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The secret of the pheromones revealed.

"As you can see and probably feel, no harm has been done to the seed within. If you will excuse me, I will begin to plant your children so that they may begin their journey."

The dryad nodded and sobbed, quietly murmuring to herself, "What a fool I am."

To Muddle, it sounded like the rustling of the leaves in the tops of the trees if such sounds were made into words.

Scanning the ground he selected a small branch that had fallen. The main part was straight and it had a fork to form a perfect 'Y' shape.

Taking the stick, Muddle headed out to the road and walked 200 paces back the way he came. He began pulling mana in as he walked forward again until he had walked 200 paces beyond the majestic oak.

Tingling with all the mana he had absorbed, he began to plant the children of the oak. First he took the stick by the fork and pressed the main branch into the ground about 4 inches. Twisting it, he pulled it loose and placed an acorn in the hole, pointed side down, then pressed the hole closed again. Finally he released some of the mana and shaped it into a blessing for growth and health and infused the area around the acorn.

He did this for every acorn. Finally, wiping his brow, he turned and walked back to the lone oak.

The lady of the tree met him as he walked under the canopy of the oak.

"Sir Wizard, I felt a flow of mana from thee and I can see where each of the children is, because there is a soft glow at each spot that thou stopped. What did thee do?" asked the dryad.

"I went back up to the road and pulled as much of the mana as I could. This will make a spot where it will take many years for the mana to flow back. When people walk through that area, it will feel odd and they will move on quickly until the mana returns. This should help to protect you and your sister trees from people camping along here.

"When I planted the acorns I used the mana I had pulled to create charms to help the plants grow and to protect them. This should help most of them to grow and be suitable homes for your sisters."

"Sir Wizard, is there anything I can do to repay thy kindness?" the dyad's voice was sultry and became almost irresistible when she repeated, "Anything?"

"My dearest lady," Muddle began, "I am well aware of the bountiful charms and magical sensuousness of your kind. But I have tempted fate and dallied with some of your sisters of another species and while immensely enjoyable at the time, pulling splinters from my cock for a week puts a damper on my enthusiasm."

She pouted momentarily and then quickly laughed like the tinkling of chimes.

"Perhaps there is a way that I can discharge my debt to thee and thou can be satisfied as well. Why not takest out that unruly cock of thine before it splits thy trousers? Thou can satisfy thineself and I will dance to keep thy interest."

As Muddle stared at the dryad, she began to shimmer and his lust became almost unbearable. Sliding his pants down he grasped his cock and began to stroke it. The dryad gasped when she saw the size of him, but true to her word, she began to dance. With no music but the wind in the tree top and the tinkling of the sunlight through the leaves, she danced.

As she danced, the dryad began to dance around him stepping forward and stroking his neck and softly kissing his ears. As her dance progressed, Muddle's excitement grew. He wanted to close his eyes to focus on the sensations coming from his cock, but he did not want to miss any of the dryad's dancing.

Finally with a guttural groan, Muddle began to shoot his seed upon the leaves. As he was finishing, he felt weak and slumped to his knees.

When his eyes could see again, the dryad was standing in front of him. He put himself away and pulled up his trousers. "Thank you," he said to the nymph.

She bent down and kissed his forehead before standing up and reaching upwards with her arms.

As he watched, she seemed to grow until her hands were touching one of the lower branches.

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