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Husband's first thoughts of sharing his wife.

It was so strange to ask myself that question. I remembered back to Ms. Turner and Nancy. I had started cumming the moment she first lowered herself onto me.

I decided to let myself cum. After all, I had already extracted the promise I needed from each of them. Now I was curious as to whether they would keep their word once they both came back to their senses.

While I filled Mao's pussy with cum, Sean put her tits right in my face. I don't know what she thought she was doing but it wasn't helping. Don't get me wrong, I like her tits, but at the specific moment, I was busy.

Ah. Very good. Mao seemed happy.

"And you remember you promised to go on a date with me." I said.

"I will. Don't worry."

"That reminds me. Sean, hand me my pants."

She brought them to my outreached hand and I got out my phone. As Mao lifted herself off of me, I took a picture of my cum starting to leak out of her and then I got a few pictures of Sean sucking the cum off of my dick and licking the cum out of Mao. She hadn't swallowed all of it yet when Mao insisted on kissing her some more. They started passing my cum back and forth between them as they kissed and then they both swallowed what they had.

Snap, snap, snap. Not that I was planning it, but in the back of my mind I was just realizing the fact that I had pretty good insurance now if either woman tried to betray me.

"And you do remember you promised to do my wedding."

"You still haven't put your semen in me yet."

"Oh, don't worry. I will. And once I do, you promise to do my wedding no matter who I want to marry."

"I'll marry you to whoever you want, just make sure you fuck me."

We got into a similar position as earlier, only this time, Sean was licking Mao and I was fucking Sean from behind. Her ass was so sexy. I think I was starting to appreciate the 'no for marriage but yes for sex' rule her church had. I sure wasn't going to marry her but I wouldn't want her getting married to any other guy because as long as she didn't I felt it was ok to fuck her as much as I wanted.

I was going to need some time. This was important. I had to give her a full semen package.

"You make sure you don't forget your promise."

"I won't. Just don't stop."

It was when Mao started to arch her back in her orgasm that I felt myself getting close. Mao was cumming, then I started to blast what I could into Sean. My orgasm set the reverend off and she started to climax. Oh, so good. This was a nice one. And now I was tired. I really wanted to sleep all of the sudden.

I moved and laid in the bed next to Mao while Sean was still on her hands and knees next to us. I did notice the moment of realization but they both took it a lot better this time. They didn't panic and they didn't sprint for their clothes. They were relaxed and just took in the situation.

I was just about to see if they remembered their promises when I was interrupted.

Knock, knock, knock.

"Not now, mom." I yelled.

"Open this door."

"I'm naked. Wait a minute."

"I want this door open."

As you can imagine, the women started to frantically get their clothes on. I didn't feel the need to rush. Let my mother catch me.

Bang, bang, bang.

"Open the door." she yelled.

"Just wait." I said as I stood in front of the door naked.

Once Sean had her clothes on, she was trying to give me mine but I wouldn't take them. If my mom wants to be a bitch and barge in on me like this, then I'll do the same thing to her that I'd been doing in the morning.

"Get dressed. Please." Sean whispered to me.

"My wedding?"

"Yes, I promise I'll do your wedding. Now please."

Damn. Fine. I'll shock my mom another time. I got my pants and my shirt on sans socks or underwear. In hindsight, that might have been a mistake since my dick was sensitive and the fabric of my pants was unpleasant I eventually discovered.

We opened the door and I was about to just tell my mother that I was fucking the women there but Sean spoke up first.

"Mrs. Ferris. It's wonderful to see you again. We ..."


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