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It's not a coincidence that you never felt a connection with any of them, and yet you have with me. From the moment you were born esme your destiny was with me, your destiny was chosen before you were born. I have waited so so long just to be able to look at you."

Esme felt the colour draining from her cheeks again. Deep down she knew that wouldn't be the last she saw of him. She couldn't even play with the idea that he may have been telling the truth, it was just craziness.

Clara suddenly sighed making esme jump.

"Aslong as your happy mee mee, you deserve that. And if being single is what you feel is best then stay as you are, but I'm not going to lie i worry about you. Look how jumpy and pale you are today. Are you sleeping alright?"

Esme nodded over enthusiastically and took another gulp of her drink, trying to mask her fear.

"Yeah I'm good, I'm fine i just feel a bit queasy, probably just a stomach bug or something will be fine."

Clara stared at esme for a few seconds before nodding sympathetically. She knew fully that esme wasn't as ok as she tried to make out (which she was always terrible at) but she couldn't force anything out of her. Esme could be such a closed book sometimes, and forcing a subject did more harm than good, clara knew her well enough to know that and didn't ask any more questions. Esme glanced up at the clock and realised she had to go.

"Oh jeez clara i've got to run, can we finish this catch up later on in the week? I have a meeting with an estate agent."

Clara looked up at esme in alarm as she stood up.

"Estate agent? Esme what's going on? Why haven't you told me your moving?"

It suddenly occurred to esme that she indeed hadn't mentioned it to clara. She hadn't thought things through herself properly, she was doing everything at 100 miles an hour. She emailed the estate agent last night after getting home. It was a spur of the moment decision but she didn't feel safe in this area of London anymore. She wanted to get as far away as possible. From him. She hadn't meant to just blurt it out, she had planned to tell clara after she had sold up, to avoid all the - "should you be doing this?" and the - "why are you doing this? Its too quick. What's brought this on?" remarks.

"Im sorry clara, i was going to tell you. I decided last night that i want to downsize, that's all nothing to cause drama over."

Clara glared at esme in confusion and disbelief.

"Esme. You grew up in that house. Its the one main thing your parents left you. I don't understand, why would you want to move, to leave behind all your memories, to leave behind somewhere you feel the closest to your parents in? What's happened, i know something isn't right esme, tell me!"

Clara grabbed esme's arm and looked at her with desperation. Esme hated seeing the worry in her best friends eyes, and she hated being the cause for her worry, but she couldn't bring herself to talk about what had happened. She wanted to completely forget it and move on. She wanted to forget that she had ever laid eyes on Alistair Beaford. She placed her hand gently over clara's.

"I promise we will talk clara but right now i really have to go. Please stop worrying about me and stop thinking the worst. I have my reasons ok, and trust that i know what I'm doing. I'm a big girl." Esme smiled warmly. Clara loosened her grip but the concern didn't leave her doe like brown eyes.

"Just promise you'll call me mee mee."

Esme nodded, gave her word she would and embraced clara in a firm cuddle before leaving.

She met the estate agent at the house and apologised sincerely for being late, she was surprised he'd even waited for her. She showed him round and he took photos of each room.

"Well that's everything we can do today miss Dalton i will get these photos straight on the website when I'm back in the office. Out of interest why are you selling? Its a beautiful cottage, nice area too."

Esme nodded and tried to dismiss the sinking realisation of what she was leaving behind.

"I guess i just fancy a change, i've lived here all my li

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