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I stopped and began to rub the skin as I savored the last spank to her ass. I knew it wouldn't be the last ,but it would be memorable.

"From now on what are you going to remember to do?" I watched her stand up and continue to rub her ass. I reached out and straightened her G-String and smacked her ass again.

"I promise I will wash the floor from now on.. I promise now can I please just go take a nap?" I smiled as I watched her move towards the bedroom as I followed closely behind her.


I flipped out the ironing board and sat down as she pulled the sheets out of the laundry basket and began to smooth them out over the bed.

"Well its only one set of sheets." I smiled as I patted her ass and smoothed the G-String back out. She shook her head back and forth and began lay the sheets down along the ironing board. I sat down behind her and sighed. Her ass would move to the side and then shimmy back and forth.

"I can't believe I am doing this." She let out a brief sigh.

"Why you've done it for me before?" I was a bit puzzled.

"I know its just that its.... a regular thing now. How many times have you punished me for not doing my chores?" I had to mentally count it up.

"I don't know maybe 4 or 5 times." She bent at the hips to slide the iron over the sheets and smooth out what must be a troubling wrinkle. I walked up behind her and rubbed her stomach and began to kiss her neck. I felt her stomach heave up and down a bit as I rubbed it. I ran my fingers up and down her body. I reached up and rubbed both of her nipples. She let out a contented sigh as I rubbed her back. I turned and sat down.

"What?!? I thought.. I just I don't know." Her voice trembled with anger as she spoke. She turned and began to angrily iron the sheets in front of her. I knew exactly what she wanted.

"Don't worry you just have the top sheet left and then the pillow cases." She let out a scream and then stifled it as she saw me reaching for the crop. I let my hand go slack as the crop dropped back to the floor. I smiled as she wiggled her ass back and forth and hummed. I couldn't quite identify the tune. I knew one thing though that she would have trouble finishing those last pillow cases. I watched her carefully fold the thick sheets and put them to the side. Her breasts jiggled on slightly as she tapped the top of the pile and began to iron the first pillow case. She looked content thinking that she would find it a easy task. It took her only a few dozen seconds to finish it and begin folding it.

"Let me see it." She handed it over to me with a mix of caution and badly concealed annoyance. I flipped it over a few times and found the crease she had put into it.

"I see a double crease along this crease and a few wrinkles. You'll have to do it again." She stomped her feet up and down ,but then went back to singing her little tune. The tune seemed somewhat quicker and more deliberate. I smiled and waited for the pillow case to be set down again. I let her sit it down and then picked it up and began to examine it. She had managed to get rid of all the wrinkles I had spotted earlier and the double crease had been smoothed out considerably.

"The crease is still here." She rubbed her hands down her body and snatched the pillow case from hand and began to iron out the crease.

"You are getting very close to having to do all the sheets including the ones on the bed.

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