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The girls put on a show.

I put my finger to her lips so she would remain silent.

As I kissed her beautiful lips, she whispered softly, "I'm sorry, I just needed to be with you."

I instructed her to remove her clothes and not say a word, She obeyed without even so much as a question. Then I led her down the hall to the play room. She gasped when saw Sheila tied tummy down and bound to the bed but otherwise she remained silent.

Again, I put my finger to her lips letting her know I wanted her not to say a word. I motioned for her to get on the bed with her legs spread wide in front of Sheila's mouth. I lifted Sheila's head which was still blindfolded and pushed it against Leann's already soaking pussy.

"Eat her you little slut!" I commanded.

Sheila, having no other choice due to her condition of being bound and blindfolded obediently lapped with hunger and eagerness at the frothy cream flowing from Leann's sweet cunt.

I moved into position behind Sheila, gripped her shoulders with my hands and with a single powerful thrust forced my turgid cock through her tight clinging sphincter to the core of her rectum.

"Eat her you little cunt licking, cock hungry slut," I screamed as I pounded brutally into her clutching anal opening, "make her cum in your sweet mouth and don't you dare lose a drop."

All three of us climaxed within seconds of each other. I untied Sheila, removed her blindfold and left the girls to comfort each other. I went back to sit by the pool and see how they responded that little erotic episode.

After quite a long while, Sheila and Leann came out to the pool. Sheila curled up on my lap like a little girl. When I asked her if she was OK, she snuggled closer to me and told she was. She admitted to having been both a little angry and quite frightened at first but she knew I would not do anything that would actually hurt her very bad.

She also told me she was really surprised when I had made her eat a pussy without her even knowing whose it was and stunned by the way I had taken her ass so violently. She said she had almost cried with joy when she looked up after I removed the blindfold and saw that it was Leann whom had eaten.

When I looked at Leann, who was sitting beside us her face aglow from the aftermath of her sexual release, I noticed a mark on her cheek which she had tried to conceal with makeup. I began to shake with rage and asked her what had happened.

She told me she had bumped into one of the doors of her kitchen cabinets. I knew she was lying but decided there was really nothing I should do about it at that time. I didn't press her for details but told her she could stay with us for as long as she necessary. She leaned over and kissed me very tenderly.

My girls were safe and happy and that was the most important thing to me. Both Sheila and Leann thanked me for having given them some time alone together after the session in the play room. Leann then asked me if she could have some special time with me later and I assured her she could. I could tell by Sheila's smile that Leann must have told her the truth about the mark on her face. I adjusted my position on the lounger and pulled Leann onto it with us. My two beauties molded their bodies softly into my own and purred like contented kittens.

Leann asked when Delilah was going to be here and when I told she was coming Friday morning she pouted and said, "I wish she was here with us now."

I smiled inwardly knowing Leann was looking forward to the weekend with great expectations. I had equally great expectations for it. It had been too long since Delilah and I had been together and I needed her marvelous body as much as I needed those of Sheila and Leann.

I thought back to Sheila's idea about moving to a larger more spacious and private place out in the country.

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