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Salesgirl convinces Karen to make best purchase.

"It's stressful, as I'm sure you can imagine. I can't wait for this semester to be over!" I exclaimed, trying to ignore the feel of his soft hands kneading my flesh. Not possible, by the way. My panties flooded in response to his movements. I focused on those hands, sweeping across my back in a circular motion, higher and higher, and closer and closer to my bra. My eyes closed as his hands brushed the bra, then moved lower, then drifted back. He pushed my top up higher, making me very glad that we were the only two left in the office. I could no longer focus on the words he was speaking, focusing instead on the timbre of his voice, the rhythm of his words soothing and exciting at once. My legs squeezed together subtly as I tried my hardest not to squirm under the feel of this increasingly naughty massage.

"Why don't we just take this shirt off? It will make it much easier," he said quietly, motioning to take it off for me. 'Wait, what?? Did I just hear him say that? What the hell?' my brain froze at this point, my arms raising above my head obediently as he left me sitting there in the middle of the office in nothing but my bra and scrub pants. I still hadn't turned around, not knowing what to do. This was everything I had fantasized for the last few months, and now that it was actually happening I was as nervous as a schoolgirl on her first date! As I frantically tried to figure out a way to pinch myself to check if I was dreaming without him seeing, his amazing hands went back to work on my, well, back, causing my brain to shut down, like a computer that had overheated.

He continued the backrub gently, his hands repeatedly drifting back to my bra, drifting away, then moving back. His long fingers drifted to the front, grazing the front of my bra, making my nipples stiffen in response before running over my sides and back. Finally, he took my lack of a response as a "go ahead", and began to unhook my bra, allowing my 38DD's relief from the confines of their cotton prison. A small moan escaped my lips as his hands replaced the bra over my breasts. He massaged them carefully, as if he was afraid I would push his hands away at any second. Like I would! At that point, I could barely say my own name, let alone say no. He rubbed my hardening nipples before going back to rubbing my breasts, sides and back. Forward and back, forward and back, his hands swept across my body, causing chills to sweep through me. I wanted to turn around and grab him, but I was afraid to break the spell he had cast over us both. Finally, he grabbed both breasts as his lips found my neck at last. My arm moved around his neck, turning my head so that our mouths would meet, tongues quickly entwining with unrestrained desire. We remained like that for what felt like ages, kissing as if we had waited years for the chance as his hands continued to play with my large breasts.

Breaking the kiss, I turned the chair around, pulling him closer to me.

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