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Two friends convince themselves to have fun.

Yeah, right!!

Out of nowhere, she yelled at me (per usual from her), saying that she wanted to see me after closing. I heard snickering, low key clowning from the girls at the registers and I'm thinking, "I'm out of a job". For the next 2 hours, I was freakin' out because I knew she didn't like me but I kept my cool. I also thought, If this crazy lady fires me, I'm going to give her my ass to kiss. I was pretty much over the job at this point, but I finished my shift and walked to the manager's office like Marisol requested.

I waited and waited and waited. It was probably 15 minutes but it felt like 15 hours. I wanted to get this over with, go home and get in my bed. For someone who was so emo about rules and responsibility, she was wasting my time. She was such a control freak and I ready to give her a piece of my mind and my ass to kiss. I'm not usually this way. I am so non-confrontational and far from a fighter. I was also taught to respect my elders.

Marisol was old enough to be my mom. I also knew she had issues in her personal life, specifically her ex-husband because of the gossip at the job. Still gave her no right to treat people like she did, especially me. I was a teenage college student!! The weird thing waiting for her wasn't about me being nervous (I was that), but suddenly I thought about how beautiful she was. No lie.

Underneath all of that drama, she was a beautiful woman. She had long, dark brown hair that went down to her shoulder blades when she let her hair down. I had already described how petite she was. She also had glowing golden brown skin and she had the most beautiful green eyes ever that sometimes changed if you look at them closely enough. It's amazing the kind of thoughts that go through your mind when you're impatiently waiting on someone.

She finally came into the office with abundant fire and seriousness in those green eyes. Again, I will never forget what happened next. In a low yet clear voice, she commanded me to take off my shirt. Just out of nowhere. I guess she saw my perplexed blank stare so she repeated herself with a louder voice. After taking a few seconds to process what she said, I actually asked her if she really did tell me to take off my shirt and why should I. Her eyes shown even more intensity and with more attitude than I ever seen from her answered, "Yeah, I told you take off your shirt. Don't you sass me, young lady. I want you to do it now!".

I backed down. Hesitantly, I slowly lifted up my uniform top. When I dropped it to the floor, I was down to my black Goddess Alice bra and I literally heard her gasped. Then..."Dios Mios!!", 4 times. At first I thought that something was wrong and that Mari was repulsed after seeing my vitiligo-ravaged body. I have always been self-conscious about it, especially because of the numerous teasing going back to my childhood. I heard her exhale, calm down and speak in the soft, clear voice that I grew to love, "Wow, they are huge! Huge, 'Lil Mami!' So beautiful, Syreata". I saw those gorgeous green eyes softened, replaced with appreciation and desire.

I'm used to interesting responses and reactions concerning "Lanita" and "Regina" (yes, I have names for my breasts). They have always been a polarizing pair. Not to mention, I definitely wasn't inexperience with females, even as a teen but Mari was the 1st older woman who openly admired and desired me. I smiled at her as she seemed genuinely memerized by the sight of me and wasn't repulsed by my vitiligo.

When she finally came to, she finally asked me 2 questions that she wanted to ask since I first started working at Pathmark: Are they real? And, What size are they? I answered her first question in the affirmative and I told her that I was a 30JJ, which I was at the time (Now I am 32LL UK size). She shook her head with the most genuine smile that I ever saw from her. It was amazing to see her transform from a lioness to a kitten.

Again, I smiled and giggled at her response.

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