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A night elf warrior gets help from her draenei friend.

Amber breathed deeply as his hands struck her upper thigh, his momentum pushing them up higher until they struck the waistband of her panties. Chris slowly rubbed his hands back and forth across her legs and up to her panties, making sure that he gently focussed a lot of attention on her increasingly wet panties. Amber looked down at what he was doing with a playful smile on her face. After what must have been more than a minute she tapped Chris's hands "not that I want you to stop, but time is up."

I quickly had the next hand dealt before Amber could catch her breath. Finally we had success with me winning the pot and Amber having the worst hand.

"Good I can finally get out of these things." Amber said laughing, "but it is only fair that you get to be the one to take them off." Amber said to me as I quickly made my way over to my gorgeous girlfriend. I ran my hands up her toned tanned legs to the side of her waist, tucking into the waistband of the panties. I was up so close that I could actually see the damp patch at the front of her panties, and I could smell the subtle scent of her wetness.

"You are so beautiful." I said as I slowly inched her panties down slowly over her legs.

"I love you." She whispered to me so quietly that only I could hear, as we shared a special intimate moment. I pulled away from Amber leaning back and taking her panties with me. Exposing Amber's very open pink lips to the room and to my friend. They glistened with wetness. It was a very sexy sight for us both. Chris let out a long breath as he stared at her mound. Amber leaned back again seductively, her legs flopping open in a very natural lazy motion that made her look so sensual. I loved that Amber could be so relaxed and not self-conscious at all exposing her body in front of this other man.

"Well what are you waiting for, are we going to play cards or what?" Amber said as she shifted her body weight back up into more of a sitting position.

"OK I guess, but beware, once you have lost your clothes the punishment can get pretty severe." I said to her laughing as I dealt out the cards.

This round of cards saw Amber win the hand, and Chris come in last place.

"Well I really liked what you did last time, but my panties were definitely in the way, so how about you get another chance to massage me wherever you would like, but this time I think it should be at least thirty seconds, what do you think?
She didn't need to tell Chris twice as he inched his way back over to Amber, it was almost a comical sight seeing him crawling over to her, his big cock now fully erect. Amber certainly saw the funny side, as he settled close to her and began to slowly touching her sexy dripping pussy. Amber moaned softly as his hands disappeared between her legs, slowly, gently tracing her outer lips from her clit right down to her bum. He then slowly brought his hands back up towards her clit placing more pressure on her lips, letting his fingers slip between her outer lips to nestle against her dripping inner lips. Amber opened her eyes long enough to see where Chris was laying, and lazily pushed her hand out and rested it on Chris's big cock. I am not sure that as the loser that Chris should have got that sort of attention, but no one was complaining. I sat mesmerised as my beautiful girlfriend lay back lazily with her hand across my friends big dick as he was busy stroking her wet pussy. Amber gasped as he slipped a finger inside. "Is my thirty seconds up?" Amber asked, snapped back into reality as she felt his finger slip inside her pussy.

"I guess it is. These punishments for losing are killing me." Chris joked as he pulled away from my sexy girlfriend and moved back towards his seat. The next hand saw me win and Chris come last again.

"The punishments keep getting worse, this time you will have to give Amber a really amazing kiss, on the lips, for as long as she wants.

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