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Sister lets her brother lose his virginity to her.

A tiny drop of water formed at the corner of the cube and as it prepared to slide from the ice, Jay moved the object closer until it gingerly grazed Jilly's left nipple.

The sharp contrast of ice cold water against her sun warmed flesh caused Jilly to inhale as her eyes flew open. She instinctually began to sit up but Jay was above her, his hands on her shoulders, the offending ice cube in his mouth.

"Hey," Jilly attempted a reprimand. Jay stopped her with his mouth over her own, the cold ice cube no match for the heat of his breath on her lips. Again, the contrast of hot and cold gave Jilly pause, a wave of delight flowing through her.

"Just what do you think you're doing, out here all alone?" Jay leaned back and grinned. "Half naked. Right out in the open too. Looks to me like you were throwing out an invitation." As he spoke, his eyes slowly moved from Jilly's mouth to her throat, collarbone and bare breasts.

"Think the invite was for you? So you want to come to my party?" Jilly now lay back comfortably. She no longer made any attempt to cover her bare chest but instead thrust it out a little.

"Oh, there's no doubt I'll cum. Question is, will you," and with his response, Jay leaned forward and sucked Jilly's right nipple into his still ice chilled mouth. His tongue rolled around the tight mound and then he brushed his teeth against her.

Jilly gasped in as Jay sucked and teased. His towel barely contained the growing stiffness of his groin, which now pressed into Jilly's abdomen' impossible to ignore.

Reaching for the edge of the towel, Jilly exposed Jay's bare ass with a quick tug. The sun, blocked by the cotton, now warmed his skin. Jilly's hands began to explore the hard flesh moving against her, tickling the tender smooth skin at the top before grasping firmly and slipping down to the base of his shaft. It was Jay's turn to moan.

Straddling the chair, and his wife's pelvis, Jay sat up. He grabbed her hands from his growing cock and pushed them over her head. "Not yet, sweetie, I need to cool you down a little first." As he spoke, Jay once again reached into the lemonade glass and plucked out another cube.

"You're so hot and sweaty. Let's see if this doesn't cool you off a little," Jay studied Jilly's firm, flat abdomen. Taking the melting ice cube in his fingers he drew a slow, serpentine line down the center of her body.

"Oh," Jilly gasped again but rather than squirm she placed her hands behind her head and leaned back. This was the way to end a summer.

The ice cube left a tiny puddle in Jilly's belly button. Jay, thirsty now, bent down and sucked the liquid off her. The cold melt water mixed with her saltiness. The taste thrilled Jay and he took a moment to congratulate himself by reaching below his waist and giving his cock a squeeze. The ice had chilled his fingers, a fact he had failed to consider. The subsequent jolt of cold caused such a sharp sensation, Jay himself inhaled.

"Oh no, this was suppose to be about me," Jilly whined and grabbed Jay's hand. "You'll get your turn," she whispered as her long slender fingers caressed his shaft, his cock responding in nervous twitches.

"Mmm, that's right, this is all about you. I'm going to need to see more. Take these off." Jay snapped the band on the bikini bottoms.

Slowly, with a tiny bit of self consciousness, Jilly lifted her hips. Jay's cock rubbed against her, given the close proximity that the lounge chair allowed. She eased the bottoms off and dropped them beside the chair. Warm summer air clothed her now and moisture, not from a pool or the heat of the sun, glazed the tender flesh between her legs.

Jay stood up at the end of the lounge. "Lie back." He commanded and his wife complied.

Her body where the bikini had modestly covered stood in stark white contrast from the tan where the sun had been allowed to touch.

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