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I was still sitting on the side of the bed and was almost afraid to touch Jessie, to break the intimacy of the moment. Looking into her eyes, I knew my life would never be the same again. I knew from this moment forward, Jessie would possess me, and I would possess her -- totally.

"You are so beautiful," I finally managed to whisper.

Jessie smiled, then held out both her hands. As my hands grabbed hers, she pulled me up until we were standing face-to-face, lip-to-lip. Tentatively almost, our lips met then we were exchanging the most mind-blowing kiss of my life. Our bodies were tightly pressed together.

I don't know if we kissed for five minutes or fifty. Time no longer seemed to have any meaning. We kissed until we finally had to stop.

"Make love to me, please, Mr. Walker," Jessie whispered against my lips.

"Gladly . . . Mrs. Walker," I said.

Jessie started crying.

"Don't cry Jessie, but it is going to be a little awkward if after we are married I become Mr. Johansson," I teased her. "Or maybe you want to become Mrs. Johansson-Walker?"

By now Jessie is both laughing and crying. "No, no," she said, "I think I am going to love being just plain old Mrs. Walker."

"There is nothing plain or old about you," I said as our lips met again.

After kissing for several more moments, I finally reached down and picked up Jessie in my arms, then gently laid her down on the bed.

I could not help but to pause and just stare at this incredibly beautiful woman for a minute. And as I did, my mind relived those first few seconds, just the day before, when I saw the almost total destruction of her house.

Almost as soon as I saw what was left of the house, I had just shut down that part of my mind. I had refused to even consider the possibility, or probability, that she was lying dead somewhere in the wreckage.

The devastation had been so complete it had seemed impossible that anyone could have lived through it. At first, my fear for Jessie had been almost paralyzing.

Now, as I remembered the incredible despair I had felt in those few seconds, before my fire department and medical training had kicked in and did what I was trained to do without even thinking, my eyes filled with tears.

"Oh God, Jessie, I was so afraid you were dead," I cried, "I was terrified you had been killed. And I had not told you just how important you are to me. I never told you just how much I love you."

Jessie didn't say anything, just wrapped her arms around me and pulled me down beside her.

"Oh, Sam," Jessie finally said after several minutes, "I was afraid of the tornado, but I knew you were coming back to me, and I knew you would save me."

Then her lips curled up in a mischievous smile.

"Besides Sam, I knew you loved me," she grinned. "I've known that ever since you regained consciousness, after I knocked you out that first day."

I laughed, then rolled my eyes at her.

"I don't care what the doctor said, I think there must be some brain damage," I muttered. Jessie laughed.

"Now, are you going to screw my brains out, or do I have to knock you out again?" she asked.

As our lips met, I could feel Jessie's mouth open beneath mine. Our tongues began sparring in a passionate kiss.

When I reached over and gently cupped her breast, then started rubbing my thumb across her nipple I could hear Jessie moan, deep in her throat.

"Now, Sam, now!" she insistently proclaimed, "I want you inside me NOW!"

When I reached down between her legs, and inserted a finger inside her, I could not believe how wet Jessie already was.

"NOW, Sam," she again insisted.

Positioning myself between her legs, my rock-hard penis brushed against her waiting folds.

Jessie reached down and guided me inside her. It was like sinking into a glorious, blazing hot pool of fire. Jessie was so tight.

By the time I was halfway inside, Jessie was making incoherent sounds of pleasure.

When I finally felt our two bodies meet as I bottomed out, I heard Jessie sigh, "So full. Oh, God, I am so full."

I pulled slowly out, until just the head of my penis was still insid

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