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He leads his in-laws in an orgy.


"If it harms not my Mistress, I will listen to what is on your mind, my Lord."

"I keep it from them to avoid that hurt. Your earlier words give me hope I can share this with you, for I have carried this burden with me for many years."

"If I can ease your mind, tell me."

With a feeling of loss, she felt him finally slipping out of her pussy. She stretched out on the blanket. He spooned behind her, enveloping her in his arms.

"There have been many others who have desired my child," he began. "Most were in love with my position and wealth. There was one, though, who was different, for I knew she truly loved me. She wanted my child. Begged for it. She would have been happy forsaking all privilege and wealth just for the chance to be my wife, and to make a home for us together, even if it meant living in a simple nomad's tent and having a dirt floor for the rest of our lives. Accepting her offer would have required me to leave my home and never return. Still, I was sorely tempted to go with her. She was not only a friend, I came to love her and desired her as a woman. What stopped me was that I'd made a promise before I fell in love with her. I had promised I would not take her to wife. It was the hardest promise I ever had to keep. I love you, Miri. I also love Susan and Charlotte Ann. I don't love Mayet, but I do have great affection for her. Yet even so, sometimes I wonder if keeping that promise was the right thing to do."
Miri digested his words slowly, reeling from his admission. "Do I know this woman, my Lord?"

"Yes, Miri. You've met her."

She turned to face him. "If you had gone with her, we would not be here now, my Lord. If you seek solace that you made the right choice in keeping your word, you have it. I am sorry for her, but your decision brought you into my life. I choose you. I choose to be right where I am, in your arms. My view is selfish, but I cannot say differently."

"Thank you, Miri."

"Who is she?"

Royce closed his eyes. "You are happy for Mayet and my wives to share your joy of impending motherhood. Why do you ask of her?"

"Because you did turn her down." She turned to face him, to read his face, see into his eyes.

"Are you jealous of her, Miri?"

"I-I don't know. It is troubling to know that even after so many years, you still grieve for her. I know you do, for I hear it in your voice."

"That's the trouble being with someone who is both smart and observant. Very little gets by them. Still more reasons why I have come to love you, Miri."

"I have to share you with others, but it's not like you have sex with every woman who offers, or that you seek every skirt in your reach."

Royce sighed ruefully. "I was a lot less careful before I got married, Miri. It took me a while to realize just how special making love is. I had sex with a lot of those women, even those who wanted me only for their selfish reasons. At least five I know had fertility magic cast on them beforehand, so as to try and land me with a child."

Miri made a rude noise. "You had your birth control ring then, didn't you? You are a worthy mate, my Lord. However, personal wealth and power are not reasons to have a child. Even with a political marriage, there is at least the goal of keeping peace between clan Houses or some other worthy aim. But those women? I have no sympathy for them. They got less than they wanted and more than they deserved."

He chuckled. "That's one way of putting it." Then he became serious. "The woman who's heart I broke was Dianne."

"Your - your sister?" Miri grew thoughtful. "She was your partner during the Ritual of Adulthood, wasn't she? Well, you aren't the first siblings who paired for their Ritual and took a tumble in private."

"Yes, well.

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