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A hot night with an 18-year-old Asian hooker.

Being drunk I was a bit puzzled but then started adding two and two together and my mind went in to over drive yet knew id be totally wrong because there's no way she would do anything like that, not Nicole she hasn't got it in her but the shoes were just staring at me so decided to creep upstairs, and my ears weren't lying to me, I could defiantly hear the covers rumbling, and soft moaning.

It took me forever to get to the door without making a noise, I was scared to interrupt whatever was going on, and at the same time convince myself that she wouldn't do this to me, I was really starting to regret ever putting the idea in her head but when I reached the door which was only slightly open enough for me to see what was going on and with the bedroom TV on with no sound, I was hit with the most powerful feeling of jealousy and anger id ever felt.

To see the woman that I love with all my heart, the mother of my children on her back legs spread either side of his body and him thrusting in and out of her left me feeling very sick but I couldn't take my eyes of the sight, realising that this is what I wanted, her to be sexually satisfied and from what I could see she certainly was feeling that way.

Now I know most stories on here tell of the husband looking to see a huge cock stretching his wife to the limit, well this is all true so I'm going to tell the truth,

He wasn't huge but I could tell he certainly had another inch maybe two on my five inches, and he defiantly had a bigger girth, but the best site was the big pair of bollocks slapping against her arsehole as he fucked her.

My feelings started to turn to lust, I was actually being cuckolded before my eyes, seeing one of her hands on his arse cheek, squeezing it, digging her nails in with the other hand on his head while they tongued the faces off each other was now giving me the most intense feeling I've ever had.

She was certainly moaning a lot more than she ever has with me, could make out her whispering in his ear 'fuck me, fuck me, ohhhh fuck me'

When he started moving her in another position it made me jump, it quickly come across me I should either go in there and ask what the fuck was going on or get out of their way to let them carry on, I said to myself I wasn't man enough to put a stop to it so I crept off downstairs back to the sofa and wanked at the noises I could hear every so often coming from my bedroom, my bed but I wouldn't let myself cum knowing that once I released the hurt and pain of what was happening would come flooding back.

About and hour passed in which I couldn't sleep, still busting for a piss even more by now when I heard someone coming down the stairs, I quickly turned into the sofa pulled the cover up and pretended I was asleep, the footsteps came in to the living room and I could hear Mark putting his shoes back on and leaving the house closing the door quietly behind him.

I gave it another 15 minutes but couldn't take anymore, I needed to be next to her but even more than that I needed this piss, so I went up relieved myself, stripped off and got in to bed. Don't know if she was asleep, I couldn't tell but after lying there for a while wide-awake I decided to spoon her, it felt so good having her in my arms again, she now had a t-shirt on. I was still aroused with my erection digging in to her bum.

I started to try my luck and started working my hand down lifting her t-shirt up and groping her arse to find she had her knickers back on, working my way inside she moved and pulled my hand away, I tried again and she knocked me back again.

'Come on Nic, I cant sleep, I need sex'

She giggled, 'leave me alone, we can do it tomorrow'

I gave up frustrated but I knew for obvious reasons why she was trying to avoid it.

I broke off the cuddle and five minutes or so passed when she rolled over to face me and told me id woke her up and she can't sleep now, she snuggled in to me telling me she loved me.

'I love you too, what happened to Mark'

'I d

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