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Sister takes advantage of drunk twin brother.

"Mistress! Please," she yelped. Thinking it was in the wrong place, she tried to warn her mistress. Geraldine felt it pressing between her cheeks, at her bottom. Geraldine couldn't help a spluttered yelp of anguish.

"Mistress, please, not there!" she cried out.

"Shush, pet, try to relax, and it will be so much easier," Miranda warned.

Miranda ringed her asshole with a finger, rubbing grease into the woman, finger deep. The sensitive asshole flexed, clenching and unclenching.

Not wanting to, she nevertheless tried to open up, knowing it would happen anyway. She felt her small virgin opening being invaded. It was a curious feeling. It rubbed her vagina wall on the wrong side. Somehow it did feel slightly erotic. An image flashed through her mind, of the rough young gardener, taking her. Despite quickly repressing it, the thought helped a little.

"That wasn't too bad was it, pet," Miranda warmly told her, while slapping her bottom playfully. She liked the way the woman yelped every time the butt plug was jiggled around, and noticed that her breathing was quickening, progressing to little gasps.

A small metal tube was pulled from the bag and pushed into the rubber butt plug. Geraldine heard a hiss of air and realised the thing inside was expanding.

"Don't panic! Stop squirming around," Miranda warned her. "It's getting bigger, to hold it in place," Miranda explained. The can was quickly empty and silent, so the woman stopped trying to force it out. It was useless trying now it was inflated; it was in place until someone pushed on the release valve.

Miranda pulled the can away from the butt plug and dropped it into the bag. Another devious device was fished out. This too fitted into the butt plug.

"Crawl around, pet. Still got mistresses panties? Good! Come on get a move on, small steps, till you get used to it. That's it, now back here," Miranda encouraged her. "Try crawling around the room, good pet," Miranda said, as though she were training a puppy.

"Stay there. Look over your shoulder, at your ass," Miranda told her.

Geraldine did so, in trepidation of what she might find. She immediately closed her eyes, screwing them tightly shut, rather than burst into tears. A large fluffy tail protruded up from her bottom. In the mirror she could see it was attached to the horrid butt plug. It was no wonder the damn butt plug shifted around inside with every movement. It wriggled around inside her ass, with every crawling step, in time with the wagging tail.

The damnable girl had caught her out yet again!

"The tail can be detached with this tool then the valve can be pressed, to let out the air. That's the only way it can be removed. Clever little thing isn't it!" Miranda giggled.

"Come over here and thank your mistress for your new gift," Miranda said. She watched the pet crawl toward her, the tail swishing back and forth, with every movement of her buttocks. She could imagine what it was doing inside her ass. Her smelly panties had been forgotten, as they too swung from her gritted teeth, in an opposite gyration to the tail.

Miranda clapped her hands with glee, laughing out loud. This was all going with such an easy swing, way beyond her expectations. The once proud woman stopped before her, right between her legs, with head down, eradiating despondency.

"What do you say?" she asked.

"Thank you mistress, for my gift," Geraldine whispered.

With the panties held in her teeth, she had a delightful lisp. "You can do better than that, pet. Speak up, and it's a tail you are thanking me for," she admonished the woman.

"Thank you mistress, for the tail, your pet," she faltered. "Your pet is grateful, for her lovely new tail," Geraldine managed to croak, holding back tears threatening to spill from a pair of sad eyes.

"That's better! Your mistress knew pet could do it, if she tried. Now let's get these on you," she said, revealing the pads worn in the sex shop.

Lifting each knee then her hands in turn, Geraldine was soon padded with paws.

"That wi

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