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Anna Kendrick's backstage at a Paramore concert

I stopped and stood in front of him. Was this the time to tell him I wanted it to end? He was pulling me close. His hands were on the backside of my jeans. His lips against mine, his tongue pushing between them, filling my mouth.

What was I doing here? His hands were roaming over my back, pulling my blouse from the waistband of my jeans. I pushed him away.

"No." I said.

"What's wrong?" He asked, looking into my eyes.

"It's." I started.

"Come with me." He took my hand and led me into the bedroom.

"I'm sorry." He continued his fingers at the buttons of my blouse. Unfastening them one by one. "I don't pay you enough attention. You must think I only want you for the sex. You know that isn't true."

It was as if he had read my mind. The last few occasions we had been together had been short. In one case I had worn the skirt he always insisted I should wear when we met and all he had done was pull my knickers to one side to penetrate me. Thinking about it that had happened more than once.

When he had come to stay in Gloucester two weeks before I had expected him to book a double room in the hotel for us to share but he had insisted that I only visit him in his. In case people he knew in business should see him, he'd said. It wasn't that. I knew it. He was worried about being seen sharing a bed with a girl thirty years younger than him.

His fingers were fumbling with the button on my jeans. It was undone. I felt the zipper move down, tickling my pubic mound. I pulled my arms from the sleeves of my jeans and unhooked my bra before laying them flat on the dressing table. If I left it to him they would end up screwed up in a ball on the floor.

My jeans were too tight to fall to the ground so I pushed them down, over my hips with my knickers and stepped out of them. I straightened up, naked in front of him. His eyes roamed over my body, then his hands.

First my breasts. He liked them. They must be much firmer than his wife's are. Next he felt my belly. That was flat and firm. Jenny's stuck out a little while Carol and Lynda were all together bigger girls all round. I didn't like my hips, they stuck out like a cow's did but I knew my ass was good. Bigger and higher then Jenny's ass, smaller than Lynda and Carole's asses. David couldn't get enough of it. His hands were on it again now. I had always insisted to myself that I would never let a man even touch me there let alone have me but here I was longing for the feel of his finger against my anus. I gasped out loud as it touched it.

"You like that?" He asked, breathing into my ear.

He had that fresh, straight from the shower smell. He wore a subtle, expensive deodorant. I held him close, feeling the flannel of his bathrobe against my skin. I threw back my head so that he could kiss my throat as his fingers probed between my ass cheeks.

In the back of my brain somebody was telling me to end it. That he was too old for me. That he was just using me for sex. Sex. Yes he was and it was what I wanted. At that moment anyway.

He was pulling away. Guiding me to the bed. Lying me down. He was standing above me. Looking down at my body. Dropping his bathrobe to the floor. His prick was fully up. The veins were standing proud. Not overly long but it was thick. It stretched me and filled me.

He was moving onto the bed, between my legs. I could feel his breath on the inside of my thighs. I bent my knees, opening myself to him. Feeling the lips of my fanny pulling apart. Felling his warm breath then his wet tongue against them.

I ran my fingers through his hair as his tongue pushed inside me. I pulled against the back of his head as I felt the pressure build inside. Felt my clit throbbing demanding his attention. I lifted my hips from the bed and pushed myself towards him.

I let go a shriek of pleasure as his tongue touched my clit. I was coming so quickly. I never came like this with younger men.

His finger was insi

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