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Exposed and restrained, Clair discovers her need.

He took them and felt a dampness. Raising them to his nose, he caught the faint whiff of her excitement, and just smiled knowing she was watching him. She blushed furiously, slightly rubbing her thighs together in excitement.

As he pulled up at his house in the country, Donna stared opened mouthed. She had never seen anything like it. 'Imposing' was the first word that came into her mind, followed quickly by 'awesome'.

As John opened the door, he let Treacle go first, watching her reaction as she she slowly gazed around at the opulence. John barked, "Girl! Strip and take up the inspection position!"

Treacle jumped and replied "Yes Sir!" Immediately, she started stripping away the pale blue sundress. John softly informed her, "While here you will be naked. If guests come, I may allow you to wear a dressing gown but nothing more. Understood?"

Dropping her head and blushing crimson, "Yes Sir" was her only reply.

John walked round her lightly touching her. She flinched as he brushed her nipples with his fingers then raked his nails over her stomach. Down he trailed them, over her landing strip until he cupped her pussy. It was so wet. She sucked in her breath and moaned lowly. Rubbing softly, he watched her hips move slightly and smirked. Stepping away, he quietly ordered "Come with me girl".

John showed her around the house, first going to a bedroom, Opening the large door, he ushered her in. "This will be your room"

In the centre of the room, facing a large window, was a huge four poster bed fitted with white lace curtains. "Oh my god Sir! This? This is for me? I've never seen anything like this before!"

Dropping her case, he turned to walk out and she scrambled to keep up. He opened the door to the room next to hers and said "This is my room. If you are good, you might sleep in here with me."

Continuing the tour, he showed her around the house. She marveled at it's size, the grandeur of it all. The views of rolling fields could be seen from seemingly every window. As the tour progressed, she continued to be in awe. The kitchen was stunning. The rooms vast and gilded in finery. As they walked down one last hallway, she immediately noticed a door that jarred with the style of the rest of the house. It was old, a wooden with iron hinges and brackets with a large padlock.

"Sir? What room is this?"

John slowly turned to her and paused before he said, "This is my room and mine only. You will never go in without me. Is that made very plain, girl?"

Bowing her head she whispered, "Yes, Sir."

Taking a key from a chain around his neck, he opened the door. Putting his hand on her lower back, he lightly moved her into the dark room.

As she went in, there was nothing but total darkness. It was completely pitch black with no windows. As the panic started to form, John flicked on the lights and Treacle blinked rapidly. It was a dungeon. There were cabinets in places and items that she could neither name nor try to guess what they were for.

Softly, John whispered in her ear, "What would you like to try, Treacle?"

Breathlessly she replied "Errr...I have no idea what any of this is Sir." She looked up at him imploringly, scared and unsure.

"Choose something, but first I have something for you."

Moving to a cupboard, he opened a drawer and took out a simple wooden box. Turning to Treacle, he opened the box and inside was a simple collar with the name 'Treacle' on it. It was a simple black chain collar with rings for a leash or chain.

"This is for you, Treacle, to wear at all times while here. You may also take it home with you."

Slowly, he put it around her neck and softly latched it. It fit snuggly. He hooked a finger into the ring and waggled it about. "Now. If you can not or will not pick, I shall decide where we will begin. How does that sound, girl?"

Finger hooked inside the collar, he pulled her over to a spanking bench.

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