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Being a bridesmaid and entertaining three groomsmen.

When we got back to the suite, we decided just to watch our favorite TV show, "I love Lucy". So I looked for the remote control and you decided to change into something more comfortable. And right in corner of my eyes, I saw you take off that red gown and slipped into something black. What surprised me was you didn't even bother putting something below. How can I forget that black silk pajama top you wore with that matching black silk panty??? Actually it was more of a thong. I don't where you bought those because we forgot all our things back home.

I really didn't know what had gotten into you. Not that I was complaining at that time but you were always this modest, churchgoing woman, and no one would ever think you would be capable of wearing such a thing. But if there had been anyone else there to see you teasingly walked in front of me while I was watching TV, he would have had a heart attack, no matter who he was. Simply put, you were irresistible.

There I was, watching "I Love Lucy" and getting the biggest hard-on of my life. I didn't know what to do. There you were in front of me, seated on the edge of the Jacuzzi. Your legs were crossed revealing your smooth and long thighs. I almost jumped when you started asking questions.

"So, do you really miss your ... ex-girlfriend??? ... What do you ... miss about her??? ... Were you ... really dreaming about ... her??? " three questions you asked. But I just managed to give you one nervous answer, "Yeah...".

You looked at the TV show and asked me, "So, do you watch I Love Lucy because you find her funny or is it because you find her sexy???"

"I find her funny and sexy." I replied but still nervous.

"Do you find her sexy because she's funny or do you her sexy because she's ... older than you???" you asked as your right hand started playing with the water in the Jacuzzi.

"What do you mean, mom?" trying to sound calmly.

"What I mean is ... the girls you go out with...most of your ex-girlfriends were ... 10 to 15 years older than you. What I'm trying to say is ... you've always been ... attracted to mature women ...maybe that's the reason ... why you're attracted ... to ... ... me. " I can still remember how you said them. I even remembered how you took your right hand out of the water and started writing something on the edge of the Jacuzzi. My heart was beating so fast as I said to myself, "Oh my, I must have been talking in my sleep when I had that dream ... I think she knows I had an incestuous dream about her." At that moment, I was having the biggest hard-on of my life. It was such a big hard-on that it hurt. My heart must have been beating more than 140 beats per minute. I didn't know if you were trying to embarrass me or if you were coming on to me. Then something told me to watch what your right hand was writing. At first I had a hard time reading but I caught on.

The first letter was a cinch. It was an "I".

Second one was an "N".

Third was an "O".

The next one was a definite "E".

The two last ones were "S" and "T".

I had no clue what you wrote but my head almost exploded when I realized how wrong I was. That wasn't an "O". That was a "C".

No shit. My mother had been thinking of INCEST all this time and I was too dumb to know it.

I don't know what happened. Maybe I panicked because instead of showing some signs that I wanted you too, I rushed outside our room. Forgive me for what I did that night but I really panicked. There you were, so beautiful and you gave all the right signs that you wanted me.

I went out for walk, went to the bar and had a few drinks.

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