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Mom is surprised by Petey's unplanned visit.

She then extended her arms to the side and twirled around, exposing her magnificent tits to the audience. She swayed back and forth and her "twins" bounced and swayed like they had minds of their own. The crowd went wild and kept screaming for "more."

Debra felt like all her inhibitions had left her body and her crotch was damp, as she felt herself reaching for the waistband of her panties. She hooked her thumbs under the lace; pulled her panties down over her hips; and let them drift to the floor. The suburban housewife was now completely nude (except for the red heels) in front of a roomful of men; and she was magnificently beautiful.

The cheering was so loud, Debra actually curtsied before twirling around the pole and strutting back and forth across the stage. She was uncontrollably horny as she started to fondle her own breasts. All her inhibitions and basically all her free-will had been taken away by the scotch , as she pinched her own gum-drop sized nipples. She stood, legs apart, on stage as she reached her right hand down between her legs; cupped her pussy mound; and ran her middle finger all the way up the entire length of her slit.

Debra thought to herself, "oh my God I am so fucking horny...I need something, anything, inside me now."

John had crossed the stage and was spreading a blanket beside Debra. He whispered something in her ear as he helped her sit down on the blanket; and then spread out a rolled-up towel he had brought with him. Inside the towel was a bottle of lube and a clear, double-headed dildo about 18 inches long. He squirted lube on the length of the dong and left the stage.

The blanket was fleece and Debra couldn't believe how soft and plush it felt against her bare ass. She now felt disoriented and was able to focus on only one thing at a time. To Debra, the audience did not even exist, and the only thing that presently mattered was the fire between her legs. She sat facing the audience; spread her legs wide; raised and bent her knees; reached down with both hands and hooked her fingers inside her cunt lips. She then proceeded to spread her cunt open as wide as she could get it, until her hole was completely open. It was like she was trying to look inside of it. Everyone in the audience could see pink and were cheering wildly.

This included Garvin, who had started a video camera at the side of the stage . A few months ago he would have never condoned this show, but then Debra had found out the lodge members only wanted her around so they could ogle her "caboose." She had been livid; scolded them like little children; and had since acted superior...this was their revenge. The video would serve two purposes: one was that Garvin had always wanted to see Debra naked and he would be able to relive this moment forever; and provide him with extortion material in case she changed her mind after the show and tried to say she was forced .

Onstage, Debra had caught sight of the dildo and knew just what to do with it. She let her pussy close up and grasped the artificial cock in both hands. It was already slick, but she knew she didn't need that because her own juices were leaking out of her cunt and soaking the blanket. Her cunt felt like it was burning and she needed relief, so; in one motion, she positioned the head of the dildo at the entrance to her slit and, with both hands, jammed it as deep inside her pussy as it would go until it hit her cervix. She threw her head back, screamed , and started convulsing...cum pouring out around the dildo and streaming down her ass cheeks. She released the plastic cock and started to pinch her nipples.

It was quite a sight: an absolutely gorgeous, completely naked woman, with 5 inches of a clear dildo sticking out of her totally bald pussy; fondling her massive and marvelous breasts, writhing around on stage completely oblivious to her surroundings.

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