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It felt soooo fucking fantastic. Aron was sitting up fully now, watching with his mouth open.

Christie started circling my clit slowly, teasing me into submission. It was all I could do to remain standing. I felt my wetness leak and smudge my thigh. I wanted her fingers inside me, soaking up my juices. Aron was hard again...and softly pulled us both towards the bed. Looking apologetically at both Christie and me for breaking our rhythm, he made me lie down on the bed, with my legs spread wide.

"Lick her thighs up and down, and then her clit, only her clit, slowly...," he instructed Christie. She happily resumed her teasing, flicking her tongue against my thighs, making sure to lick up my juices there, before licking my clit up and down, and circling again, applying various degrees of pressure, making me leak more pussy-juice all over her chin.

My head back on a pillow, Aron approached my face from above, his huge cock couldn't wait to be in my mouth while he watched some woman we didn't know make me scream. I moaned as he held my chin and fed me his delicious hard cock. I opened my mouth slightly so he could force it in. Submerging it until it reached the back of my throat, he started rocking back and forth, slowly fucking my face. He then took it out, and slid his cock over my cheek, spreading pre-cum and saliva over my face.

"You want this?" He asked, rhetorically. As it happens, I was dying for it, although I had no choice regardless.

"Get up and sit on her face, so I can see your ass," He commanded Christie.

Christie got up and moved into position. I swallowed. I was about to get my first taste of another pussy, and I wasn't sure I was ready. I sometimes tasted my own wet fingers, after touching myself at night or when Aron told me to, but this was different. She lingered over me. I could see her lips wet and as swollen as mine were, begging to be sucked and licked. I saw Aron as well. He was in between my thighs, lifting my hips up. His cock was dripping with pre-cum, waiting to be released into me.

"Lick her."

I watched her lower her pussy into distance of my tongue, and I stuck it out slightly. It grazed her and she shivered, sending a wave of juice into my mouth. It tasted sweet and was addictive. I pushed my tongue further and opened up her slit some more, until I found her clit. I quickly flicked my tongue over it. Christie let out a low moan and moved so her hole was over my mouth. Stiffening my tongue, I darted it in and out of her, as far in as I could, savoring her flavor and her insides. At that moment, without warning, Aron pushed the head of his cock into me, and then started pummeling my tight little wet pussy with his massive obnoxious cock. I was moaning and crying out into Christie's pussy. She ground into my face, cumming hard into my mouth.

She was facing away from Aron, bent over slightly. Aron watched her ass move against my face and thrust harder, making me beg for some mercy. He slowed a little and pushed Christie to get off my face. Seeing my hair matted against my face and seeing it smeared with her pussy-juice his cock grew harder still and pressed against my walls, ready to come too.

Christie sat on a chair facing the bed, we could see her, and she was giving us a show. Legs spread over each arm of the chair, she was in her own world as she finger-fucked her dripping hole while she watched Aron pound savagely into me once more.

"You want a piece of me, huh?" He grunted to her as he grabbed my hips and drew himself out. At the same time, he came on and over me, giving me a nice big creampie pussy. He cum was leaking out of my pussy, as well as over my lips, and down my slit. Satisfied with his work, he grabbed Christie from her self-inflicted pleasure and pushed her head down into my creampie pussy.

"Go on, Lick it up.

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