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A visit from an old acquaintance.

I also switch to striking the same location multiple times, intensifying the sensations. My efforts do not appear to be wasted.

Terri's grunts become more impassioned and her squirming on my lap more pronounced and almost desperate. I've watched this girl pass through the throes of arousal, tension and relief often enough this week to be able to appreciate her rising excitement. Although her movements become more pronounced and erratic, they are clearly not designed to escape or shrink away from the blows but to the contrary, she seems intent on thrusting back even harder against them.

During one of my breaks, as I gleefully manipulate and probe my subservient victim, I remember to glance over at my wife, so enjoying the services of her own subservient victim. On her face I recognize the contorted mask of orgasmic bliss, the blush suffusing down full to the upper slopes of her abundant chest, the muscles of her abdomen rippling with the effort to grind her hips voluptuously across Ron's face, his head locked in the vice-grip of his dominant's thighs. I idly wonder how long it has been since he has been granted any oxygen.

I have my own selfish enjoyments to worry about, however, and my attention is quickly drawn back to the undulating ass slowly blushing from pink to red before my entranced eyes. Pausing only momentarily to appreciate the color as well as the undeniably sexy shape, I resume my heavy handed assault on Terri's ravishing posterior. Her responses to my resounding strikes are becoming more vocal, the inarticulate grunts giving way to "ah," "ouch" and "mmm." Even the occasional "yesss" slips in with an extra-long "sss." I hope that this spanking is everything Terri has dreamed it to be; it certainly is meeting my long hoped for standards.

A couple cycles of spanking followed by soothing massage later, I step the intensity up another notch as my target continues to give every sign of enjoying the experience. I have so little experience with real-life erotic spanking that I worry a bit about whether I am being too harsh or too lenient but I've got to trust the open lines of communication that have been built over the past few days. I expect Terri to let me know how much is enough. Judging by her actions during the caress and massage part of the cycle where it is obvious her arousal level is continuing to spiral higher, I estimate I am still on the right track.
As I deliver the hardest shot yet, I wonder whether I'm spanking hard enough to bruise the young girl and whether she would consider that a problem or a bonus. Right now, that seems to be tomorrow's worry. I get a loud "Ahhh" for my effort, and I finally hear some pain in her voice but it still sounds to me like what she referred to the other day during our anal sex session as "a good kind of pain." So, I deliver another equally strong blow to exactly the same spot.

"Ow," she finally cries and I pause. She squirms, apparently tasting the sensation and coming to a decision. "Okay, go on."

I treat the other cheek to the same experience.

"Ah, ah, ah," she trembles under my hand.

"Ooh," she sighs as I massage the heat back into her backside. In addition to the heat and deepening red color I'm seeing, I also notice that her butt seems rounder and fuller. I guess we've got a little swelling going on. It definitely adds to the sexiness of her derriere.

I take another moment to check on our spouses. To my relief, Ron hasn't suffocated yet. In fact, he appears to be zealously lapping at Lisa's engorged pussy lips as they hang under her squatting position. She seems to be giving him a bit of a break to breathe and get more delicate sensation from him rather than intensely mash her clit against his chin.

She smiles at me in her hedonistic joy, silently sharing a loving moment as we stare affectionately at each other.

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