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A sore bottom plus hurt feelings.

Now she was on all four her plump ass in front of my face. It took me a while before jumping up and hiking up her dress revealing her butt to my sight. "Could you lick my pussy a little." she begged.

"I'd love to."

I lowered my face between her cheeks, spreading them with my hands and slowly started licking her covered cunt.

Deep moans started escaping her throat and the crotch of her thong became soaking wet. So I slid her panties off and hid them under my desk finally uncovering her plump and juicy pussy lips.

"Lick me hard." I gladly obeyed and licked on her slit, teasing her clit with my thumb and index finger.

Enjoying my attention she reached over and grabbed me by my hair, pushing my face closer to her snatch and began to hump my face.

Suddenly she pulled me away, turned her head and looked me in the eyes. "I want you to fuck me in the ass now, and fuck me hard, but first would you be a dear and lick my ass a little before you fuck the living hell out of it?"

"I will since you asked so nicely."

She gave me a deep passionate kiss and thrust me back between her ass cheeks.

I started working on her little butthole, slowly licking and kissing around at first but gradually I began to tongue fuck her.

While I was working on her butt I slowly slid two of my fingers into her wet pussy and fingered her, getting her closer to an orgasm and also lubricating my fingers.

When they were nice and wet I brought them up to her asshole and slowly slid them in making her thrust her head back and scream in pleasure.

"OH FUCK YES! PUT IT IN! FUCK ME!" I had her ready. I lined up my cock with her hole -

"Wait just a second. Turn me over. I want to look in your eyes as you fuck me in the ass."

I let her turn on her back, she put her feet (in black stockings) up on my shoulders and I once again was ready to give it to her.

I started pushing myself inch by an inch inside as she started moaning and obviously nearing her first orgasm.

When I was inside of her with my entire length she pulled me closer, gave me a kiss and whispered into my ear. "Now fuck me hard."

I started thrusting my hips against hers as she continued to kiss me, her legs, still on my shoulders, bent almost over her head.

Between kisses I noticed she was squeezing and twisting her nipples pretty hard.

"Do you like your tits punished?" I asked as I moved my head to her enormous rack.

"Mhmm." She nodded and moved her hands away making way for me.

I sucked one of her nipples into my mother while squeezing the other one. "Do you like this?"

"Mhmm. Yes. But try it harder!" I obliged to her begging and sucked harder and gave her harder squeezing and a little twisting.

And she liked it. "Yes harder... More..." I didn't know how hard to go but I lightly bit down on the nipple in my mouth. "Harder! Slap 'em! Slap those big white tits of mine!"

I was taken aback at first but my list overtook me quickly.

I gave her boobs a few light taps to start with and her moans got louder and more lustful.

So I slapped harder making her scream out loud at times, and harder making the skin of her breasts turn red.

"Yeah!" She yelled.

At that point she was nearing an orgasm and I could feel that.

I continued to slap, squeezand suck on her big busty chest as one of her hands trailed down to her soaking wet pussy and she started playing with it, flicking her clit and finger fucking herself.

When she hit the orgasm she stopped completely moving, gripping me hard with her arms as she thrust her pelvis into mine. Her pussy started leaking her juices and I could feel them flow over my cock and drip down onto the table.

When she came down from the heights of her orgasm she immediately got on all four again and started sucking on my dick, cleaning it up.

When she was done with the sucking she made me sit down again and mounted me, impaling herself on my dick.in one swift motion I was balls deep in her pussy, she was thrusting her hips back and forth. Our lips were locked in deep kiss.


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