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He has rough sex with his aunt.

My hand kept dropping between my legs, trying in vain to rub myself to an erection, but instead just making the my cock even more frustrated as it pressed again the rigid confines of the device containing it.

Finally, after about two hours, I heard the door unlock and swing open. I turned to see my girlfriend there, grinning, holding a bag in her hand. Without much fanfare --- or a single word -- she pulled something black from the bag and dropped it on the floor, then walked straight into the bathroom and closed the door. From inside she yelled to me, "Take off all your clothes. Everything. Then put on the shorts I brought you."

I looked at the black fabric she'd dropped and realized they were actually a pair of tight, spandex bike shorts. I still had no idea what her plan was, but I stripped out of my clothes and pulled them on, the tight stretch fabric clinging to the plastic encasement that held my dick. I sat on the bed to wait for her, and it didn't take her long to finish whatever she was doing. When she emerged from the bathroom, still carrying her bag, I was expecting her to be decked out in some sort of hot, fetish-y type outfit. Instead, she was dressed relatively normally - a low-cut shirt, tight jeans , flip flops, and, my favorite, sunglasses. She looked hot, but nothing out of the ordinary.

"Follow me," she said, walking past me without a second glance and toward the sliding balcony door.

As she opened it, I only managed to stutter, "O-o-ut there?"

"Yes," she said, matter-of-factly, as she walked out onto the balcony and sat down in the lounge chair there.

I hesitated, not particularly keen to go outside in this outfit onto a balcony overlooking a street where anyone might see me. Apparently she didn't care, though.

"Get out here, now!" she commanded, not yelling, but sternly.

Shaking nervously, I inched my way out the glass door into the sunlight and looked down to see cars whizzing past. I looked over at her, and she pointed imperiously at the ground and said, "On your knees."

I dropped down, and the railings of the balcony partly shielded me from the street below. Certainly I could still be seen, but I was thankful for even a few thin metal bars of privacy protection.

Without another word she reached down into her bag and removed two pairs of handcuffs.

"Turn around!" she said, and, as soon as I did, she pulled my hands behind my back and cuffed them together. Then, using the second pair of cuffs, she locked the first pair to one of the vertical shafts of the balcony's railing.

My mind raced. Was she actually locking me up in these tiny spandex pants outside where anyone could see? My heart beat faster, and she seemed to be able to read my mind because she smiled ever so slightly at my predicament. I could only imagine that her pussy was tingling as well.

She leaned back in her chair and kicked off her flip-flops, raising her right foot up in front of my face.

"Lick the bottom of my foot, loser."

I was totally taken aback. Was she serious? I glanced sideways to see if anyone was looking, and I noticed several people on the street below walking by. Anyone of them might look up any second, not to mention people on other balconies around us. Apparently my pondering irritated her, though, because before I finished my thoughts she pushed her foot into my faced and barked, "LICK IT!"

My tongue slipped out and I started to run it up her foot. It tasted dirty, and I must have grimaced because she looked down at me and said, "Oh, I know, they're not too clean right now. Tough!"

Her bitchiness, for some reason, caused my cock to stir, and I kept licking, simultaneously disgusted and aroused. She laughed as I went, and teased, "I'm sure you're giving the people down there quite a show."

I flushed red and pulled a little on my bonds, unable to move. She went on torturing me.

"You know what would be fun? If I made you jack off out here on the balcony so they could all watch you.

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