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A fun parody of Gerry Anderson's characters.

.. but there would be chances later. Superman set her down gently in the chair and was gone.

Technically, she should have monitored the incident and checked on everyone else. Instead, Barbara settled into a peaceful sleep.


A bank robbery! Superman flew the entire way with a smile on his face. Admittedly, that wasn't long, but he was legitimately pleased by such a straightforward crime after so long. Outside, he saw multiple security guards with their feet frozen to the ground by patches of ice. Superman flew past them and into the bank itself.

To his surprise, there were not only tellers but a few customers cowering inside. The city was doing better than he expected, if people trusted banks again. Of course, most of his attention was reserved for the culprit, who was freezing the vault door solid. Presumably in an attempt to shatter it, though she didn't seem to be making much progress.

Killer Frost was a striking woman, every inch of her skin inhumanly white and long blue hair tumbling down her back. She wore blue lipstick and a skintight blue garment that only covered her hips and half her breasts, revealing a bounty of pale cleavage. When she saw him, he caught a glimpse of her cold blue eyes.

"Alright, get out!" She struck the floor with an icy blast, prompting all the civilians in the bank to run screaming in fear.

Superman didn't make any move until they left so there would be no danger to them. He could respect Killer Frost's desire not to kill civilians, if not her judgment in deciding to rob a bank in broad daylight in his part of the city. She watched him calmly, one hand still resting on the bank vault door.

Abruptly Superman realized that she hadn't been trying to destroy the thick metal: she'd been using it to store the freezing energy that ran through her body. Now all of that was rushing back into her and she was hurling a formidable burst of power in his direction. He had a split second in which he could have used his speed to avoid it, but he considered trying to protect the bank, and in that moment the beam struck him.

Everything around him was frozen solid in an instant, yet Superman's body itself resisted the cold. Once he might have needed to use his heat vision to melt out, but now he simply flexed and shattered the ice in all directions.

Strangely, as the fragments shattered around him, he found himself grinning. If Killer Frost was smart enough to prepare for this arrival, then maybe she had other tricks up her sleeve. Based on the amount of power he'd felt from her, she couldn't pose a real challenge, but she might be fun. In the time he'd been frozen she'd started to raise her hands beside her head and Superman braced himself for-

"I surrender."

He stared at her a second. "You hit me with that and then just surrender?"

"Yeah, I just wanted to hit you with my best shot and see if it would even slow you down." Frost shrugged, making her breasts rise and fall pleasantly. "I mean, you're Superman. I'm pretty sure every villain fantasizes about being able to fight you, at least a little."

"I... see. And what exactly was your exit strategy?"

"You're going to fuck me now, right?"

Superman sighed and dropped to stand on the bank floor. It seemed the civilians had helped the frozen guards and fled the scene, so they were alone. "And why would you think that?"

Frost eyed him for a moment, then shook her head. "No, I think you're bluffing. I think the rumors are true. From what I've heard, everyone in your harem is happy and safe. Given the way Gotham is going, that sounds like an excellent deal. To be honest, I wanted you back when the world was normal. I mean, your jaw alone..."

"Why now, months after things went bad?"

"Well, I wasn't certain about it, for one thing. But what made me decide to fake a robbery today was that the Joker has been killing metahumans. Maybe I could freeze the crazy bastard, but he's a wily one, so I think it's more likely I'd end up skinned."

That wasn't the first time he'd heard about increa

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