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Wilma and Betty take on Barney.

I love those. I used to get those at the hospital. He says, "Roll over." I rolled over real careful so they don't jump back up after all the work he's done, also because I really like the ass kissing. He had to get up a little to move over so I could roll over, and I see his cock is up pretty good. Not Eiffel Tower yet but up. His pj bottoms are baggy but there's an honest pointer there. At least that parts normal.

He's down again and starts in the middle under my belly button and grabs on and pulls. They come right down with the back already below my ass and his nose rubs right through my curly hair and stops right on my clit. I take a deep breath and keep my mouth shut. He's got the top of the panties about at the bottom of my pussy wraps and I think he figures he's got my clit open so he gets at it.

He gets his mouth crossways on my hood cover and clamps on and moves it around this way and that way. Not conventional but for clitty sakes it's driving my head back and up. I want to shout 'go Oiley' but I don't want him to know I like it. Then he turns around so his butt is towards me and clamps on at the head of my clit itself and starts doing the tongue and suck routine. His girl has been working on him. He didn't do like that on my boobs the last time he needed help. I pump up and Oiley actually stayed where he was, opened his mouth more and let me in. He clamped down and here goes the tongue and sucking again. Go Oiley. That sucker was sucking hard too.

I went maybe another four or five minutes and let loose with one. He stayed with it and didn't let go and look up when I yelled. Wet my pants too. Doesn't matter, he's taking them off with his teeth on the band. Unless he decides to switch and clamp on the crotch. Maybe he won't notice. I ain't saying a thing.

"Gotcha didn't I?" He was smiling when he said that. I was breathing a little hard and didn't respond right off.

"Yeaw, you got me," I said. "That was pretty good so you're getting the erotically part so far. Don't slack off. She's going to be expecting a lot more. Think about it."

He says, "Turn over."

I turn over and settle down on my boobs. Nice of him to mention my boobs before. I might make him dinner some night. He settles down again, between my legs, right up on my ass. It's clear because the panties are down further so he can do that. He grabs each side of my ass and pulls them apart. I can feel the cool air washing right down through. Then there's some hot air. His breath I think. Then he fiddles with my butt button. Gets it wet. Still hot air and he's got his finger poking in little bitty circles and he starts pushing it in. Then I get it. It's his tongue. He's sticking his tongue in my butt button. Ohhh that feels good. It's ok cause I wash hospital style down there so it's clean for, you know.

That really feels good. Getting better and better. I push my butt up and he opens my ass sides wider and pushes in further. I can't image his tongue is that long and it gets bigger the further he goes. I slowly relax down there cause it feels so good I don't want him to stop. He's finally got the space and he starts fucking my butt with his tongue, going in and out. Then he starts to move the tip around just when he's coming up and just when he starts down.

I can't help it and start to fuck upwards with my butt. He's got his nose tight above it and his chin tight below. I start to slip my hand down to my clit but its still tender and besides its Oiley's show. We just lay there fucking like that for the longest time. He's pushing me erotically and I'm going with it. You can't buy this type of fuck. Well maybe you can but not this good.

After a while he eases up and comes out of it. That's my brother, Oiley. I feel him grab onto my pants again and pull down. I lift up just slightly and he gets them down around the middle of my thighs and working the sides, gets them below the knees. Pretty soon they slip off one foot and then the other.

He says, "Turn over.

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