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Study of a Prolonged Virginity.

She looked back at his with pleading eyes. "Do you want me to stop, Mom." She leaned forward and pushed her bottom against his cock. "Do you want me to stop, Mom."

"Please." Her hands drifted downward between her legs but he slapped them aside.

'Tell me."

He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled. "Tell me, Mom."

"I ... want you."

He pinched her right buttock hard.


"What do you want, Mom?"

"fuck..." She tried to turn around but he forced her in place.

"Hand me the hairbrush."

"Please. Let's just do ..."

"Goddamnit, Mom. I'm losing my patience." He took a wadeful of his mother's fleshy ass and squeezed roughly.

"*This* belongs to me, Mom." He squeezed her butt hard.

"Hand me the brush. You're beyond playing coy, Mother."

"Please... I'll let you do my butt." She leaned back against him, causing her rounded bottom to push against his angry red cock.

"Please ..." He met her pleading eyes in the mirror. It would have been so easy to give into her. But he had spend a whole lifetime of giving into her.

"The brush, Mom." He could have, of course, reached for the brush himself. But the act of surrender - the submission - was important.

She started to say something, but stopped herself and reached for the hairbrush. Their fingers intertwined as she passed the brush backwards to him.

She bit down on her bottom lip. His mother's eyes were wide with fear and anticipation.

He held her by the shoulders from behind and stared into their image in the mirror. Mother and son. Lovers bound forever together. Her bra was barely big enough to contain her heavy breasts. The bra emphasised rather than hid her attributes. In the early days when their ...relationship had begun to take a new dimension their sex play centered around her breasts. The bra would always be the first to go. Now, he thought, their bond had evolved. He let his hand trail along her flesh down to his mother's bare butt. He grabbed a handful of her fleshy ass and squeezed hard.

"Oww..." she protested. But she didn't attempt to squirm away.

Tears welled in her eyes. She bit down on her lower lip. He could have taken her just then and made tender love to this beautiful sexy creature who brought him life. It would have been so easy. But few things in life were so easy.

He switched the hairbrush to his right hand and held it up so she could see it in the mirror.

"You want this, Mom?" he said more as a statement than a question.

"Please..." she said in a low whimper.

"You know you need it. We need it."

"No... We can do anything ... you can do what you want ... but not like this."

"Tell me you don't want this ..." He sliped three fingers quickly up her pussy. His fingers slid into her effortlessly.

"ahhhh ...."

"Tell me, mom, that this is what you always wanted..."

"I...I...don't want hurt..."

With his fingers still inside of her he stuck his thumb into his mom's anus.

"Oh...." She started bucking her hips rhythmically. Her motion caused his thumb to penetrate deeper into his mother's ass.

He felt his mother's sphincter close tightly on his thumb and then open again. Open and close with a maddening rhythm. He met her eyes in the mirror. Eager. Daring him to take her. Take her sweet, tight anus. Plunder its depths.

He summoned up some willpower from deep within him and withdrew his thumb. Her face was slack. She opened her eyes at her sudden emptiness.

"Do it. Come on, sweetie. Take momma's butt." She raised her bare ass provocative to her son.

"Fuck my ass. You know you ... Owww..."

His mom's big fleshy butt juggled delightly as he slapped his mother on her right cheek, leaving a pink welt on her soft white padding.

"Please! No!"

Her eyes were wide with tears, her knuckles were white as she held tightly to the ends of her dressing table with her bare ass still presenting like an offering to her son.

"W--we can just make love ... like we used to. N-not like this."

"Ohhh .

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