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Lovers caught by a sudden storm, set as a classical music.

It isn't to interfere with your work though. I need you to maintain your current position with the firm. Furthermore, you may say no only if saying yes will jeopardize your position."

"Thank you master," She was relieved.

John picked up his phone and pressed a button, waiting a moment before the familiar voice on the other end answered. "Hey boss. What can I do for you?"

"Chance, are you busy this evening? I have an assignment I think you are going to like."

John forwarded Chance Dinah's address and hung up. "You'll be having company about nine tonight. You're not busy are you?"

She shook her head slightly from side to side. She was still holding her panties in her hand when the waitress arrived with their order. The waitress looked at Dinah as she set the food down, then asked if there was anything else they needed. Hearing that there wasn't, she left, but not before looking back at Dinah with a look of pity.

John accepted her moist undergarment, and he stuffed it into his coat pocket. "You won't be needing these, in fact, I don't think I want you to wear panties or g-strings of any sort until further notice. I want you ready in the event that I should ever be in the mood to see that cunt of yours."

"Yes master," she replied. It seemed to make her pleased that her master might fuck her after all, someday.

John nibbled on a couple of fries that looked appealing, and grabbing the briefcase, he stood. "Be sure to tip the waitress generously."


She nervously rang the doorbell and waited. She couldn't believe what she was feeling and with whom she was smitten, it was like a dream.

"Hey sweetie, come on in."

The nervous teen entered the home and was quickly introduced to the family, who seemed normal enough. They were winding down from their day; the television was on, mom was in the kitchen and dad was in his office.

"Let's go up to my room," she told her girlfriend. Bounding up the stairs they raced down the hall and into her bedroom before closing the door. Before the door was completely shut, they were in a passionate lip lock while their hands roamed over each other's bodies and under their clothes. Soon they were on the bed, their clothes discarded on the floor. They seemed to be repeating their earlier play as they quickly moved into a sixty-nine, their heads between each other's legs. They were so involved in what they were doing that neither heard the door open and her mother enter the room.

"Hello you two, I didn't think that you'd be this far along. You couldn't wait for me?"

The girl popped her head up from her friend's pussy as she watched her new friend's mother remove her dress. She noticed that the woman was completely naked underneath. She was becoming nervous but her friend didn't seem too concerned. In fact she hadn't stopped eating her pussy and she was getting near to coming. She looked at the older woman as she crawled onto the bed and they kissed. Her own hands seemed to have a mind of their own and reached out and began fondling the C cup breasts being offered to her. She was delighted and after a few moments she found herself enjoying the touch of the older woman as she and her daughter focused their attention on her.

It was just as she was coming that she realized that someone else had entered the room. When she looked up she saw a large hard cock inches from her mouth. Looking up, she recognized the owner as her friend's older brother. She was a committed lesbian and had no interest in cock, but she opened her mouth and sucked her first cock in years. She seemed to know just what to do and could see that it was having quite the effect on the boy as he quickly spurted his juices into her mouth.

She wanted to gag, she hated this stuff. But instead, she made a show of displaying how much cum she had gotten and exchanged it with her friend's mother. Her friend was still working on her pussy and she soon found herself coming again.

Before she had completely come down from her high, she felt something warm and hard being inserted into her tight pussy.

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