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Burning bridges to build a new future.


"No I don't mind. I'm glad to help a friend in need" I answered.

We walked out to the parking lot. She walked over to her car and made sure it was locked. I guided her toward the Jetta and opened her door and she climbed in. I walked around to my side and got in and started the engine. She opened her purse and pulled out her cigarettes.

"Do you mind?"

"Oh no, please, you go right ahead" I replied.

I watched as she placed the cigarette to her lips and lit her lighter. She placed the flame to the end and took a good long inhale as she lit it up. She opened her window slightly and exhaled her smoke.

"Damn I love to smoke." She said with a smile.

"And I love to watch you smoke!" Damn! I can't believe I said that out loud.

She smiled a wicked smile and took another long inhale. This time she had turned so that I could get a good view of her as she exhaled. She exhaled slow and seductively. She was good and she knew that she was. We arrived at her house and I pulled up into the driveway. She got out, took one last drag on her cigarette and crushed it out with her shoe. She stuck her head back in the car.

"Why don't you come in for a night cap?"

"Uh, just a night cap, right? I'm married and couldn't sleep around on my wife."

"That's fine Michael. Let's go inside."

I turned off the engine and followed her inside. It was a nice modest house. It was very clean and just the right size for one person. Her living room had a couple of lazy boys and a love seat. Her entertainment center was nicely equipped but not too expensive. I immediately sat down in one of the lazy boys. She headed for the kitchen.

"Bud Light, ok?"

"Yes, that will be fine." I answered.

One Beer Mike ol' boy and then you better high tail it out of here. I thought to myself. Carla returned with the beer. She sat down on the love seat and immediately lit up another cigarette. She smiled at me.

"So how long have you had your smoking fetish, Michael?"

"As long as I can remember, Women who smoke have always made me really horny. I've tried to suppress the feelings, especially since my wife doesn't smoke. She tries to indulge me sometimes, but she doesn't inhale and one cigarette is her limit."

Carla smiled. She took a long slow inhale and exhaled the smoke right at me. She got up and said that she would be right back. I was really feeling anxious now. What was I doing here? Was my fetish really about to make me cheat on Lynn? No matter what, I had made up my mind not to fuck Carla, no matter how turned on I became.

Carla returned to the living room. She was still wearing her mini skirt. She had removed her stockings and shoes and slipped on some nice black knee high boots with a nice 2" heel. She was also wearing a black bra and black leather gloves that went up her arm about half way to her elbow. She pulled out a fresh cigarette and lit it up. She exhaled the smoke right at me and placed her right boot on the left arm of the lazy boy.

"So tell me Michael, is your dick nice and hard?"

She was so fucking hot! My dick was about to explode. I could feel my boxers getting soaked with pre-cum jizz. I nervously answered.

"Yes, but..."

She placed her left hand over my mouth and raised her right hand to take another drag off of her cigarette. She exhaled right on me and said.

"Remove your pants and underwear, so you can touch yourself. You know that your cock needs some attention right now!"

I couldn't believe what was happening! Here I was a happily married man removing my pants for another woman! I was so horny, that I was practically cumming from the smell of her cigarette and the feel of her leather. She walked to the kitchen and returned with a chair. She placed it right in front of me. She sat down and placed her boots on either side of the lazy boy. She raised her skirt and I could plainly see her shaved pussy glistening in the night. She had to be just as horny as I was.

"Take your cock in your hand and stroke it for me, while I play with my pussy and enjoy my cigarett

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