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The initiation of young Clara at her party.

I nodded vaguely and glanced around me at the men in the store who all seemed to be angling for a good look back at me. All of the attention had my imagination running wild and I guess i seemed a bit flushed because the salesman grinned and asked if I wanted to try one out.

I was a bit surprised at that, and blushed even redder, but I took a deep breath and said "sure, why not?" and he raised an eyebrow, reappraising me, before handing me one of the smaller models and directing me to one of the movie rooms in the back. He even gave me a few quarters for the tv.

I settled down to watch the cheesy movie that flickered across the screen, and it wasn't long before I saw something out of the corner of my eye. There was a cock sticking through a glory hole in the wall, and it was dripping a bit of precum, already. I gathered up my courage and moved over to the wall, kneeling down a bit apprehensively before hesitantly taking the cock into my mouth.

As soon as it passed through my lips, I closed my eyes and sighed in satisfaction. This is what I wanted: to be on my knees sucking a nice hard cock down my throat. I moaned quietly and heard him moan in response and the cock started to move back and forth, fucking my eager young mouth. I licked the shaft all over as I sucked on him, wishing I could feel his hands on my head and see the expressions of ecstasy.

It wasn't long before the cock in my mouth swelled up and shot down my throat, giving me the cum I hadn't previously known I'd love so much. He slipped back through the wall and I was left alone with the movie still playing, but he had made me hornier than the porn ever could have. I stripped off my clothing and placed the dildo at the entrance to my tight little pussy, pushing hard to get it into me and feeling the incredible fullness for the first time. I loved being able to squeeze around something as the waves of pleasure passed through me. I moaned and gasped, whimpering out to God that it felt so fucking good while my body arched and spasmed.

I heard a whisper coming from the side of the room and whipped my head around, catching sight of an eye peering at me through another glory hole. Knowing I was being watched in my wantonness just got me even hotter, and soon I was cumming again, my eyes still locked on my watcher.

As I lay there, panting and recovering from my orgasm, the eye left and was replaced with a cock. I gathered up my energy and crawled across the floor to it, the dildo still stuck up my cunt. I brushed my now-tangled hair back from my face and took him in my mouth, swallowing him fast, sucking him with all of my power, getting his cock nice and wet with my hot little mouth. He whispered "oh sweet fuck" as I gave him everything I had, and soon he, too, was swelling up and dumping his load in my mouth. This time, I let it fill my mouth and dribble down my chin so that I could feel it on my skin.

I leaned my back against the wall and started working the dildo inside me again, using my fingers to scoop the dripping cum into my mouth. My eyes closed as the vibrations worked their magic on me, and I kept my fingers in my mouth, sucking on them gently and thinking of what I'd just done.

Someone cleared their throat right in front of me, and I looked up to see the store clerk smiling down at me.

"So, do you like that one, then?" he asked.

I bit my lip and replied, "Well, to be sure I think I want to compare it to the real thing," then I reached up and pulled down his zipper.

He looked a bit surprised at my offer, but he certainly wasn't complaining, and I got on my knees as he dropped his pants and boxers around his ankles. I looked up at him hungrily and licked around the lead, wiggling my tongue in the slit at the end and making him moan. His hands tangled in my hair as I trailed my tongue up and down the shaft, tracing the vein underneath and revelling in the taste of him.

I moved my head down a bit and licked his balls.

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