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she meets Him for the first time.

" Amanda stated. Liz then tied the bottom of the shirt in a knot, exposing my stomach, which in my current state, couldn't be judged as a man's stomach.

I was led to a mirror and got a look at myself, the blouse dress shirt looked like one for a catholic school girl, the knot exposing my stomach added the sluttiness appeal to it. The skirt was so short that a gust of wind would expose my panties or if I bended even slightly. Liz told me to twirl around. I did and my skirt flew up and my panties were fully visible. All the girls whistled in approval. I then put on some socks and crammed my feet into a pair of Britney's white running shoes, she had large feet for a girl, but it still took a lot of cramming to get my feet in them. My toes were curled painfully. It hurt. I was then given a wig of straight, shoulder length blonde hair that was put on my head. "Should we give him some make-up?" asked Liz.

"Let's give him some bright red lipstick." Said Britney "It will accentuate that cheap hooker look he has going." Liz quickly applied a bunch of the lipstick on my lips. I was then led to the mirror one last time. I hate to admit it, but I looked like a women. The only thing that looked remotely male were my facial features, but there was no way anyone could tell that I was actually a man just by looking at me. My legs, while large and with some definition probably weren't any bigger than a female soccer player or skier. The hairless look really makes them feminine. The short skirt and midriff-exposing blouse make me look like a cheap slut. And if that wasn't enough, the bright red lipstick attracts even more attention to me.

"Look at the cheap slut. How do you feel slave?" asked Liz

"Mortified, Mistress Liz" I responded.

"Do you feel like a cheap slut?" Liz asked.

"Yes, Mistress Liz." I answered.

"Say it slave!" Amanda shouted.

"I am a cheap slut" I said timidly.


"I am a cheap slut!" I said loudly.


"I AM A CHEAP SLUT!" I yelled.

"Good, as you can tell you look like a girl unfortunately I don't know if you can sound like a girl so I am going to send Liz with you." said Amanda.

"Where Mistress Amanda?" I asked.

"Oh, did I forget to mention, you two are going to pick us up some lunch. Walk down to the deli and get us some sandwiches. Liz knows what we like."

"Come on slave, follow me. I'll let you know your responsibilities on the way." Said Liz. I followed her to the front door. I was praying I didn't run into anyone I knew, if they saw me and recognized me my life would be over. The deli, if it was the one I was thinking about, was about a 15-minute walk. "Ok slave, here is the deal, try not to speak to anyone if possible. If you have to just try to make a female sounding voice. If you find it necessary to address me when I am in a conversation with someone else who is unaware of your position you make speak to me as if you were my friend. Otherwise you will address me as Mistress. Understand?"

"Yes Mistress Liz.

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