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Boy uses his new found sexual expertise on his mother.

He had been worked up into a lather from the moment he had received Jeff's texts and subsequent picture.

From time to time he had thought about Rachel and reminisced fondly over their past and the fun they'd had. But he hardly pined for her. He had his own situation and it wasn't like Rachel popped into his head every day. He hadn't even gone out of his way to see her at the prom. But from the second that picture flashed had across the screen of his phone, every fiber of his being had wanted her.

It was partially fueled by jealous arousal. Someone else, someone he considered beneath both him and Rachel, had gotten something so unexplainably amazing from her. Tyler knew as well as anyone what Rachel was about, but it still didn't seem real that she would agree to do something like that for Jeff. How had it gone down? Had she been so wasted that she didn't know what she was doing? Had he blackmailed her with something? Had she lost a bet? Or, and this was the thought that made him the most excitedly aroused, had she simply allowed herself to be talked into it without much resistance?

He knew deep down that this was likely the truth and the reminder that a goddess like Rachel could be manipulated into submitting so easily made his heart pound. Not only because it was arousingly nonsensical, but because it meant he could probably talk her into it as well. And he had. She was just minutes removed from servicing him in such an enthusiastically depraved way and was now passionately grinding into his body as they both finished together. Tyler let out another yell and pumped for the final time.

The double orgasm began to cool down as both Rachel and Tyler's bodies slowed their pace. Their joint pleasure was peacefully ebbing away like a crashed wave at the beach and Rachel began to slump over into him. Before long, she was pressed into his chest, quivering gently as pleasurable whimpers escaped her lips.

Both of them had broken out into a mild sweat and Rachel's chest heaved as her boobs pressed hard against him. They were both breathing heavily, coming down from their highs. He was still inside her, and even as he began to soften, every subtle movement or twitch from his penis made her tingle and jump. She was face down, her mouth open, breathing directly onto his upper chest, almost biting him. Her arms were extended above her and stretched over his shoulders and past his head. Tyler had reached around her and was holding her gently, his hands resting on her back. The pair had melted into each other and would've likely stayed that way for a long time had the blood not begun to return to both of their brains, causing them to remember where they were.

Tyler spoke first, his voice dry and breathless.

"Oh my God. What the fuck even was tha-? I've never-. You-. Goddamn, Rach." He couldn't even finish his words.

She smiled deeply to herself, still face down in his chest. She felt amazing and warm and confident and Tyler's tortured attempt at speaking just further confirmed what she had just given him. What she had just done to him. Rendering a guy speechless after pleasuring him was what Rachel lived for in these moments. And with Tyler especially, she had made it her goal to blow his mind to a level he hadn't been before.
She was willing to do all that he asked, and had even done it in this completely inappropriate location and time, because she wanted him to remember what she was capable of. Another "best ever" trophy for her. The prideful satisfaction this gave her was what sustained her and allowed her push through all the bad thoughts about why what she was doing was wrong. She knew as the immediacy of her pleasure subsided, that there would be plenty of time to feel bad about it. But in the moment, she didn't care.

Rachel drew in a slow, satisfied breath and laughed gently as she raised her head to look at him. "Ditto," she responded, with a crooked grin.

She wanted to stay laying on him f

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