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A Valentine's Day encounter she would never forget.

I even began to moan slightly as I thrusted my hips to the sensual rubbing. I looked down to my crotch to see there was nothing there caressing my pussy but I didn't care, I loved it! The rubbing pressed further against me and began to get more vigerous. This made me moan so much louder, leaving me mindlessly thrusting my hips to the rubbing. Every muscle clenched as I let out a moan from a fantastic orgasm. I could feel a wet spot in my panties. I had never had an orgasm like that in my life! Although turned on I was still alarmed, for the rubbing never stopped.

RHIANNA: "What do you mean you can't feel it?" asked my boyfriend. I tried to keep it a secret but it only made things more confusing for him. I told him that I couldn't feel him rubbing my pussy but the truth was I had found something online where any sexual act forced on my body will be sent to Kayla and her to me. I couldn't feel my boyfriend fingering me but I knew Kayla could feel every bit of it.

KAYLA: I felt the hand stop rubbing me and slip a finger inside my pussy, pumping it in and out. The finger felt so big around it felt like three of my fingers penetrating me. I couldn't stay fully clothed with this sexuality going on so I got naked, still focused on the building up orgasm. Finally I got in bed and enjoyed the fingering. I could feel the finger rubbing up against my G-spot and saw stars. My muscles clenched and my hips thrust as there was another finger sliding inside, pounding my pussy harder. I let out another orgasmic moan as pleasure swept throughout my body. Not that I wanted it to but why didn't it ever stop?

RHIANNA: I let out a yawn as he slid three fingers inside of me. I couldn't feel it inside of me but I knew if I did I would be all over him. I bet that's what Kayla probably wants to do right now. "Why don't we just skip this and go straight to the bedroom?" I said, rubbing the large, thick lump in his pants.

KAYLA: I felt the hand leave my pussy and my hand touch something hard. What was happening to me? And why did that hand have to leave me at the climax of my third orgasm? I reached down and began fingering my pussy. Why couldn't I feel my finger inside of me? I could feel the texture of my pussy but I couldn't feel my pussy. It was as if the finger fucking was so great that my pussy was now numb. Even still, I had to finish myself off. I began fingering myself harder and more vigerously, hoping for another orgasm but felt nothing. Why did I feel as though Rhianna was behind this?

RHIANNA: I was right, Kayla was begging to be fucked. I could feel her slide inside of me, pounding me, making me moan as an orgasm began to sweep past me. Had she figured out what was happening and decided to torture me? My boyfriend and I made our way to the bedroom, stripping down. I was beginning to feel wet at the sight of his bulging muscles. I didn't feel the wetness drip from my pussy so I assumed it came out on Kayla's side. He pushed me onto the bed and slid his large, hard, throbbing cock inside of me. Even though I had wanted this since I had a crush on him last month. I pretended to be turned on so he wouldn't deny me next time I beg for sex.

KAYLA: Since I couldn't finish my orgasm, I began to put my clothes back on. I had just buttoned my skinny jeans when I felt something long, hard, and trobbing slide inside of me. My eyes went wide as the wetness began to consume me. I had never had a cock inside of me. My heart raced as the stars were once again in front of my eyes. I could feel him pounding me, making me ache for more. My legs felt wobbly and moan escaped my throat from the overwhelming pleasure pulsing through my body. I had to lay down. I jumped into bed as the pounding caught me by surprise and launched me forward.

RHIANNA: It was so hard to do but I continued to fake orgasms and pretend i could feel the pounding. At one point he was fucking me so hard I could feel the bed shaking. I was really curious how Kayla was taking this.

KAYLA: I felt the invisible cock inside of me explode, flooding

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