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" Kit said. Thomas quieted down. Being a big sister had its perks and Kit took full advantage of them, "You were getting off to this? My face?"

"Y-yes -- but no! It's not just your face, it's... uh... you." Thomas always talked in artsy nonsense when he got flustered, but Kit felt it this time -- like it wrapped around her heart, making her want to breathe in deep to give it room. "I... I saw that guy." Thomas clenched his jaw, but quickly stopped, "I mean your boyfriend. And he --"

"Ex-boyfriend now," Kit corrected.

"I kinda figured," Thomas said, "But I saw you two... And he didn't give a shit about you, Kitty. He didn't even care that he was hurting you, or that he wasn't pleasing you! And it made me so... so mad."

"You jack off when you're mad?"

"No!" Thomas retorted, "Well, not usually. But I saw you when you were on top, the way your face looked before he fucked it up, and you were so beautiful and sexy and -- and it just made me mad that it wasn't me with you!" Thomas paused before his face fell again, "Er, wait -- oh fuck. Wait wait, I meant to say that I, you..."

"Shhh," Kit said, stepping towards her brother, "It's fine. I get it."

"You... you do?"

"Yeah, I do," She climbed onto the bed.

"Wait, sis-?"

"Shhh, it's okay little bro," she pulled back the sheet and straddled his hips. Thomas's blush spread through his cheeks like wildfire as his half-naked sister leaned over him, and he fought in vain to keep his eyes from roving over his gorgeous sister's body.

"K-Kitty? What are you do-?"

"Shh! Jeez Thomas, do I have to spell it out for you?" Kit edged her hips down and met his. The moment she felt his half-hard cock nestle along her thin panties, a hot shock electrified up her spine. Thomas groaned with his wide-eyes trained on hers, and when she caught her breath she looked back down.

"I've never thought about you like this before, Thomas. I mean it. But when I saw all this... When I heard you saying those things about me, your big sister..." The phrase made her heart skip a beat, "I... well, I liked it."

"Liked... it?" Thomas asked in a small voice.

"Yeah... I liked it a lot," Kit felt a smile creeping onto her lips. He brother really was kind -- kinder than any of her boyfriends ever were. And talked so dirty about her, his sister! It felt so wrong to be like this with him, but having her little brother's cock pressing against her felt so, so terribly good. He wasn't a kid anymore, age or otherwise. That much was obvious.

"Liked... how?"

"Oh my god Thomas! Like this!" Kit clued in her clueless brother by grinding her soaking crotch over his member. He stiffened and let out a yelp that degenerated into a moan. Kit wasn't immune herself -- she felt her brother's cock grow taut and jut against her, and she bit back a moan herself. "You turned me on, idiot!"

"Ohhh - I did?" Kit didn't stop, and Thomas couldn't hide his pleasure from her.

"Does it feel like you did? Ohh," Kit angled herself so his cock nudged her panty-covered clit.

"Oh god Kitty -- you're so wet!"

"You made me like this bro," his breathy sibling replied, "Now do you get it?"

"Y-yeah, oh god..." Thomas arched up, pressing harder against his sister's eager snatch. Kit pressed back. Another strange shockwave possessed her. She wanted more. No -- needed more.

"But it's Thomas..." one part of her said, "You can't fuck your brother. It's so wrong!" But her body screamed otherwise. Thomas tore her between being the responsible big sister she was supposed to be and the horny young woman she knew she was. She couldn't decide, even while teasing her little brother till his bare cock plowed along her silky panties like a spade.

"Sis, ughhh," Thomas arched again, "Are we going to..."

"I... ohh... I don't know... Maybe we should-"

"Kitty!" Thomas gasped to cut her off, "Let me taste you!" Kit's heart flipped in her chest.

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