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Vicar's wife poses for an artist.

She was probably the only 19 year old virgin on the island mainly because her overly protective father kept the boys in the Catholic School away.

"Why don't you help her?" Jennifer asked Maggie.

"ME?" Maggie said loudly. "But........" She looked at Joe who nodded his head in agreement. Maggie turned and looked at the girl who was smiling at her. She wanted her help and couldn't remove her clothing on her own.

Maria tried to pretend the other two were not watching her when the nice looking woman moved over to her. The dress was made to fall over her head and shoulders and was easily removed by just pulling the shoulder straps down over her arms. Maria's eyes closed when she felt the woman's fingers drawing the thin straps to her arms. Suddenly her body got a chill from having no protection except her plain white bra and panties.

"Damn." Joe exclaimed when he saw the girl's body. Her breasts were squeezed into a too sizes too small bra and were overflowing the cups. Her dark skinned stomach moved down over her deep navel to full white panties. The girl had to have the largest bush he had ever seen on a female. It looked like a mound of dark cotton stuffed under the junction of her panties.
Maria peeked out to see the desire on the face of both the man and the woman. Kids at her school had talked about women having sex with other women but she did not believe it until now.

"Is that enough?" Maggie asked seeing the girl's knees trembling. "I don't think she really wants to do this."

Maria looked up and smiled. "Yes. I want to do this." Finally she would break out of her conservative life.

"OK." Maggie said as her hands moved around the girls back and released her overburdened bra. The cups sprang off her firm young breasts which stuck straight outward with no sag. Her nipples were huge and very hard.

Jennifer tried to move towards her but Joe held her back. He wanted his wife to do it. But how far would she go?

"Keep going." Joe directed Maggie.

Maggie could feel the girl's body heat as her fingers pulled her panties out and down over her cute round brown ass. She could not see her front as the panties moved down her thighs and off her feet. She glanced out at the wanton passions on the other two faces.

Maggie moved around and saw what they were looking at. A deep dark forest of curly hair started about three inches below the girl's navel and proceeded down and under her body. It was definitely the biggest bush she had ever seen.

Maria was now smiling as the others looked at her naked body. Even in school the girls were not allowed to undress in front of each other. She had never seen anyone but herself naked before. "You want me to turn?" She asked with a giggled.

"Please." Joe begged. His tongue licked his lips as her brown curvy buttocks appeared. She looked over her shoulder and smiled. He wished he had a camera. It was time to test his wife.

"Check to see if she is a virgin." Joe directed at Maggie.

"Joe!" She said shocked that he would ask her to do such a thing to this innocent child.

"It's OK." Maria grinned up at Maggie. No one but herself had ever touched her down there.

Maggie shook her head at her husband and moved to Maria's front but it blocked his vision. "From the rear." He directed. Maggie moved behind the girl and moved her hands around her waist and to the top of her thick growth. Her fingers caressed the soft but wiry hairs and moved down into the nest.

Maria moaned when the woman's fingers slid down into her virgin gash and over that place...that place that she had touched many times dreaming of this moment. Her legs were weak as the woman's fingers rub across her clit and down deeper into her damp folds. Her back fell into Maggie's front. Maggie found the girl was indeed a virgin and started to pull her fingers back up and out of her dampness but Maria grabbed her wrist and held her hand between her legs. "PLEASE." The girl begged.


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