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College romance has unexpected twist.

Thousands of invaders died or would die. Millions more would escape just retribution and make new homes.

In two minutes, they had reached inside her skull, tampered with her brain, and searched for the main controls. Spasms of pain and lust vibrated through her flesh. Her body lifted off the bed despite Richard's overwhelming weight. Then in a furious blast of primeval pain she collapsed and went limp. Falling into black unconsciousness was a relief. Her eyes fluttered closed.

Richard held onto her clutching her thin wrists, corn yellow hair, and sweet thigh with all of his might until he received a command to relax. Keeping his mouth and cock where they were he relaxed his thighs and hands checking to see how she would react. She stayed nice and quiet and in the same locked shape.

Tugging the blankets tighter around the two bodies, Richard prepared for an overnight stay. His prick stayed stiff to keep her pussy plugged and one finger now was inserted into her ass to keep that blocked.

In the morning, Gladys awoke with bloodshot eyes and a dark fever. Her body ached and was red hot. Sensing her alertness Richard, always ready, snuggled closed and locked his thighs once more around her leg and moved his hand back to her limp wrists to keep them behind her.

His cock was rock hard and had not moved an inch and had her pussy stretched and plugged.

She could not move a muscle even to twitch. Something spoke inside Gladys; dictatorial, a dash tentative and demanding. You are now listening to the new colony Xurthyn, daughter of Xynthan which lays on top of this host. Congratulations. You will be treated well and live long and prosper under the direction of the Council of Xurthyn.


You speak to the Xurthyn leaders. You may address us as Xurthyn but only if we ask you to respond or to answer a need. This will be rare. Your body is under our control and may be shut down briefly as repairs are conducted or new installations are made. It will be several days until you will be allowed to be in public.


You are confused and stupid. Just let us do the work and relax. You will be taken care of. Observe what a reward might be.

Richard began to pump her pussy while he fondled her plump tits with one hand. The other hand insured her hands were locked just in case. Her nipples stiffened instantly with the barest touch. Her clit twitched with the severity of her enthusiasm. She could feel instant lust sweeping through her body. For what seemed an eternity but was really a few seconds at most both hosts reached orgasm though clit and cock stayed hard. Both shuddered in relief and panted through their noses.

Hosts must be well exercised.

Gladys could feel streams of eager invaders traversing her vagina and throat. Alien songs danced in her blood and neurons weaved and wavered. Tales of stars and vast empires on crimson seas under purple winds and violet clouds.

Richard slowly and carefully withdrew twenty minutes later. Gladys vagina closed as he withdrew and clamped shut. Her mouth was forced shut and she lay quietly with her hands crossed behind her. She seemed calm and quiescent enough though not yet to be trusted alone. Gladys blinked and humped slowly wanting more or at least her body did. Her mind was deeply confused.

"You must be fed now." Richard informed her with the patience of a robot for an idiot patient. He helped her sit up ignoring her breasts as they bounced loose. He stuffed the blankets around her including a bit for a hood. The intent was to keep her warm and moist.

Silently he spoon fed her warm coffee and cold cereal. She sipped slowly even as her nostrils twitched and her upper torso occasionally convulsed. Once she was finished he found her bra and cut it so it could be used to wrap and tie her crossed wrists behind her. Gladys sighed as this was done. It was less likely with every passing second that she could resist or escape. Her mind was dazed and she vaguely thought this was all a passing illness bordering on madness.

Cutting several more strips off her downed dress from the n

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