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It's his turn to experience summer pleasures.

I was on the talk line again and there was this guy that swore that he gave massages without wanting anything in return. It had been a very busy time for me and my stress level was quite high. I needed some relief. Also my boyfriend and I were having troubles, so I decided to see if I could get that free massage.

The guys name was Todd. I was pleasantly pleased by the fact that he was on time. He was also gorgeous. He definitely took care of himself. He was about 32 and had smiling eyes, great teeth and a really nice face. I went into the bathroom and took off my clothes while he set up his table. When I came out of the bathroom, I was naked except for a towel. Todd looked me over and then told me to lay face down on the table. As I did so, Todd told me that he had heard me on the talk line and wanted to see if I could grant him his fantasy. I was kind of wondering what he would want, when he sensed my nervousness and said, "Don't worry, it is nothing too out of the way."

So I said, "Ok, so tell me about this fantasy of yours."

As Todd was massaging my back he told me about the fact that he loved making a woman relax and feel really good. He would do anything to bring a smile on a woman's face. Also, he just liked the smell and feel of women. So again I asked him what he would like. He told me that he wanted me to just lie there and do nothing, but to let him do whatever he would like to do. I looked up at him, and he just said, "Trust Me". So I relaxed and let him do what he wanted. I felt that I was in a win- win situation.

Todd had beautiful hands. The fingers were like pianists, long and thin and graceful. They were, along with the hand, very strong. After a few minutes, I was on my way to relaxation. It was wonderful.

Todd worked on my back for a few moments, then when I was nice and relaxed and not so nervous, he lowered the towel from around my waist. He started kneading my butt cheeks and then starting from the bottom of my cheek, he would press and move his hands upwards on my back. That was wonderful. A few minutes of that and then he moved over to the other side. I was now somewhere in a dream fugue. I was getting so relaxed. I never realized that massaging your butt could be so relaxing. After a few minutes of that, Todd moved to start on my legs. He first went to my feet and calves. He probably spent about 10 minutes massaging there. Then he moved up to my thighs.

I felt him remove the towel completely. I was exposed to this stranger that I had not even met before 30 min ago. For some reason that was a total turn on. I really enjoyed being completely naked to his probing eyes. I felt him put his hand on the inside of my left thigh and slowly spread my legs. He opened my legs as far as he could on that side then he did the same on the right. After he was done positioning me, I heard him take in a deep breath. After he exhaled he exclaimed, "My God, You are really beautiful. Your pussy is wonderful. It is so open and inviting."

I raised my butt up a little more so that he could get an even better view. I was getting so wet just thinking of being so exposed to his gaze. And I loved being complimented.

Todd put a little more cream on his hands and started massaging my butt again.

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