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Individual days spent together.

" Diana said, hoping to persuade Gwen, who was looking at her dumbfounded.

"Y-you really expect me to come back? After you... after you drugged me?" She asked in disbelief.

"Please, it's just some small things, to see if it worked or not and then we'll pay you. You won't have interact with us in any way outside of that." Diana told her, "And then, if you want, you can continue the experiment further. Assuming you want a bigger, uh, thing." Gwen took several deep breaths, whatever drug they'd given had worn off. She thought back to the experience.

As angry as she felt at her, she couldn't quite find it in her to outright hate Diana. The events she'd gone through were unlike any she had experienced before. She had felt released, happy, and even beautiful to an extent, what with so many Futanari cumming from her ministrations. She bit her lower lip and glared at Diana.

"Fine, but don't you dare do anything like that again, or I'll call the cops." Gwen threatened, and Diana simply nodded, "Okay, now where're my clothes?"

"I can get them." Allie replied, walking off to get them. Gwen didn't say much of anything to the brunette, not trusting herself to restrain her words.

"For what it's worth, I am sincerely sorry." Diana said, just as Allie came back with Gwen's clothes. She quickly wiped away as much cum as she could and dressed herself, though what was in her hair would take a proper shower, and she had no intention of asking for one from them.

"I'll see you in three days then." She said curtly and left. She ignored any looks she got, since her hair, normally a fairly deep red, was coated in white and matted to her head. There were even a few wolf whistles in her direction, causing her to blush, but she ignored them and continued on her way to the bus. As she was climbing on board, her eyes fell on a young woman at the front. She was good looking, nothing special, but what drew Gwen's attention was her crotch. She had a rather sizable bulge there.

Gwen shook her head, clearing the odd thoughts. She paid for her ticket and took her seat, but the bus was packed, as such she had to sit next to someone. They looked to be a student at the university, no doubt heading out on a day off or for a holiday. Like most people, they ignored each other, but Gwen found it harder. Her eyes kept darting to her neighbour, always downcast. They were a Futanari, evidenced by the slight bulge in her pants.

Like before, Gwen shook the thoughts loose. Why was she noticing Futanari all over the place, she hadn't before. Even now, as she was looking around, she found her eyes picking up the slightest shift in anyone's pants. That wasn't the only issue she had though. Every time she spied a new Futa sitting any near her, she felt a subtle heat build within her, similar to when she was participating in the experiment. It unnerved her, but she assumed it would pass soon enough.

Eventually, she made it back home. Her fixation on Futanari had not passed during the bus rides, and now, even after it was over, she still couldn't get the lust she felt out of her mind. Walking back into her room, she sat down on the bed, processing what had happened. Maybe the experiment was still in effect, making her desire Futanari. Either way, it wasn't harming anyone. It just a little concerning for her.

Sitting on her bed, she thought back to the experiment. Her mind played it over and over in her mind; the legions of Futanari cumming on her, her first taste of cum, and the feel of it all over her skin. Her attention was brought back to her hair, where the semen had long since dried and caked into it. She raised a hand it and sighed, knowing it needed to be washed out. It saddened her slightly, especially as she breathed in through her nose, the musk of many different Futanari's cum flowing through her. But she couldn't go out in public with her hair like this.

As she breathed it in, her

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