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Dad and daughter plow more than driveways.

Finally, I back away, but we continue holding hands.

We don't say a word. We just walk towards my apartment.

A million thoughts go racing through my head, but I can't hear any of them because just one keeps echoing about how soft her lips are.

I fumble with my keys and she laughs saying that I look like she feels. The spell's broken a bit and I tell her that she made my knees weak. She shakes her head in disbelief and looks down, blushing like I had just minutes or was it a lifetime before?

I ask her if she'd like some hot chocolate. She says that she'd adore some, so I wander into the kitchen, get two mugs, and pour the milk. I slide them into the microwave and start unbundling. I realize that a lot of me is wet from our snowball fight so I ask if she's cold. She says yes and that her jeans are sopping wet from where I hit her with a slush ball. I leave the microwave and wander into my room, grabbing a chemise that will definitely fit her as well as a blanket.

I hand it to her and she smiles, starting to take off her shirt.

I disappear into the kitchen. Her boldness is a bit much for me so quickly. I stir the hot chocolate in and grab the container of cookies I made. I walk back into the living room where she's curled up with the blanket and hand her a mug while putting the cookies and my own mug on the end table.

I tell her I'll be right back that I have to get into something warmer myself.

I dig through the drawers in the my room, pulling out a pair of wool socks, my track pants, and a long sleeved tee. I start pulling my shirt up over my head and I feel cold fingers tracing over the tattoo on my back.

I turn and she's standing there, the chemise half hanging off one shoulder.

I pause, not sure of what to do, so she takes my shirt from my hands and puts it on the bed and steps closer. Once again I can smell her shampoo as a blush spreads out across my chest and up into my face. I look down and she tilts my head back up to look her directly in the eye.

That one finger holds so much power as she uses it to pull me to her for another kiss, just as tender as the first two.

Only it doesn't stop and soon I can taste the chocolate on her tongue as it brushes against mine. I pull her tight to me, forgetting how shy I was a few moments ago.

I can't help it.

I just need her.

I drag my hand over her bare shoulder and that blush in my chest turns to fire as it finds its way all the way out to my fingers and toes.

Suddenly I forget to be coy and I'm desperate to feel more of the skin. I tug on the chemise and she obliges holding her hands at her sides so it can slip down. I lean down to kiss her neck and bite slightly at the softness of her skin.

I kiss my way out to that teasing shoulder and bite there as well, enjoying the feeling of my teeth pressing gently against her flesh.

I brush my face lightly across her chest, breathing in her scent.

I grin evilly as I bury my face between her breasts and zerburt there.

She laughs hard and pushes me back on the bed, tickling me and asks me if I wasn't trying to get my freezing jeans off. I bite my lower lip and just nod. I don't think I could get any words out if I tried.

She unbuttons and unzips my jeans. I lift my hips as she slides them off. I'm left in my panties and my bra.

She slides onto the bed next to me, completely naked. I sharply take in my breath and forget to let it out as her skin touches mine. She pulls the blankets up over us.

She grins wickedly and tells me that body heat under blankets will get us warmer faster.

I finally remember to breath as I laugh.

I slide close to her and kiss her again. She reaches around to my back to take off my bra and then slides her hands down my sides, removing my panties on her way down. For a moment we just grin at one another.

I really can't take it, so I timidly reach out a hand and slide it up her hip, over her waist, up her ribcage and brush the side of her breast.

I hear her own sharp intake of breath.

I rest my hand there for a second, before sliding it down to gingerly

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