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Grown stepdaughter steps into a new role.

Lauren Dunn was all WOMAN. Her amazing body, jaw-dropping cleavage and beautiful face gave no hint that hidden behind her legs was a full length cock capable of a full-volume ejaculation.

To imagine two such women together was simply unfathomable. And yet he was there, perhaps only minutes away from carnal D-day. So much adrenaline was coursing through his veins that Matthias felt as though he was levitating inside the closet. He felt completely and utterly removed from reality.

And when she did come home, Amanda turned out to be as gorgeous as Lauren. She was the epitome of the clich__ sex-goddess; long, flowing blonde hair, sexy bronze skin, nice and busty up front, but with a delicate and youthful smiley face. Absolutely top shelf. He was sure that there had been some mistake in Lauren's description of her. He must have heard wrong; she was only Lauren's female partner, not another dually-sexed bombshell.

When she got naked, all doubt when out the window.


Back to the closet.

Matthias was practically panting out loud. There was no danger of him being heard though. The women were making so much noise that any grunting or groaning inside the closet would have been easily swallowed up by the volume of their gasping.

Lauren was upright, kneeling in the middle of the bed with Amanda sucking the tip of Lauren's cock so hard that her cheeks were completely sunken inwards. Matthias watched with awe as Amanda's head took every inch of Lauren's stiff cock deep into her mouth. Just when he thought there was no way Amanda could go any deeper, her lips contacted the firm, flat flesh of Lauren's midsection. With no apparent gag reflex, Amanda had taken Lauren's cock completely down her throat, burying it right up to the hilt. Rather than retract, Amanda reached down and spread the fleshy pink lips of Lauren's pussy, immediately underneath. Even though Lauren's cock completely filled her mouth, there was still enough room for Amanda to slide her tongue out and press it up against the other babe's clit. Flicking it back and forth, she bobbed her head up and down, simultaneously stimulating Lauren's clit while blowing her. He could tell from the blonde's bulging neck that Amanda was clenching her throat around Lauren's stiff cock as tightly as she could.

Things went on like this for several minutes, with Lauren becoming noticeably more and more worked up. Her entire body was shaking and she was no longer on the accepting-end of Amanda's oral advances. Instead, she had her hands wrapped around the back of the blonde's head and was thrusting back and forth, fucking her mouth rapidly. The site of her rock hard, contoured stomach pounding back and forth against Amanda's face had Matthias's head spinning. She was literally hammering Amanda's mouth with her cock.

Just when he thought Lauren was the more dominating of the two, they switched gears again. Amanda retracted her mouth and grabbed Lauren's shoulders, pushing her backwards and causing her to fall back to the bed. In mere moments, Amanda was on top of her, had fully penetrated her, and was slamming Lauren between the legs. One thing was for certain: the blonde knew how to FUCK. Her midsection worked fast and furiously. She grabbed Lauren's hands and wrapped them under the small of her back, pinning her down effectively. Leaning over her, Amanda pressed their hot tits together and French kissed her deeply, breaking oral contact only to run her tongue repeatedly up Amanda's neck.

"Oh I can't take it!" Lauren cried. "You're gonna make me cum already!"

Amanda let go of Lauren's hands and instead grabbed her ankles, lifting her long, nubile legs up and inverting them.

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