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If anything they had become markers for improvement.

Ever modest, Carl's eyes wandered to her reflecting and gave her the once over, and once again for the sake of being thorough. 'Well, don't give me all the credit. I've got nothing on you.'

'Oh you'd rather have a woman's legs?' Laurie kidded him, playfully turning to show off her curves.

'You do have some seriously impressive leg to show off,' Carl admitted freely. 'I could do with some of what you've got behind though...' He didn't think at all of how that could have come across. Casually, Laurie laughed it off and took a step back, viewing Carl's own up close.

'Oh don't sell yourself short,' she said, grappling with his strong, muscular buttocks, which had since filled-out nicely. Carl flinched and laughed defensively.

'Behave,' he scolded, red-faced and grinning like an adolescent.

Laurie winked. 'Count your blessings that it's not some roided-up gorilla molesting you in the shower.'

'I count my blessings every day,' he grinned as the double-entendre hung on the air.

'Shall we call it an evening then?'

'What?' Carl had sunk suddenly into his own little world. Even Laurie's last words somehow sounded like they meant something else. Call what an evening - where, when?

'Are we done eyeing each other up?'

'Oh!' His mind had raced to catch up but he got there in the end. 'Let's go...'

'I'll meet you in the sauna in ten minutes,' she whispered fleetingly and sauntered off. His eyes followed her incredible posterior all the way until she was gone. The long walk to the changing room and then to the sauna, after changing into his swimming trunks, all he could imagine was that tight body - considerably less clothed - glazed with perspiration.


The blinding heat scorched his lungs the moment he opened the screen door and stepped into the mist. It had been a long time since Carl had visited a sauna. He immediately forgot about trying to disguise his modesty, the swelling now making those small Speedo trunks feel considerably smaller.

Laurie's eyes, already used to the atmosphere, sat on the middle bench, a dainty little black bikini covering her modesty, and a white cotton towel in her lap. Her eyes flirted with Carl's body, now taking all of him in but not in that supportive gym-buddy way. She was consuming him, from top to bottom.

Carl had the body of a cyclist and swimmer, tight and strong but lightweight; but now he was a little thicker and better defined in the leg department, from his loins on downward. And of course, as he climbed the bottom bench to sit at Laurie's side, there was no denying that he was packing more muscle than she had given much consideration to.

'Jesus,' he winced, struggling for breath and pursed his lips to cool the air entering his throat. The moment he laid eyes on her, his heart started firing off in rapid short bursts. As good as his imagination was, her body cried out to be caressed, and groped, and so much more.

Laurie chuckled throatily in that slightly husky way of hers. 'So hot,' she gasped.

'Isn't it?' Carl agreed.

'Uh huh... the sauna's pretty intense too,' she teased. Carl grinned, blushed, and more boldly eyed her up. As he was usually so respectful and conservative around her, she welcomed his attention. If anything he deserved to see more of what he'd been so clearly fixated by ever since they met.

Well behaved as he was, Laurie never missed a beat. She was now willing to be flattered. In fact she invited it. She wasn't used to flirting so openly, not like she was with Carl after all these months. How obvious could she be?

'Pretty hot yourself too, lady,' he put across modestly. More importantly, he was honest. His eyes roamed from hers to the slight Adams Apple jutting at her throat, down over her defined shoulders, and then rested at her bikini-clad breasts, which stood perky and proud.

Laurie must have been late twenties at the most.

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