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The end of Dan and Ellen's story.

The clutch had a touch of whimsy with a four inch tall black widow on it.

I helped my dates for the evening into the truck and we were off. I had located an up-scale grill and seafood restaurant on the web and called in a reservation earlier in the afternoon. Soon we were pulling up to the front door and I let the girls out then proceeded to find a parking spot.

When I entered the hostess was waiting on me, Jane had already checked us in. I was led to a table near the center of the room, there waiting on me were my two lovely dates. We ordered our drinks and started to look over the menu.

Our waitress returned, Beth was a wisp of a woman, barely five feet tall and I doubt she weighed ninety-five pounds. She had our drinks and asked "Would anyone care for an appetizer?"

"Give us two orders of the fried green tomatoes. We will need a few more minutes before we order our entrees," I said. We looked over the menu and I asked Kim, "Do you have any questions of what some of the selections are?"

"What is Barramundi?" she asked.

"It's Asian sea bass. I you want to try it ask if it came from fresh or saltwater. You would want the saltwater species. Mahi Mahi is dolphin not like Flipper; it is a fish not a mammal. The name is Hawaiian."

Beth came back and I ordered the Swordfish with Golden Pineapple salsa and a baked potato. Jane ordered the Shrimp & Scallop Pomodori Pasta. Kim decided to get the Fried Crab Cake topped with a homemade remoulade sauce and accompanied with a wild mushroom rice pilaf and steamed asparagus. We all ordered the house salad as well.

Beth told us, "It will be about fifteen minutes for your order to be ready. I will be right back with your salads." Jane finished her glass of Polka Dot Riesling as Beth returned with the salads.

"Beth would you please bring me a glass of Beringer White Zinfandel. Also please bring me a glass of the 14 Hands Chardonnay when you bring out meal."

I looked at Kim and winked. I then nodded sideways at Jane, rolling my eyes, "Guess that subscription to Wine Spectator was worth it. You have turned into a bit of an aficionado."__

"Maybe," Jane quipped back sticking the tip of her tongue out at me.

We finished the salads and Sara bought our entrees a few minutes later. She also brought Kim a fresh tea and I another Sam Adams. Our meal was enjoyable and the food was tasty. Beth checked on us several time to make sure everything was satisfactory. We all passed on dessert. Beth brought the check and we were soon headed out the door.

It was a short drive to the theater where the concert was being held. I parked the truck under a light so I would be easy to find when we came out later.

I helped the girls out of the truck and we went to the ticket window. I had paid for the tickets online. I pulled a slip of paper with the conformation number on it out of my wallet and handed it to the attendant at the window. She punched up the transaction and gave us our tickets. Front row, center of the balcony.

We stopped by the concession stand for drinks. I carried the tray and followed the girls up the stairs to our seats. We sat down in the roomy seats and waited for the show to begin. The wait was less than ten minutes. The concert was very good. By the time the show was over Kim was a convert to Don's simple country ballads. The show let out at 9:30.

We walked to the truck arm in arm. We climbed in and I headed south along the main drag. When I past our turn to go to the cabin, Jane pointed at the road as we past. "I know where I am going." Another mile down the road, I spotted what I was looking for. That big red neon "Hot DOUGHNUTS Now" sign. I swung in to the drive thru.

I pulled around to the menu board and rolled down the windows.

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