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A doctor gets his own back.

"One for you. One for me."

Monica smiles from ear to ear as the couple lean in together. Mouths engulf both areolas and tug at the nipples. Monica had to shiver and expel a light moan.

"Holy shit! That gave me goose bumps." Monica flares her eyes.

"Tasty!" Michael nods licking his lips.

Lisa winks at her and goes back for seconds. Her sample lasted for three minutes. Monica fanned herself at the steamy emotions she was building up.

"Okay! Now I'm curious. Can I try that?" Monica eyes Lisa's cleavage. The woman wore a spaghetti string peach colored top. Her tits were a stunning 36C.

"Get the sauce." She dances in step looking over at Michael as she peels her top off of her shoulders and reveals her braless breasts. Her skin was pale and her nipples bright pink and pointy.

Michael returns with smothered fingers and swirls a dab around both nipples. He then waves Monica in to join him on a feast. Side by side Lisa watched them suck on her nipples.

"See what we started, Michael? Our Beautiful likes this."

Monica releases Lisa's nipple with a gentle tug of her lips and sighs, "That would be a yes."

Lisa winks at Monica, "Michael feels left out I think."

"Should we baste him in Hot Sauce?" Monica giggles.

Michael lifts his t-shirt over his head casting it on their sofa, "Bring it on Ladies."

As Monica moves to get the sauce on her fingers from the box Lisa gets sneaky.

The blond unfastens his jeans and tugs they and his boxers down to reveal his beefy eight inch cock.

Monica turns around to witness the reveal and drops her jaw, "Oh hell."

Lisa then journeys over to Monica and shares the sauce from her fingers. Pulling her along with her Lisa crouches down in front of Michael and coats his cock and bulging ball sack in sauce.

Monica hesitates and again fans herself.

"It's alright, Beautiful. Come on down here with me."

"I don't know." Monica hesitates with an uncomfortable shiver, darting her gaze between Michael's hard on and Lisa's tempting smile.

"You don't have to. Nobody is forcing you." Lisa comforts her before lapping her tongue along Michael's ball sack. Her eyes never left Monica's the entire time.

Monica was drenched between her thighs at the sight.

Finally, Monica broke down with a hissing exhale and knelt beside her new friend. Lisa held his cock for her to sample a flick to his crown.

"Go ahead, Beautiful. I don't mind. We can do this together."

Lisa shifts her profile to trail her tongue along Michael's cock on his left. Monica in turn dared herself to dabble on the flesh at his right. Reaching the crown together the girls licked each others lips. That led into a steamy unexpected kiss.

Michael stood over them stroking his cock. He marveled at their erotic chemistry.

After a heated two minutes the girls planted their foreheads against each other giggling.

"Wow!" Monica was breathless.

Unknown to all, Holden had crept up to peek around the frame of the open door. His jaw dropped. What he saw made him realize just how fast this girl could get things done. He began rubbing his own crotch and prayed none of the other neighbors would walk out and catch him.

Inside Michael stroked his cock while the girls sat in awe of each other. He let them have their moment. He knew too much too soon would ruin this magical evening.

Lisa finally spoke, "Never kissed a girl before have you?"

Blushing Monica bit her lower lip, "Never. It was fun though."

"Yes it certainly was. Anytime you want to do it again just drop on over. Strangely enough I say we made a new friend." She looks up at Michael for his nodding agreement.

Monica trembles then glances up at Michael, "I think your man needs your attention."

Michael grins, "I'm good. You two have fun."

Lisa lifts up on her knees and opens her mouth to swallow her husbands cock for a repetition of four throat thrusts. She then stops to wipe her chin, "That will fuel his fire. How about you Beautiful? Want your fire fueled?"

Monica's eyes flare up, "What do you mean?"

The blond shuffles toward her on her knees carefully encouraging

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