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Just who is the boss in this house?

As it was all she saw was a purple alien creature with a single eye staring straight at her.

"Come on," he said impatiently, his voice easily carrying over the six-foot-high paneling. He jiggled his dick a little. "Are you gonna suck it or what?"

Jenna bent towards it and put out her tongue. She closed her eyes and licked the veiny flesh on the top side of the shaft. He sighed and she knew that wasn't what he wanted. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and leaned forward, thinking in her mind that if she could take all of it in and close her lips around it, maybe it wouldn't actually touch her on the inside. The inside of her mouth, however, was significantly smaller than she'd given herself credit for. What she did, in fact, was to take most of it all the way to the back of her throat before she closed her mouth around it, and when she did, she was unexpectedly deep-throated, which he hadn't expected either.

"Oh, yeah!" he yelled in ecstasy, falling against the wall between them.

On the other side of the wall, Jenna gagged. Her eyes filled with tears which streamed down her face. She pulled back slowly, not quite sure how far she should go. She opened a little wider and took him in again, not quite as far, stopping so she wouldn't gag. He moaned and she slowly pulled back, and then did it one more time, wanting to hear him moan like that. She opened her jaws wider, and pushed herself forward, purposely making his cock hit the back of her throat, not caring this time if she gagged. He swore loudly and beat a hand against the wall. It thrilled her to hear him going on that way. She did it again, gagging so hard that she had to release him for a moment to keep from throwing up. As she recovered he released an agonized breath.

"Baby, you don't have to deep throat me," he said through the wall. "I mean, if you want to get it over within the next ten seconds, keep it up. Otherwise just a normal suck will do."

Jenna swallowed hard and looked back at the cock. A bead of clear fluid had appeared at the piss slit and she ran her thumb over it, pulling it downward over the head.

"Oh yeah," he said as she rubbed the liquid on the underside of the shaft. "Yeah, that's the way. Oh man, you have that magic touch. Keep it up, baby."

She continued rubbing her thumb on the underside and stood up with one knee on the chair to bend over the top of his shaft, kissing softly the length of it with tiny, soft kisses. Then she laid her flattened tongue where she had kissed him and rubbed ever so gently. His body moved side to side as though he were squirming. She kept it up, thinking that if he didn't like it he would let her know.

More of the liquid seeped out of the slit. Jenna caught it with her thumb and smeared it over the head to the underside, rubbing more firmly on that spot he liked. She bent her head again and licked the upper side with stronger strokes. He was rocking towards her now and moaning. She liked the sound. She lowered her mouth to where more of the liquid had appeared and let her lips close over just that small area. Her tongue shot out and flicked the piss slit, slurping up the salty precum, and he groaned loudly. A smile spread across her lips as she'd discovered another way of pleasuring him. It surprised her that there seemed to be so many different ways. Again she closed her mouth around the head, this time taking it all in and sucked lightly on it.

"Oh yeah, suck it," he moaned through the wall.

Jenna took a deep breath through her nose.

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