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Chapter 03 – Eve Bousquet’s Hope.

My hand melted into his hand, I sank sideways against him a bit, using his body to prop up mine. "You're sooo sweet," I purred back, feeling like a school girl on her first date, squeezing his hand with mine. "And -- I'm not acting married when I'm with you, right? So -- don't worry about that!"

So, of course, it happened, we began kissing -- softly, romantically at first, just touching wet lips to wet lips. Then back for more. Then a short burst of electricity, tongues fleetingly glancing off each other, pulling back flush with embarrassment at being so affectionate.

Brad's eyes looked over my body hungrily. My clothing was intentionally not very revealing, but he knew what was under it, he'd seen me nude three times before. I felt his desire for me radiating through his face, my pussy tingled at the way he was looking over me. Shit, it was making me horny for him, damn I knew this would happen! "Melanie," his quiet, manly, melodious voice muttered to my nearby ear, "I wish you had more time, to stay -- can I show you something?"

I giggled, thinking he was referring to his penis. But, playing coy, I shrugged and said, "Sure, what do you want to show me?"

To my surprise he fished into his pocket, and withdrew a small object he placed on the table in front of me. It was a room key -- really, a credit-card sized magnetic card, with the hotel's emblem squarely in the middle.

I think I lost my breath in surprise seeing it, not really expecting it, and when I looked back at him, he explained himself. "Really, I didn't think we'd need this, but -- on the off-chance you wanted to -- I got a room, for us, just in case."

Wow. He was making things really difficult for me!

I checked the time on my cellphone, it was 6:23. We'd been there about an hour. Damn, I really needed to get home, didn't I? But . . . the way the sexy hunk of love was looking at me, and he was so adoring and adorable, and I was enjoying myself. Really, I was in a trance, there was something magical about this hour with Brad. My heart and pussy were jointly volunteering for the mission to accompany him to the hotel room somewhere above our heads, but I was still fretting about the time. I had become extremely uncomfortable about getting home too late from fucking another man, lest my husband realize where I've been. Looming over me was my husband's reaction when I got home too late for a fancy dinner engagement, my expensive hair-do all screwed up from having sex with Michael for the first time. Say no, Melanie, I told myself, say some other time.

But, he'd already gotten the room and paid for it. That was sooo nice of him. And he's so dreamy, so enjoyable.

"I'd love to," I answered, batting my eyelashes, knowing I was blushing. I gulped once to clear my throat. "But, I need to make sure I can stay a while longer, okay?" Brad nodded, whatever you need, he said. Both of us were starting to boil over in sexual lust now, knowing there was a good chance we could be humping each other very, very soon. That's what my body wanted at that moment, for sure.

I fumbled around to reach into my small purse and take out my cellphone again, and sitting right next to my lover with his arm around me, I called my husband. Nervously, I looked to Brad, giving him the "quiet" sign of my finger in front of my puckered lips. Then my husband answered, and I launched into a lie I made up on the spot. I'm out window-shopping, I told him, there's a store a little ways away that has some drapes on sale I might want for the living room, would he mind if I got home later? You'd have to pick up dinner for yourself, I told him. Instead of sounding disappointed or mad, my hubby seemed to breathe in relief. That's fine, he told me, he had a project that was overdue for a client on the other coast, and he was planning to work on it later that evening. How about, he told me, he gets home at like 9 p.m. and we'd have a late supper together?

Of course, his cheating, lying wife instantly agreed to the deal.

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