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A cultural competition (Asian).

I'll help you with transportation, but I hope it won't come to that. ... Meanwhile, I have an order of my own for you."


"Fuck me hard again!"


The next night the Herder party reached the Southern Camp and settled in for the next three weeks. The women leading the herd arrived back at dusk and took their places at the campfire for dinner. One of the Herders caught a glimpse of long golden hair over a stick-thin body and cried out:

"Tamar, my girl, you're back!"

The woman rushed up to Tamar and hugged her, kissing her, holding her tightly.

"Judith!" Tamar cried. She hugged her Herder mother, the women who had snatched her and brought her up. "I've missed you. This is my friend, Carlin."

Judith had to tear herself away from Tamar to greet Carlin. Her eyes were wet.

"How come you're here, Darling?"

"Carlin and I came with Ezra and Yumi. We're staying a month, Mum ... er, I mean, Judith."

"Oh!" Judith exclaimed and hugged Tamar again. Now the tears flowed down her cheeks.

"That's more sentiment than I can stand," Solange said to Ezra. "Come on Earthman, I need you to fuck me in the arse. ... Never mind your dinner."

He quickly grabbed a last mouthful of food and obediently followed her to her hut.

"Solange, what about me?" Ash asked.

"You can enjoy yourself."

While Ezra made Solange squeal from mixed pleasure and pain, Ash and Yumi shared a hut. Like last night, they stripped and used their naked bodies to keep each other warm. Yumi was getting used to this friendly intimate habit but none of the women she'd shared a bed with had suggested there was anything sexual intended. However, Ash seemed to have a different idea.

"Do you want to kiss?" she asked, adding: "We can because I asked Solange's permission."

This was a curious statement for many reasons.

"Why do you want to kiss?" Yumi asked.

"To make each other happy, of course. Don't you make love when you go to bed?"

"Not to women. I'm not a lesbian."

"What's a lesbian?"

Yumi was a little shocked. Yet, she thought, on a planet where sex between women was universal, there was no need to give it a special name.
"A lesbian is woman who loves other women," she explained.

Now Ash was shocked.

"Don't you love other women?" she asked.

"Not in that sense. Not sexually."

"Why not? Women are lovely!"

"They are but I don't have sex with them."

Ash thought about this and then asked:

"Is it because there are so many men on Earth that you don't need to have sex with women?"

"No, not really. I mean, it's not that women are second-best. It just doesn't come up on Earth the way it does here on Samothea."

"Why not? Men and women are different, aren't they? I love sex with Ezra - I really love it - but I love sex with Solange just as much. Even if there were lots of men around, I'd still want sex with women as well."

Yumi had no answer to that.

"I suppose it's just an Earth custom," she said, "especially the part of Earth I'm from. We generally keep to the same partner and having sex with anyone else, man or woman, is considered cheating."

"Even if your partner gives you permission?"

Yumi wondered at that.

"Even then. ... What did you mean when you said you asked Solange's permission?"

"Solange owns me. I have to ask her if I want sex with anyone else, and anyone who wants sex with me must ask her first."

"Solange owns you? Like property, like an animal?"

"Sort of, but much better. Don't you want to belong to someone, to have someone care for you and keep you by her, for herself?"

"Not really, not like that, though - I suppose - when I wanted to marry Michio, I thought he and I would belong to each other. ... Yes, I suppose I wanted him to own me, but I would own him just as much."

"That's nice, owning each other," Ash said in a conciliatory way, though she didn't believe it.

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