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Picking up women in the grocery store.

My whole body quivered. I will never get over the feeling of a new cock inside me. If you aren't an experienced woman, you have no idea. Each one feels different. Each experience is amazing.

After what only seemed like a few minutes, I felt he was going to come. I didn't need to see his face to know. His grip on my thighs tightened, his legs got tense, and the strange dick inside me got even harder. Wait, wasn't he going to pull out? Shouldn't he be using a condom? What was I DOING?? My eyes shot open just in time to see his head tilt back. I felt that hot pumping stream empty inside me, filling me. In spite of myself my hands tightened their grip (Steve on one side, the couch on the other) and I came with this nameless guy. "Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhh!" Was that ME?

The guy pulled out. A little cum dripped from his now soft skin as he stepped back. Before I could have another thought, another guy took his place. I felt my wet pussy lips part for another strange cock.

This guy was older. He was in great shape, but from his graying hair I guessed near 40. Like some kind of businessman. His thrusting was businesslike too. Firm fast and no nonsense. His cock felt a little bigger than the last guy. It slid easily in my soggy hole. He kept his hands behind his back like I'd seen on some pornos. Just thrusting away. He slowed down a couple times when he was going to come, then started up again faster. I guess I wasn't too wet because when I felt my pussy tighten again to come, he looked surprised for a second and blew his load.

Almost before we both stopped coming the businessman slipped out and was replaced. The newcomer (funny huh?) had to be about nineteen. I got the impression of a skinny good-looking kid with a long cock that curved kind of upwards. Then my eyes were rolling back as he shoved it in me.

That cock was definitely bigger and hit just the right spot. I arched my back. I tilted my hips. I wanted this kid to bang into my walls until I screamed.

He was definitely a younger guy. I got fucked like a jackhammer, effortlessly. With his force my clit was being pounded too. I wrapped my legs around him. He put his hands on my breasts and squeezed. My whole crotch felt soaked. Sloppy. I loved how I felt like such a whore. A wonderful dirty insatiable nasty perfect whore. I felt the orgasm building. I closed my eyes. This is what I wanted. This is what I needed. How could a piece of plastic and AA batteries compare to THIS? He rammed into my cunt faster now, harder- no, wait, I want more! Not yet! He moaned- and I felt his explosion. He kept moving slowly, pumping more and more into my overflowing snatch. Damn it I was right on the edge! Almost there and this kid couldn't hold it in! I think I even whined because Steve chuckled and squeezed my hand again.

The kid pulled out with a big grin. His long dick was coated like a glaze. I'd never seen that much cum before! I wonder how much of that was his. I felt warm wetness running out of my hole. Slicking my pussy. Making my inner thighs slippery.

Another replaced him. I'd lost count now but who cares? I was nearly there. When he got in position I wrapped my legs around him. His cock slid in me without needing any guiding. He started riding me. I felt more juice spurt out between us with each thrust. I didn't bother with details anymore. I stopped thinking. I didn't care who was fucking me anymore. I just wanted that release. That feeling began building again. I bucked my hips in time with his. I put his hand on my tit and squeezed it there. I couldn't feel his cock as well- my pussy was like an oil slick. But the excitement of this was taking over.

Then he stopped moving and grunted. "No!" I cried. He didn't seem to hear me. Ever so slightly I could feel a pulsing that wasn't me, adding another load of juice to my oozing cunt. I shut my eyes trying to cling to the incomplete building orgasm inside me.

"Leigh." Steve's voice, laughing. What was so goddamn funny? This was torture! I opened my eyes.

Steve had undressed.

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