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Witches battle evil the lust they feel.

I ran my hands up along her sensual legs. She was definitely all woman no matter her size and I felt privileged to be in her presence. I kissed my way along each of her legs up to the sides of her mound.

'How do you want me?' I asked her in a deep husky voice with a soft southern hint of an accent.

'I'm going to take you how ever I want." she places her hands on both sides of my face. Looking deeply into my eyes.

'God, you are so beautiful. I never could quit thinking how beautiful you are. Your eyes, damn, I could get lost in them. Your lips, my God, you do not know how long I have wanted to feel them around my nipples. Hell, feel them any where and every where on me.'

'Nothing stopping you, excepting your own mouth right now Darling.' I still sounded teasingly sweet and innocent while my eyes betrayed me and she could see the freak in me wanting to get out.

Her hands move slowly through my long reddish blonde hair, gripping it tightly. She moves my head toward her mound. I turn my head from side to side. I love feeling the pull and enjoying the feel of her hands in my hair.

Licking my lips while I place my hands on her hips. I pull her to my waiting mouth as well. Opening my lips slowly, I kiss the outer lips of her sex with my full lips kissing and letting my tongue quickly dart between her lower lips. Her body quivers at the touch of my tongue darting as quickly as it did.

I watch as I am wetting my lips to make sure they will slide smoothly around her bare lips. Licking them again to make sure they are very moist. I gently pull apart her lips with my hands. Her

Her clit is exposed to me. Already in a swollen state just waiting for my mouth to finish her off. I take her clit gently between my lips while showing her exactly how I can use my mouth.

She makes a grunting noise as her body responds with soft, sweet convulsions, 'Damn, I knew you were going to be good, but I did not know just how damn good till now!'

I smile at her with her clit caught between my teeth gently. Starting to go faster I twist my mouth and tongue around the inside of her folds.

'MMMMMMMMM, Damn, Baby!' She guides my head faster as her slit begins to throb harder against my tongue. I slowly position my fingers against her sex, not inserting a finger. She can feel my warm and moist tongue rolling and twirling faster around her clit.

She pulls my head away with one hand full of my long hair. It is her turn to smile at me, 'Not just yet, you little minx. What else are you going to let me do to you?' She asks me in a deep sexy lust filled kind of voice. I run my tongue over my lips smiling up at her. I roll over onto my back and ease up on my elbows.

'Well, I am here. I told you that you could do anything you wanted to me for the past couple of months. Now cum get me.' I open my legs wide with my knees bent. I place my right hand between my thighs and with my middle finger I start going in circles around my clit. '

'MMMMMMmmm, Holy Shit,' Is all that she can manage to say while watching me place two fingers inside me.

'Come on, Girl, show me what you got and how you can use it. Make me scream. Make me beg. If you can, that is.' I say to her while licking my lips with a sly crooked smile on my lips. Then tasting my fingers as I make a moaning sound. I suck my juices from my fingers.

'Oh, I got your girl and she's going to make you beg and scream,' She says as she crawls across the bed to me. With her on top of me, I wrap my legs around her waist, 'I'm going to fuck all your holes.'

'Bring it on, show me, don't tell me!" With her lips against mine our tongues wrestle with one another. She roughly rams her middle and ring finer deep into my warm moist pussy. It responds by gripping her fingers tightly. I moan deeply against her rough kisses. I start to move against her hand. She grips my bottom lip with her teeth. I stop moving and look into her eyes. '

'Don't move so damn fast,' she warns me.

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