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Emma recovers from surgery and gets a new sister.

Jordan took this as an easy move to pin her once more. Soon she was under him, breathing hard, as Jordan leaned in close and whispered, "no, I win." Trixi just looked at Jordan's eyes, and the heat that was held there. She licked her lips and struggled to find something to say.

"Uh, yeah. You, um... is it hot... in, um..." She trailed off as Jordan leaned in.

"Yeah, it is." He answered as he kissed her. Trixi moved her arms around to his neck as he thrust his tongue into her mouth, making her moan. Hands were everywhere, above and under clothing.

"We, um, shouldn't..." Trixi started as Jordan broke the kiss.

"More like you shouldn't have rubbed me in the car, or grinded on me..." Jordan hoarsely told her as he went in for another kiss. Probing with his tongue and roughly pawing at her breasts over her shirt. Trixi pulled back, not liking being blamed for him mauling her, which she was fully enjoying.

"Like this?" She asked innocently as she reached between them to rub his hard cock through his jeans. Jordan, unable to find a good answer, shoved up her shirt and pulled her bra down, spilling her tits out into his view. His mouth found her right nipple and he sucked greedily. Trixi ran her hands through his hair, her eyes closing. She clawed at his shirt, straining to get him to stop with his lovely tongue long enough for her to get his shirt off. He finally got the hint. Jordan's arm somehow got caught, which gave Trixi a good idea for how to pass the time for the three extra second she got. She quickly unbuttoned his jeans, pulling the zipper down and shoved his pants to his mid thigh. Not the most comfortable of arrangements, but it was good enough for her to pop his dick out of his underwear and slide it into her mouth. Jordan let out a groan and fell forward as he finally shed his shirt.

"Shit, Trixi! Oooooh. God." Jordan muttered. He carefully moved off of Trixi and laid on his back. "I'm not sure-"

"I am." She interrupted as she rolled over and reinserted him into her warm mouth. Instinctively, his hands went to her head, pulling on her hair, slightly, just how she liked. Now it was her turn to moan. After he gave her time to work him into a frenzy by letting him slide in and out, tonguing his head and sucking on it while she played with his balls and shaft, it was time to step it up. He pulled her up on him, kissing her hard. Without warning, her rolled her to the side of him, kicking off his pants. Trixi laid there panting, trying to catch her breath. His hands found her jeans, stripping her of them with little effort. Suddenly shy, she covered her bra and undies with her hands.

"I don't think so." Jordan said, grabbing her wrists and pulling them away. He soaked in her skivvy clad body. One of them was grossly overdressed. Laying on her, he hugged and kissed until she melted into his arms. He then rolled over so she would be on top. Trixi leaned back, putting her arms behind her. Jordan arched an eyebrow and cocked his head slightly to the side as Trixi bit her lip and undid her bra. Slowly, her naked chest came into view. Quickly, she bent down, letting her nipples graze his chest and she nibbled on his lower lip. As she grounded into him, his penis rubbed her through her panties. Jordan reached between them, shoved her panties aside, and thrust a finger into her drenched cunt.

Pressing her eyes closed, she whimpered and began to ride his finger. Instead of adding another, he stopped altogether. Trixi's eyes flew open. The look on Jordan's face could not be mistaken.

"Condom?" Trixi whispered the single question.

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