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Love-starved wife meets a lover by chance.

I opened my mouth wider and felt his hot cum hit me. I licked my lips and leaned forward trying to get him in my mouth. My tongue flicked across his head and I lunged down on his cock. It tasted mostly of lube. I could here some gasps from the men in the room as I showed my eagerness.


The man pulled away and immediately another cock pushed at my mouth. I was horny. I started sucking for all I was worth. This was the second of ten and I was in fine form.

I was a slut. I loved being used. I loved the fact that this was all on camera and that there were lots of guys in the room watching me do this. I knew no one would recognize me because of the leather hood. It liberated me, let me be the slut I wanted to be. I felt great.

My jaw was just getting sore when the man in charge told the guy fucking my face to bury himself in my pussy. I was ready and I dropped my face to the floor and waved my ass for him.

He buried himself easily and I felt an orgasm building. I couldn't move much because the guy was riding my hard with his hands on my hips, but I tried to push back into him. I felt a thumb push at my ass and I moaned as it slid in.

"Switch." called the man in charge.

The guy pulled out and, without missing a beat, pushed into my ass. It hurt just enough that it killed my building orgasm. I was a little frustrated and still horny as hell.

The guy kept pounding my ass. He was excited. I could feel his balls slap into my pussy. I wanted to reach between my legs and play with my clit, but I needed both hands to balance myself from this hard fucking. My clit was pulsing. I could feel the cool air on it as the guy pounded in and out of me. I could still taste the last guy's come, and the lube from my ass. I really wanted to cum. I really needed to cum.

And then, I started cumming. The guy kept pounding my ass and my pussy contracted, sending a gush of juices splatting on the floor. I moaned. I grunted. I came like an animal. I came like a slut.

It was too much for the guy fucking me. He rushed around and blasted his load all over my face. I felt great as I licked his softening cock, sucking everything from it.

"Enough whore, enough. It's time to switch."

I can't believe the man in charge had to tell me to stop. I was getting into this. I pulled back, licked my lips and opened my mouth. "Give it to me" I said.

The third guy walked straight into me. He just walked his cock right into my waiting mouth. My tongue stretched out to meet him and guide him to my throat. His Pelvis flattened my nose through the hood and his hands hit my chin.

I could tell he was impressed with how deep he got into my mouth on the first try. But it wasn't the first try for me. He moved his hands to the back of my head and pushed in even deeper. I didn't move. I just held my mouth open and pushed my tongue out and let him fuck my face. I thought he was going to come right then and there. I was so turned on.

I got an idea. I thought it would be fun to try and get the guy fucking my face to come early. I started moaning and with one hand ran my fingernails lightly from his calf up to his thigh. Then I let them dance around his balls. I felt them tighten and he pumped my face harder and faster. I leaned into his thrusts and moaned again. I reached back with a finger and pushed against his anus. The guy fucking my face grunted and I cupped his ass and pulled him into my face.

I felt his butt tighten. I slipped my finger partway inside him. He moaned and started bucking into my face like a madman. I could tasted him. He was going to come. I pushed my finger further up his ass, and that did it.

He grunted like an animal and came. Spurt after spurt filled my throat. My finger went further up his ass and I was really pulling him hard into me. I was moaning. I could feel my boobs bouncing and I could feel the cool air on my pussy.

I don't know why I did it, but it made me feel good to take control like that, to show the man in charge just how much I wanted the come in my mouth.

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