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The morning after.

I looked at her carefully and when I knew I had her attention, I tossed back the brandy in one go and swallowed. It didn't hurt a bit.

"Trish, it's time for you to understand the situation. You fucked up and I am seriously pissed. You messed with my head and now you are messing with Kris. I don't give a shit about your misunderstanding. You are nothing but a fucked up bitch and if you cause me any more grief I will end you." I was talking like I meant it. I did mean it. I took a swig right from the bottle, then walked over to Trish.

I grabbed her by her hair and half walked, half dragged her to the bedroom. Trish was wild eyed with fear. She was looking at me like a rabbit caught in the headlights. I felt that sense of power again. I knew that Trish was mine to dominate. She did try to talk, once. At the first sound from her lips, I slapped them, hard. God, what was I doing? I had never hit a woman. It felt awesome. It felt like power. It felt like sex, dark and very dangerous sex. I was far over the edge. Trish had taken me there. I looked at her with cold eyes and hissed, "You can leave whenever you want." She stayed.

I pulled off her clothes, stripping her nude in the full light of the overhead lamp. I walked around her, as if inspecting a prize heifer. Trish was not only silent, she was standing with her eyes closed. I stood behind her and ran my hands over her breasts, and down to her vulva, not trying to be gentle in the slightest. I undressed myself and pushed her onto the bed. This wasn't me. It couldn't be me.

"On your stomach, bitch!" She immediately turned over and lay there. I gazed at her body. It was as I expected. Ripe and delicious. God, what was I about to do! How could I even be thinking what I was thinking? How could I go through with it? Who was this guy in my head? I pulled on her hips and she got up onto her knees. I pushed down on her back and she pressed her breasts to the bed.

"Spread!" She did. I was certain it wasn't me in the room. I was certain it was. I was about to rape Trish. She was offered a chance to leave, but I knew it was really no chance at all. In her state, she wasn't going anywhere. I didn't even bother with a condom. I just roughly pushed some lube into her vagina and settling in behind her, I entered and raped Trish. My penis was as thick and hard as I had ever felt it to be. Maybe thicker, maybe harder, and I was lost in my efforts to rape this cock teasing, bent bitch. Sweet Jesus, it felt so good.
So this was rape. So this was lust with a dark side. I watched as my penis penetrated Trish again and again. Make it last. Make her feel it. Make her hurt. My penis was a weapon. I was hurting Trish with my weapon of hate. Fuck you, Trish! I wasn't sure if I was actually saying it. So I said it. "Fuck you, Trish. Fuck you and your games. Fuck you and your misunderstanding! Do you understand that?" I was trying to hurt her. Trying to injure her vagina. I wasn't sure if I was physically hurting her. I thought not. She had fucked before. Her vagina was not what I really wanted to fuck. I thought of that night, in the shower, after Trish had humiliated me and forced me to jack off in the shower. I thought of the delight I had felt, imagining giving it to Trish up her ass. Trish's ass was mine and it was right there.

I had never had anal sex. I didn't think to worry if Trish had ever had it. All I knew was, you were supposed to use lots of lube and go slow. Fuck that noise! Trish was going to pay for her crimes. Trish was going to be raped in her ass. I felt like a God, a God of the old school, punishing mere humans for their transgressions. Trish was about to suffer. Trish was about to find out what rape is all about. Holy Mary, sweet mother of Jesus. Pray for us sinners. I put my penis to Trish's ass and pushed. No go. I pushed harder with no better result. Shit!

"I can help you."

What the fuck? What the God Damned fuck? Was she serious? "Let me help you. I can do that. Let me help you fuck my ass."


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