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A submissive man and his dominant female partner.


Without a break in her stride she strode right up to Valerie and using her left hand to hold her head in place she planted a long wet kiss on Valerie's slightly trembling lips. Valerie had never engaged in any remotely lesbian act and for a few moments fought to keep her involuntary outrage down. By the time the blond woman finally disengaged her probing tongue, Valerie had decided it wasn't that bad. It had actually felt quite sexy.

"Your first time isn't it?" she asked with that same smirk. Without even waiting for an answer she turned and went to one of the huge very comfortable looking sofas and sat down.

"Take off your coat and come here." She commanded in her slightly German accent. Valerie did as she was told, feeling a little embarrassed at the less than skimpy outfit she was wearing. "Turn around... slowly." Again Valerie obeyed feeling more humiliated by the second.

After a few turns while she was inspected thoroughly, Wilma spoke once more, "Now come here and kneel down." So saying she spread her legs wide apart. The dress seemed to have been made with some thought for it parted completely revealing a shaved white pussy. Resisting the urge to run, Valerie did as she was told.

"Lick." The command left no room for error. Slowly she bent down and let her tongue touch the puckered pink lips. The smell was pungent and the pussy was already a little wet but before she could do anything else her face was roughly pushed down onto the waiting cunt from behind. She had forgotten all about the man till now.

The man was shoving her head into the German woman's crotch with considerable force and the smell of a wet cunt all over her nose was so overwhelming that she had to fight the urge to throw up. "Harder bitch, lick it like you love it." Growled Wilma from above her. After the first minute though Valerie began to get used to the smell and began licking with a little more imagination. Of course it was in her best interests to leave a good impression but despite herself, the forced submissiveness that she had to display was turning her on a little bit. This surprised her as she had never experienced any submissive instincts before but as she licked and sucked and prodded the German woman's gooey cunt she felt herself getting more and more aroused by the forceful and abusive treatment.

Ten minutes of cunt-lapping and Valerie was actually striving to make the German woman cum. The man behind her stopped pushing her head down because she was doing far more on her own. Moving her head from side to side, she stiffened her tongue and used it like a little prick to stimulate the German's clit. She was obviously doing something right because soon she could hear Wilma moan and gyrate her hips in response over the slurping sounds that Valerie was making.

Suddenly Wilma grabbed fistfuls of Valerie's hair in both her hands and began furiously fucking her pussy with the startled girl's head. "Unngh... yes... Bitch... fuck me... fuck me with your tongue... mmmmm!" After the initial shock and pain, Valerie was strangely aroused by this almost humiliating treatment and did her best to suck and probe the German's cunt in between her maddened thrusts. Her efforts were soon rewarded as Wilma let out a guttural howl and wrapped her legs around Valerie, cumming violently all over the kneeling girl's face. Valerie had never heard of a woman cumming like this as the German had actually squirted gooey strands of pussy-juice onto her face. She wasn't complaining though as she had loved every minute of it and proceeded to slowly lick all over the woman's crotch cleaning all the dripping cum off it. She decided that she liked the taste of a woman's cunt-juice.

"Ohh... Yesss... that's it you cum loving whore... lick it all up... " responded Wilma and told her male companion, "We must complement Lambert for this good cum lapping slut. Not bad for a newbie."

"Yes lets see what else she can do.

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