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Julie's black stepfather makes her pay.

"And yes a bedroom like this would be a waste of space and the sheets would clog my air system... if any of this were real."

"What!" exclaimed HH. "Then this is all an hallucination."

"No," she countered. "It is real... sort of. It just is not substantial. This is all within my mental recreation area. It is all computer-generated... but it is real!"

She reached out and stroked his arm. "You can feel that, can you not?" she asked.

"Yes," he answered.

She took his hand and put it on her breast. "And you can feel that can you not?"

"Yes," he answered once again.

"So can I," she sighed.

Her shoulders slumped slightly and she said, "I guess I should be totally honest with you. There is almost zero probability that you can survive the destruction of your aircraft. You were not significantly injured when you ejected, but your ejection system- I think you call it a parachute- is trapped in the storm vortex. Your air supply is running out and it is below the temperature where your species can sustain life."

"Then I'm dead."

"Not yet," she added with a partial smile, "or you would not still be here. You are still alive, and because you are still alive, I was able to draw your life essence into my mental recreation area. I used to have some very enjoyable programs that I could enter in this area, but just before my departure, some up-tight asshole censored all my sexual relief programs."

She looked HH in the eyes and continued, "I figured that since you were dying anyway, I could give you some final moments of pleasure... and I could record things for interaction later. We both benefit."

She raised her dark green eyebrows, "Besides, it would give you a chance to test out sex with an alien life form." She smiled again, "Test pilots have died testing out much less."

"I guess it's better than enduring the pain of freezing to death at high altitude." HH replied and again reached out to touch her breast.

Gloriana climbed into the bed with him and lay on top of him. She pressed her mouth against his and he returned her kiss. He tentatively slid his tongue to the edge of his lips and she parted hers to allow him entrance. 'This is like being a teenager again,' he thought. 'I wonder if they call this French kissing on their planet.'

There was an urgency for both Gloriana and HH, and yet at the same time they moved slowly to explore each other's body. She was surprised to find that the foreskin of his penis had been surgically removed. He was surprised that her breasts swelled considerably as they rubbed against his body.

"What is your customary position for intercourse?" she asked breathlessly. "For us it is male on top with woman facing him or turned away from him."

"Let's start with old-fashioned face-to-face,' he replied between gasps as she slowly stroked his penis.

She rolled over onto her back and HH pulled himself on top of her between her legs. "Are you sure this will work?" he asked, immediately feeling stupid for asking the question.

"According to the internet ads, dildos on your planet are the same size as on ours, so it should work, but we will be the first to actually try."

He pushed forward slowly and Gloriana reached down to center his member on her opening. 'She smells slightly different,' HH thought. 'But then, I probably smell different to her.'

He started thrusting slowly but soon she was frantically thrusting up to meet him. Her moans as they approached orgasm were not unlike an earth woman's, but there was a higher-pitched almost whistle that accompanied her groans and got louder and louder as she approached release.

Suddenly she wrapped her legs around the back of his legs and pulled him tightly into herself. She screamed as he spurted inside her, and continued to thrust up against him for a few more moments until she shuddered and fell silent.

A little while later she gave a soft, "Mmmmmm," and said, "I needed that."

They lay there on the bed together until HH said, "I think I'm crushing you," and slid over to lie alongside her.

After several minutes of sil

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