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Being the jack-of-all-trades takes on a new meaning.

She had a "lover boy" by name Fredric at one of her bank's suburban offices. Most of the mail was nonsense about how much and in which way they wanted to fuck each other. But I found even more serious matters. She told him that she was lucky to have two such a nice men. She loved me as a good faithful guy and was sure I was the best possible man to be married to in all matters except hot nasty sex and love. Therefore she wanted him to knock her up as close as possible to the wedding so she got his child as a memory of their great love story. When he got his divorce, Erica promised to marry him and it wasn't any disadvantage in her mind that I had to pay alimony for their love child.

What a terrible crap. I was prepared for nasty reading but that was much worse than expected. How in the hell could this once so lovely girl turn to such an ice-cold calculating bitch? What had I done to be treated in such a cruel way? She was already planning for her second marriage before her first wedding. We didn't fuck at all during the next week and I think she was happy for that.

Of course, I told my friends that it was over between Erica and me and I only wanted some further evidence for her cheating in case that her parents raised hell when I dumped her. My friends and I made plans for her "babysitting" at Thursday evening. We did a quick gambling and I went home early before she had left. She was dressed in the same skirt, heels and stockings as the last week but had a black top. I told her, "The baby must be very lucky guy for getting such a sexy sitter"

She blushed at little but didn't reply. Just said "They want to be out for a good time so I might be late"

Then she went out with two of my friends following her in separate cars. And one minute after she left a girlfriend to one of my friends came up to my apartment with some theater equipment. I got a wig, a beard, light colored glasses and some of her husband's old clothes. To my great surprise, I was a total different guy. I left a note at the kitchen table "Out with friends"

After about 20 minutes I got a call to my cell phone. I guy had picked up her at the next block from my apartment and they had arrived to a small back street hotel where they got a room. Sebastian, who had his electronic equipment with him succeed to get the room next to theirs. Without going to the room Erica and Fredric had went out from the hotel in to a restaurant in the same building. Not many customers there a Thursday evening so when I arrived, Sebastian and me got a table very close to theirs. We were able to hear the main part of their conversation, mostly crap about their bosses and fellow workers. They got a good laugh when Erica told him what I said about the "lucky guy who got such a sexy babysitter".

Fredric and Erica skipped the dessert and went to the hotel. So did even Sebastian and me. Sebastian activated his electronic listening device and connected it to a headset and a tape recorder. The high quality of the sounds from the next room was great surprise for me.

Their first fucking was the usual moaning and groaning. Then they had some small talk. He praised her saying, "Erica you're the best cock sucker I ever met, much better than my prudish wife who is totally worthless compared to you". He even told her how much looked forward to the day sometimes in the future when they could get married.

Erica replied, "Oh Fredric, I've been dreaming about your sweet cock the whole week since the last Thursday and I'm horny as hell now for my boyfriend haven't been allowed soil my pussy during the whole week".

Even Fredric was a bit confused and therefore asked, "Why are you going to marry that guy if you don't love him?"

"I never said I don't love him, of course I love him very much, but in a different way than I love you."

"What if he finds out what a 'faithful' fianc__ you are? He must be totally stupid if he don't get suspicious at your very sexy babysitter outfit?"

"I thought you wanted me sexy.

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