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Unknown siblings bump into each other.

She looked very attractive indeed. I saw her and something stirred inside me. I tried to avoid looking at her but my eyes moved back to her after every few moments. I looked around to see if someone had seen me looking at her. But nobody seemed to be interested in what I was doing. I sighed with relief. As I looked back at her I saw her looking towards me. She had a smile on her face. She looked so lovely that I continued to stare at her for quite some time. The smile on her face broadened and suddenly I realized that I was in public and staring at a beautiful young girl with my wife a few feet away. I was caught staring red handed by this girl. But her reaction seemed to be inexplicable to me. She just continued to talk to her friends who were with her. Soon my wife was besides me. She had also noticed that I was taking a particular interest in that girl.

"She is Rasika," my wife said.

"What?" I asked.

"I said her name is Rasika," my wife replied.

"Whose name is Rasika?" I asked.

"You don't have to lie to me. It is Ok. I know you find her attractive. She is a very beautiful girl. In fact she is the most beautiful girl in the class." she replied.

"Would you like to meet her, Rasika, come here I want you to meet someone." My wife asked.

"Coming Didi (elder sister)". Came the reply from the girl named Rasika. Her voice was just as sweet as her disposition, which I was to know later.

Rasika came towards us with her long beautiful legs in those tight jeans looking all the more attractive. Her hair, which she had tied in a ponytail, moved from side to side as she strode forward. She looked so radiant and vibrant. So full of life and beauty. This was a girl who was truly after my heart.

I was so fascinated by her that my wife had to repeat," honey I would like to meet Rasika. She has become just like a little sister to me."

Sensing an opportunity I said, "If she is like your little sister, then she becomes my Sali (sister-in-law). Is it not so?"

"I am sure that she will not mind. Do you mind Rasika, if you are his Sali instead of little sister"; my wife asked the object of my desire.

"No didi I do not mind at all. In fact I would be very happy to have a jijaji (brother-in-law)," replied Rasika as if on cue.

"So it is decided that Rasika will be your Sali and not your sister," said my wife.

I stood there struck dumb without a word coming out of my mouth. Slowly I came to my senses.

"Sali sahiba (madam sis-in-law), I am also happy to have a beautiful Sali like you." so saying I said my first words to her.

"Oh! Jijaji." So saying Rasika blushed and her cheeks turned almost red in color.

I did not say anything further as I was not sure how my wife would react if I continued to praise this girl on her beauty. So I changed the track and said why don't you come to our house? Would you not like to see your jijaji's house?

"Off course jiju, I would definitely like to see your house. But didi?" she turned towards my wife, presenting her beautiful bottoms for my view at such close range that I almost brought my hands forward and placed them on her ass.

"Rasika you are most welcome to our house." Said my wife.

"I have an idea. Why don't you come to our house on the day of our concert? You could get ready and get dressed for the concert with me at our house. And we could then go to the concert together." So saying my wife looked at me with a naughty smile on her face.

"Oh didi, that would be wonderful. I was really worried how I would get ready for the concert. With the make-up and every thing." Rasika now looked with an anxious smile towards my wife.

"Don't worry I will help you with your make-up, your clothes everything." her didi, my wife said.

Thus decided we parted for our homes. Eagerly waiting for the day after when the concert was to be held. All the girls learning the dance were together putting together a dance drama on the culmination of their classes to show case there newly learned skills.

I was eagerly waiting for the day when I would have sexy Rasika at my house.

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