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A weekend of teasing, and romance.

It became obvious that if this was going to happen Lisa had to be the one to aim my cock which didn't help me soften. "Once you start then I will start" she said. Par for the course, the first stream started and hit her on the inside of her thigh and I shut it down as quickly as possible. Lisa exclaimed, "Aiming this thing is not as easy as it looks." I replied, "Tell me about it. Let me know when you are ready"

She repositioned my cock and told me to start. I looked between my arms to see where I was shooting. This time her aim was right on and my stream was going right between her legs and into the toilet water. She adjusted my pee stream to hit her right in her vagina. I had finished but continued to hear her pee into the bowl. Once she stopped, Lisa grabbed a wash cloth and proceeded to wash up between her legs and also my dick. Having full run of the house we both went upstairs to get the drinks and a snack and then returned to the basement to watch more TV and cool off.

Once we were ready to start again I asked her if we could do a 69 position. She agreed and I laid flat on my back the full length of the couch. With one foot on the floor Lisa proceeded to straddle my head. The sight and fragrance of her open pussy as it hovered over my face brought me to an immediate erection. She started to bring her second leg up onto the couch and I maneuvered her hips so I would be able to run my tongue from her clit to her hole without either on of us having to change position. Lisa lowered her pussy onto my face and I could feel her tits against my stomach, she laid her head on my upper thigh close to my cock. I ran my tongue from her clit to her hole and she moaned with pleasure. I could feel my cock being gobbled up with her mouth followed by some up and down motion.

Having spent the whole afternoon playing, enjoying, exploring, exciting and stimulating each other we both knew it would not be long before someone erupted like a volcano. With that in mind I asked her to sit up for just a second. I wriggled out from between her legs, stood up and walked to the sliding glass door. I opened the drape completely so that if anyone walked through the back yard or looked through the fence they were going to get a great show. Lisa did not say a word as I walked back to the couch and scooted back between her legs. She lay back on top of me and we picked up where we had left off but now in full view of anyone that wanted to watch. Lisa's "I don't care who watches" switch was now turned fully own.

We tried to extend our sex time but the breaks got longer and our oral contact with each others genitals got shorter. Lisa would ask me to stop and I would put my tongue away and just gaze at the awesome view I had of her sex while savoring her juices and taking in the aroma of her pussy. If I asked for a break, she would remove my cock from her mouth and just caress my swollen balls until I told her it was okay to start again. Suddenly, while we were both fully engaged orally, Lisa yells, "Don't stop!" I increased the speed of my tongue movements over every part of her vagina and up into her hole. My cock was out of her mouth as her body tensed and she exclaimed, "Oh my god!" Her body shuddered and released a small amount of pussy juice into my mouth. As she started to recover from her orgasm she quickly grabbed my cock and returned it to her mouth. I told her to take it out and just lay there and rest. I wanted her to enjoy the after glow of her orgasm.

A few minutes later she started to move. Telling me how great her orgasm was she asked what she could do for me. I told her that what I wanted was for her to rub the head of my cock through the folds of her vagina and back and forth across her clit. I explained that I was very close to an orgasm but I would give her enough warning to move my cock away from her hole but that I wanted to dump my load on her pubic hair.

With that we both got up so she could lie on her back on th

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