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April's boring Christmas gets a boost.

"Please." said Karen since she was struggling to not drop her arm load of items.

"If I may," began Crystal, "I'd like to make an additional suggestion." They were beside a huge display of eggs. "This is not only the most popular item in the store, it is my favorite. Handing Karen a package from the display, Crystal continued, "This egg has a wireless remote control. It makes passing time waiting for something fly by. If you give the control to your lover, it makes for a very exciting evening on the town."

"I don't know about something like that." said Karen.

Crystal looked around, "There are too many people right here. If you would come with me for a moment I'd like to show you something."

They placed Karen's merchandise behind a counter and Crystal led her to a dressing room. They both entered the room and Crystal closed the door. She handed Karen a small remote control. "This is the remote control for that unit, note the simple controls." Karen flipped the on/off switch to on, then slid the speed control from zero to ten. Crystal's mouth dropped open as she grabbed the edge of a small table to steady herself.

"Are you ok?" asked Karen.

"Down, turn it down." gasped Crystal.

Karen looked at the control for a second before she realized that the remote in her hands controlled an egg inside Crystal. Quickly sliding the control back to zero, Karen said, "I'm so sorry. I didn't realize you handed me your own personal control."

Crystal began to regain her composure. "That's quite alright." she said. "It felt great. You will have to try it to believe how that little thing thunders inside you." Pulling her thong to one side, Crystal removed the egg from her pussy. "Ease the speed control up again."

Karen pushed the control to two and the egg began to vibrate silently in Crystal's hand. Increasing the speed to ten, Karen watched the egg jump around in Crystal's hand still making no noise.

"That is interesting." said Karen as she turned the control off. "But I don't know if it is for me."

"I'm so happy with mine, " said Crystal as she return the egg to her pussy, "I can't live without it. Let me make you two offers, you can accept one of them or decline both if you like.

"Ok." replied Karen.

"First, we can open this new package and I'll get you some batteries so you can road test it." said Crystal. "Or, you can take it home for free, try it out, and mail the money to me if you like it. If you don't like it just drop it back by the next time you are in or when you are close by."

"I couldn't try it here, that's for sure." said Karen. "But if you believe in it so much you'll trust a complete stranger to mail you the money, I'll go ahead and buy it now"

"Excellent." Crystal said. "You will be very happy with it, I promise you that."

They left the room heading for the check out collecting Karen's merchandise as they passed the counter. Crystal helped the woman at the counter with Karen's purchase.

"She deserves a shirt." Crystal told the woman who nodded in agreement. Crystal picked up a pink T-shirt like the white one she had on. With a wink to Karen, Crystal laid three sets of batteries in the shirt and folded it into one of Karen's bags.

"Thank you." said Crystal. "We'll see you again real soon."

Karen walked to her car as the sun was setting. She pulled to the far side of the parking lot and stopped. Rummaging through her bags, she found the egg. Karen opened the package and examined it closely. Looking around to see if any one was nearby, she found her shirt and retrieved a set of batteries. After loading the batteries into the egg and control, Karen glanced around once more. With no one in sight, she unzipped her jeans and slid them down slightly. The egg slid easily between the moist lips of her pussy. Headlights flashed through the car as another vehicle pulled into the lot, Karen hurriedly tugged her jeans up and fastened them. The car pulled to the front of the store and a man walked inside.

Karen ran her fingers over the remote control, the e

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