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Dealing with the aftermath of his wife's death.

" Helga swatted Eve's backside with a rolled up magazine as the other dommes carried her away.

"Mistress Helga," said a young domme who had just entered the room. "Mistress Kathy wants you in the big suite right away."

Mistress Kathy's here too?

"Godammit, what does that woman want now?" cursed Helga. She threw the magazine on the floor in disgust.

"The client is here early," explained the domme. "Mistress Kathy is already in the showroom negotiating."


"She can manage a client on her own. Doesn't she know that I have grooming to do?"

Adam glanced at the discarded magazine on the floor and saw that it wasn't a magazine at all. The glossy cover had assorted pictures of frightened slaves on it. Above the pictures was the title Mistress Kathy's Updated Slave Catalog.

Holy shit!

The young domme exchanged a hopeful glance with her partner. "We can groom the slave for you," she suggested, "in our room."

"No," said Helga flatly. "I am not leaving the two of you alone with him. You may groom him in the shower adjoining the showroom where I can keep an eye on you. Now help me get him upright. He can't be groomed while in a fetal position."

The dommes detached the chains binding him to the cart and rolled him roughly onto the floor. They removed his shoes, then unfastened the chain that joined his collar to his knees so he could finally stand up. Adam hoped they would untie his legs or remove his gag next, but instead they wheeled an upright dolly to him.

"We need to get that straitjacket off," said Helga. Adam hoped this would be an opportunity to resist his captors, but the dommes had worked out a strategy of removing one arm from the straitjacket and cuffing it to the dolly before releasing the other arm. He made a brief attempt to resist when his right arm was free, but the pair of dommes quickly grabbed it and secured it to the dolly before he could make use of the moment. Adam protested loudly through his gag.

"I wonder what he's trying to say," said one of the dommes.

"He wants his gag out," said the other. "Who wouldn't?"

The dommes completed their task, chaining his ankles, knees and collar to the upright dolly.

"Just one more thing," said Helga brandishing the scissors. She used them to cut through the elastic in his pants and underwear. The young dommes then took delight in tearing the garments away from him, leaving him naked and defenseless.

"My, how you've grown!" teased Helga. She stroked him just enough to provoke the reaction she wanted. The other two dommes giggled shamelessly. "Adam's waiting, girls. Let's take him to the big room."

The dommes turned his dolly around and pointed him at the door. As they did so, Adam glimpsed the stenciled label on the second empty crate. It said CHANDELIER.

With Helga in the lead, Adam was wheeled naked to the suite at the end of the hall. Helga entered while the dommes waited in the corridor with Adam.

"There she is," he heard Mistress Kathy say. "Ingrid, this is Mistress Helga. Helga, this is Ingrid, the Countess's attach__. The Countess could not be here herself, but she's joined us by internet."

"Hello, Mistress Helga," announced a strangely accented voice through some kind of speaker phone. "I am watching with great interest! Mistress Kathy was about to overcharge me again."

Kathy and Helga laughed politely at an apparently an old joke.

After several minutes, Helga was engaged in conversation with the client. The pair of dommes in the corridor decided they had waited long enough and wheeled Adam stealthily through the door of the suite and toward the bathroom.

Adam caught an eyeful in the seconds it took to get from the door to the bathroom, but it was hard to believe what he saw. The suite was indeed a showroom-crowded with fifteen or more naked women, all of whom were tethered in some way to the wall, the ceiling, the floor, or each other.

Adam had only a second to gather in this scene before being whisked away into the bathroom.

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