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New neighbor moves in and we go down the slippery slope.

"I'm KIDDING," she said as she took the seat next to him. "Jeesh, you Brits really can be the pinnacle of uptight." She smiled again at him and became serious, "Look, I'm not sure what happened back there at the car, but I apologize if it was me that started it. I don't know if I was still reacting to Richard's personality or what, but I shouldn't have done that, especially with a married man." She did actually look contrite and imminently desirable to him at that moment.

He cleared his throat and sat back down. "No, please, no need to apologize." Paul wanted to say more but couldn't find the words that wouldn't just get him into deeper trouble.

Nina stared back at him for a moment, finding herself attracted to him again and immediately quashing a feeling that threatened to make her stomach ache. "So when is your flight?" she asked in a conversational tone.

"Not until 9 p.m. - it is the red-eye. And you?"

"The next flight out was booked so I think I must be on the same flight, you have a stop in New York?"

"Yes," he looked at his watch. It was barely 5pm in L.A. More than enough time for them to find that hotel room and... He shook his head, trying to clear it from such raunchy thoughts. He couldn't help staring at her as she removed her suit jacket - she had stood up and gracefully pulled it off her shoulders. He followed it down her back and couldn't tear his eyes away from the long dark curls that went down the length of her back, ending right at the top of her hips. He adjusted his pants, realizing that his erection had created a taut tent of fabric running along the left side of his slacks. Luckily, his newspaper was covering his lap adequately.

"Well I guess it is best to get comfortable - do you want anything else to drink?" Nina sighed as she stood up and stretched. He shook his head and she headed off to the open bar. He couldn't help notice that more than one head turned as she walked confidently by - Paul wondered what it would be like to be with someone so open, so openly sexy.


Obviously, other men also had the same thoughts as Paul.

As Nina stood at the bar, waiting for her wine, she turned around and leaned back against the bar. Before she had a moment to collect herself, she watched as a very well dressed man, of Indian origin, stood up from his armchair and walked over to where she was leaning. His smile told her that he had noticed the extra sultry way she had walked across the large room. She looked up at his smooth, light coffee colored skin, and deep chocolate eyes, knowing that she was instantly attracted to him. He had his jacket off, and she let her eyes drop down the length of his ruby colored tie, noticing the fine silk fabric, blushing at the thought of having her wrists tied together with the soft yet unyielding material...she caught herself, felt a blush rising up her neck...and turned around with a start as the bartender handed her a drink.

"So what's good here?" the dark skinned stranger asked, including both Nina and the bartender in the audience.

Clever, she thought to herself, don't ask directly because it'll sound like he's trying to pick me up, and if I do respond, then that means I'm opening the door for more interaction.

She smiled, picking up her freshly mixed Manhattan and took a small sip. The sweet but mellow smoky flavor of the bourbon tasted delicious. The bartender, almost on cue, responded, "The lady is having a Manhattan, an unusual drink but one that I think I make quite well, sir."

She looked at him again, twirling the stirring straw around with her tongue, and said, "Hi."

He smiled back at her, turned on by her seemingly simple greeting, but the sexually overt way she had been checking him out; he did notice the flush rise on her cheeks, wondering what exactly it was she had been thinking about to cause such a reaction.

She thought to herself.

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