by a couple of men at the bar. He nodded at them, then scanned the room. Suddenly he stopped short because there she was and she was even more luscious than he remembered. The lowcut, short skirted dress was playing dangerous games with his libido. He smiled at her as she noticed him standing there and she raised a hand nervously.

"You look lovely, Kelli."

"Thank you!"

"I see you have a drink already."

"Yes, I hope you don't mind."

"Not this time" He smiled at her. She looked at him, a little surprised. "So, tell me about yourself. What makes you tick? What is this "more" you are looking for?"

"Oh!" She said, "Well, I'm 24. Just graduated from college with a degree in business. My father wants me to go to work for him, but I don't know. I kind of want to do my own thing, but I don't know what that is yet. I like helping people. My best friend says I'm a people pleaser. I guess she's right. I just want everyone to be happy, but I want to experience some of life. I don't want to just exist. I want more than that."

He looked somewhat amused by her answer. "You really don't know what you need, do you? How many boyfriends have you had?"

"Well, not many. Actually, I've had three; one in high school and two in college."

"And did you have sex with them?"

"What kind of question is that?"

"The kind I want an answer to.

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