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A friend wants to show off his new, quite familiar crush.

I'll bet all the other girls will be jealous," she said, with an evil grin. "I'll have Robby bustin' a gut trying to hide his hard-on." She spread the dress out on her bed. There was still plenty of time before she had leave to pick up Robby; time to get a light snack.

Robby was waiting on the sidewalk when she drove up to his house. Scooting over to the passenger side, Donna relinquished the driving to him. "Wow, baby," he exclaimed as he got into the car. "You look great." "You don't look too shabby yourself," she replied laughing. "Now let's go shake up some high school kids."

Jeanine, the class president, and Jack, one of Robby's teammates, were waiting in the lobby of the gymnasium. "Hey man," Jack grinned, "you look sharp in that tux." "You both look very nice," Jeanine added, a touch of jealousy in her voice as she viewed Donna's dress. "Here, we've got your crowns for the night." Donna had to bend down for Jeanine to place the gold colored crown on her head while Jack just handed Robby his. "Everybody's here now so, Jack give the signal for the music." Jack cracked the door to the gym and waved to someone and immediately the march began sounding.

Flanked by Jack and Jeanine, the king and queen marched into the gym to the loud sound of applause, which drowned out the gasps, as the sexy couple strode across the floor to their thrones on a raised platform. As they mounted the dais and were seated, Jeanine turned to the room and loudly proclaimed, "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you King Robby and Queen Donna." Once more the room exploded with applause. When it had died down a little, Jeanine added, "Let the festivities begin! The first dance belongs to our king and queen."

As the music began, Robby stood and, bowing to Donna, extended his hand and together they descended to the dance floor. For several minutes they alone danced and then Jeanine and Jack joined them on the floor, signaling that everyone should now join in. Before the floor could fill up, Donna whispered to Robby, "Spin me and watch what happens." Dutifully, Robby released his left arm from Donna's waist and, raising her left arm, spun her around. The front and rear panels of the dress flared out revealingly and a loud gasp was heard. When she was back in his arms again, Robby whispered, "Baby, you look good enough to eat!" Donna laughed. "Later sweetie, later."

And so it went all evening long. During almost every dance Robby managed to twirl Donna at least once, showing her long legs right to their stocking tops. Donna, for her part, managed to 'massage' the growing lump in Robby's crotch as often as she could. "Baby, I'm gonna cum in my pants if you keep this up," he whispered after one of her massages. "Don't do that, sweetie, that's gotta be saved for later and not in your pants," she replied. "I hope this dance doesn't last too long, I'm getting too horny, if you know what I mean." "Oh, I know what that means. As soon as the first people start to leave, we're gonna be right behind them."

It was after eleven before the first couple left, quickly followed by two more couples. "Okay baby, it should be safe enough for us to get out of here," Robby said. Just as they approached the exit, Jack and Jeanine preceded them out the door. Robby leaned over to Donna and whispered, "Jack told me that they're going to make out tonight. He's got a room at the hotel." Then, laughing, "He even gave me the room number if I wanted to join the fun. I didn't tell him we already had our own plans."

The trip to Donna's house took only moments. Robby drove one handed, his right arm around her, his hand cupping her right tit. Donna, with some difficulty, managed to get his pants unzipped and his stiff, black cock freed for her to hold. At the house, they quickly left the car and darted inside. With Donna leading the way, they headed right for her bedroom, Robby leaving his tux jacket and shirt and tie on the hallway floor.

Once in the bedroom, Donna kicked off her shoes while Robby dropped his pants and sat on the edge of the bed to get ou

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