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Esme considers moving away.

Funny, she mused, he tastes exactly the same as his father, as she forced more of his rigid tool into her mouth.

Frank started to slowly grind his cock just how she liked it and she moaned loudly whilst refusing to let go of Petey's pulsating length.

As Frank slowly pistoned in and out of Marge, she matched his strokes with her mouth on Petey she was near to explosion and driving her head up and down her son's throbbing cock to the point of gagging but she would show no such weakness.

She came in a loud, screaming, shuddering climax and almost choked on the thick streams of jism that erupted from Petey's cock at the same time. She felt pride that she was managing to choke every drop down and revelled in the taste of her beautiful son.

All the while, Frank watched from behind Marge encouraging his son, "Go on, son, give her everything you've got! Pump that seed! Fill her up!" He had stopped his thrusting at Marge to let her get her breath back.

She let Petey's softening cock slip from her mouth and looked up lovingly at her son, "Fuck, boy - that's some cock you have and it's all mine this weekend - whether you want it or not!" She had a look of crazed sexual frenzy in her eyes and her face was flushed bright red. There was a splash of cum at the side of her mouth and Petey leaned forward and licked it from his mom's face.

She quickly turned and pulled his head to her and promptly thrust her long tongue down his throat. He hungrily sucked on it tasting his own juices and exciting him once again. Looking at his Dad who had now withdrawn from his wife kneeling with a rock hard boner, Petey broke away from his mom and said to his dad, "Do you want do something with that or are you saving it for something special?" he asked with a cheeky grin.

Frank smiled and threw the tube of lube he had gotten from the bedside table earlier and watched as his son coated his fingers with a large dollop of goo and proceeded to spread it on his tight butt hole. He pushed his middle finger up to his knuckle easily and followed that with two fingers, again, right up to his knuckles.

Marge had raised herself from the floor and sat on the settee facing the boys. Petey was moaning whilst finger fucking his ass whilst his dad slowly pumped his throbbing cock in anticipation.

"Ok, dad, give me all you've got!" Petey said as he took his mom's vacant spot on the floor with his tight ass facing his dad's aching tool. Marge watched in amazement as Frank's 8 inch boner slid easily into her son's ass. She was slightly concerned watching Petey's pained expression at this deep probe stretching his ass wide but was quickly encouraged when his grimace turned to a satisfying smile.

"Oh, fuck dad! That feels fuckin' amazing! Fuck me deep and hard! I want to feel your spunk fill me up!" Petey rasped through gritted teeth and waited for the onslaught.

Frank needed no further encouragement and he began smoothly pistoning his solid length into his son. Marge was somewhat taken aback with the intensity of her first experience of up-close gay sex, both men driving at each other for maximum pleasure, but it turned her on like nothing else and she drove two of her fingers deep into her soaken snatch.

Petey watched as his mom, not two feet from him, pleasured herself. He reached over and used his toned muscular arms to pull his mom over so her pussy was accessible to his hungry mouth. Marge didn't even try to object, she just lay back and enjoyed the moment as her son wrapped his lips around her engorged clitoris and sucked it lovingly. Marge caressed her ample breasts and teased her erect nipples in time with Petey's tongue-lashing. She wasn't ready for two of her son's fingers invading her love tunnel and expertly finding and massaging her G-spot.

Marge could no longer hold on.

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