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Beautiful Succubus finds his home in the country.

The complaint of a young female student would always carry more weight than that of a male faculty member, particularly if he was honest about having gotten an erection. "Yes, yes, I do see that but, really, Emily, you really shouldn't be doing this."

"Is he getting all hard and everything, Mr. Gould, looking at my panties?"

There was no way he was going to answer that. Actually, there was one way to answer, without having to say anything. He realized that the best way, perhaps the safest way, to get out of this situation was to do what she wanted. When you're being threatened it's sometimes best not to fight. Just let her have what she wants and end this affair before it got out of hand. He uncrossed his legs and pulled away his hands, resting them on the arms of the chair, displaying to her, for her, a very obvious, prominent protrusion within his slacks.

"Oh, Mr. Gould, he is excited, isn't he!"

He didn't know how long she wanted to look at him, but he had to admit that a very significant part of him was enjoying this, enjoying the fact that this very pretty young lady, younger than his own daughter, holding up her plaid skirt to show him her pink camel toe, was herself enjoying the sight of the erection within his slacks. He hadn't experienced anything like this for quite some time, perhaps nothing since he was in fact younger than Emily.

Emily let go of her skirt. Mr. Gould felt both relieved and disappointed. "Excellent, well, let's now call this a day, and we will speak no more of it."

But, Emily then bent forward, her lovely, flushed face moving toward his erection. He couldn't help but think that she might be actually leaning down to kiss him, to kiss him there. He quickly covered himself up again, protecting his penis from this very naughty girl.

Emily kept her eyes fixed on his confused, nervous, excited eyes; her eyes expressing a yearning desire, a lust, for his cock. She softly, slowly ran her tongue along her lips.

And, while she was doing so, while his eyes were firmly fixed on hers, she reached back under her skirt, grasped the hem of her panties, and pulled them down past her bottom cheeks, down to her thighs, albeit still under her skirt. She then stood back up.

Mr. Gould breathed a sigh of relief, realizing that she had only been just teasing him into thinking that she was actually going to kiss him, down there. However, with the relief also came a brief moment of disappointment. His ex-wife would never do that for him, had never done that for him. She considered it disgusting. Imagine having it done now by a pretty girl, one who was less than half his age! But, that was rather unrealistic. It was a nice fantasy, but just a fantasy. When he thought about it, Emily was perhaps demonstrating more control than him, as he probably would have let her go through with it. He misunderstood why she bent over like that and he hadn't tried to stop her. He was perhaps the one with the wicked, perverse fantasies. Thank goodness this girl was demonstrating the good judgment that he apparently had lost, at least for a moment.

Emily again reached down for the hem of her skirt, and once again pulled it up, this time revealing that her panties were now bunched up around her thighs and, more importantly, revealing to the professor's eyes the most deliciously sweet cunnie he had ever seen. "Oh my gosh," he quietly exclaimed, unable to restrain from acknowledging the pure delight of the vision. Emily had the most winsome cunnie one could imagine. It was a preciously pretty pussy, just a tiny little white pouch split by a tender, enchanting slit of pure delight, covered by only the most gossamer down of wispy peach fuzz. His cock was yearning, straining to escape his slacks to attack this rapturous crevice.

His eyes again went to the classroom door, but only for the most briefest of moments. His eyes really, really didn't want to look away from the treat that displayed herself before them.

"Do you think it's pretty, Mr. Gould?"

He responded quietly, but very honestly.

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