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Christmas Spirits arouse her.

I was beginning to wonder if Melissa was a cunt slut that loved to fuck women with her tongue. Well I knew she loved to do it but was it a compulsion to do it.

It had warmed up considerably after dinner and soon the girls began to lose their clothes. I went up and showered my work dirt and sweat from my body and resisted beating off, I wanted to save it for the real thing. I came back down in a pair of shorts and Beth came over to me before I sat down and unbuttoned the waistband letting them fall to the floor. She pushed me back on the chair and sat down on my lap in reverse cowgirl sliding my cock in her warm twat. She leaned back so I could play with her tits and she slowly ground her pussy on my groin so my cock scrubbed her insides. We could watch Shirley and her family as they took care of each other across the room.

Jane was on her back and Shirley was kissing her while Melissa was licking her cunt. I couldn't believe how dexterous her tongue was as she didn't miss a spot in her mother's gash. She would push her tongue into her hole and form the end into a cup drawing out a good amount of cunt cream. Shirley moved to lay down on top of Jane so their pussies were lined up and Mel would tongue fuck one and then the other. The women were cumming just like they were being fucked with a five inch cock.

Beth and I were just slowly fucking enjoying the sight of the fucking family when Melissa turned and looked at us. The look in her eye was a little scary as she crawled across the floor toward us. She sat in front of us and wagged her tongue at us, bent forward and forced her tongue into Beth next to my cock. The feeling was unbelievable as she twisted her tongue around my cock that was buried in my wife. It must have felt good to Beth also because she started to bounce on my lap. Mel withdrew her tongue and climbed in the chair with us. She stood on the cushion and her cunt was in the right position for Beth to lick her. Licking wasn't what she wanted and Beth latched on her two inch clit and sucked it until it grew another inch or so. Mel was going crazy as her clit was being tortured by my wife's mouth. Beth pushed a few fingers into her opening as she sucked and found her g-spot. Juices were splashing everywhere and Beth added two more fingers having all but her entire fist inside. I whispered to her to tuck her thumb into her palm and see if she could slide her fist into the wet wide open cunt. She tucked her thumb in and could almost slide it in on the first try and after a few strokes she slid in until the cunt lips closed around her wrist.

Melissa howled and bucked her cunt at Beth as she was fisted and sucked. I had to hold her arms as she leaned back so Beth could do what she wanted and they wouldn't crash to the floor. I could see her lips strain as Beth pushed and pulled her hand back and forth fucking her with the biggest fake cock she ever had. Beth let go of her clit and I think it was as big as my cock. I had to wonder if it grew longer because of all the stimulation or if it was naturally that long sometimes. I caught Shirley's eye and nodded for her to come to us and when she got there I told her to grab her phone and take a picture of Melissa's clit. I wanted proof to show her how much it had distended. I was having trouble holding on to her and I was afraid she would be hurt bad if I let go so I told Beth to slow down and let her come back to normal. Beth stopped sucking her clit and slid her hand out of her cunt letting her ride out her orgasm before I could let her go. She finally calmed down and we let her down so she could lie on the floor.

I picked her up and she was still shaking as I carried her into a bedroom to put her to bed. I covered her up and she calmed down falling asleep.

Going back to the living room I found the women looking at the picture Shirley had taken of her sister's clit.

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