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Her juices flowed heavily, but Mike captured all of them, swallowing her nectar wishing for more. His tongue swirled onto and around her clit and she trembled with lust. He sucked her throbbing clit into his mouth to suckle it relentlessly as Patty moaned continuously. Mike released her clit and walked behind the bench. He rubbed his face all over her lovely asscheeks as he kissed and licked them too. Patty breathing was extremely labored as Mike's tongue passed through the cleft of her asscrack to pause on her tight little rosebud.

Patty cried out when he startled her by lightly licking her asshole. "Oh God, that's sooo good, Mike," she sighed as he redoubled his tonguing of her rosebud. She groaned lustfully as he licked her. His hands held her by her hips as he pleasured her. Slowly his hands began to lightly trail upwards on her body causing her to shiver with arousal. Finally he cupped her ample breasts in the palms of his hands to gently knead them. Patty moaned then gave a start as his thumbs found her hard nipples and he rubbed them. She was moaning constantly with her head laid back and her eyes closed when Mike's thumbs and forefingers closed gently on her nipples to roll and softly pull at them. "Ohhhhhhh, Mike," she whispered softly, "don't stop...don't stop...lick my pussy and clit some more, Mike."

Mike moved swiftly to her front and buried his face between her legs and his tongue in her pussy. He held her fast by her asscheeks as he decided to make her cum standing on the bench. Mike's tongue swirled around and over her clit several times then dipped back into her cunt to lick her treasure some more. He could feel her juices bathing his face, mouth and tongue as he plunged his tongue deeper into her sweet pussy. From the tone of her moans, Mike sensed that she was getting closer to orgasm and assaulted her pussy with renewed vigor. His eyes darted up to see her with her head back, eyes closed and her thumbs and forefingers rolling her own nipples. Groaning with lust and desire Patty began to quiver the she exploded in a gut wrenching orgasm, flooding Mike's face with her juices. He held her ass tightly as she spasmed in orgasm again.

Trembling, she released her nipples and grabbed Mike's shoulders to keep from falling. She shuddered through several after-cum tremors then stepped down from the bench to bend down to kiss Mike deeply. Patty recovered her composure and reached out to grab Mike's well developed and hard cock to pull him to the side of her king size bed. Sitting Mike on the bed she spread his thighs and eagerly covered his cockhead with her mouth, moaning as she sucked him. Patty released his cock and moved to lick and suck his nipples, nibbling them gently and driving him wild. She realized that his nipples were very sensitive and continued to stimulate them with her mouth and tongue. Mike's cock oozed large globs of thick clear pre-cum as Patty relentlessly licked his nipples. She paused and wiped the pre-cum with her finger, tasted it and deposited the rest on Mike' lips.

Nearly crazed with desire, Mike tried to get Patty to resume sucking his throbbing cock, but she demurred, preferring to tease him some more. Slowly, she drew her tongue to his navel and reamed it out then continued to his crotch. She licked his balls, sucking one testicle into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it several times. Releasing his testicle she quickly sucked the other one into her mouth and licked it hungrily. Patty took his other testicle and opened her mouth wide and with a little pushing managed to get both balls into her mouth. Mike moaned in pleasure as she bathed his balls with her tongue. Reveling with pleasure, Mike gave a start as her finger touched his asshole and rubbed it. Patty wiped his free flowing pre-cum with her finger and returned to his asshole. She lubed it with the pre-cum and slowly inserted her index finger into his asshole.

"Oh my God, Patty," Mike groaned as she moved her finger deep inside his a

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