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More sexual encounters with daughter's best friend.

I know, I'm a weird one. We get in and head to a local dive bar for a beer and karaoke. We can both sing pretty well and stay a little longer than intended. My song, "Help Me Make it Through the Night" scores me a couple shots of whiskey from the regulars. These shoes are really too much but, I can't show that I'm suffering. He sings a song and then we get together for "I Need You" by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

We are completely dedicated to this song. Keep in mind, this man is one of my best friends and we share the same twisted sense of humor. The look of longing on my face, his outstretched hand as he holds a note. We're ridiculous but, it's selling. The crowd buys it as we pretend to be so much in love that we can't see anything or anyone else during this song.

But, I see the look in his eyes. That look he gave me the last time he took me home. He's up to something. Something dark, dangerous. As if on command, my body reacts to the thought. I'm already halfway to orgasm, thinking about our last encounter that involved rope and the knife he used along my skin. Fuck, that felt good.

I struggle through the last chorus of the song as my clit jumps and twitches. It's unbearable, this burning, aching need to have him touch me there. Now. God, I need it now.

The music ends. We pay our tab and head for the parking lot. His hand just above my ass as we walk through the door. My insides are screaming. He knows exactly what he's doing, I'll give him that. I notice the bulge in his jeans when he walks to the driver's side of the car. Good, he's worked up, too.

We drive in silence until we reach the end of town and take a backroad. It's my turn to tease. I take off my seatbelt and quickly undo his belt and jeans. He helps me slide them down but, hasn't said a word. I mean over the console and tease the hell out of him.

His hand finds its way up my dress and everything goes black. All I can concentrate on is how good he feels, tastes. How is he driving when I can't even see straight?

We get to my place and all but run inside. The dress lasts less than ten seconds and it's on the floor. I'm wearing nothing but my heels and tattoos. I waste no time undressing him and go down on my knees while he tanks the bobby pins out of my hair and royally fucks it up. The fake nails I put on for the evening run up and down his stomach, around to his adorable ass. He pulls me up by the hair and leads me to the bedroom.

Once on the bed, he takes off my shoes and throws them across the room, never breaking eye contact. I'm so wet at this point, I can't stand it. His eyes, almost as black as my morning coffee, burn through me. I never cared for brown eyes until I saw his. He grabs my upper arms and digs his nails into my skin. It hurts and will probably bruise but, I love it. I've learned to let go of control when he's around.

He's more rough than usual tonight. I don't know what's gotten into him but, he seems to need this. His hand closes around my throat as he settles himself between my legs. I'm in absolute agony, waiting for contact but, he stops and sits up. He casually runs a finger from my navel to my now incredibly wet and wanting pussy. He stops there, does a little tease, then instructs me to lie on my stomach and not move.

My first thought is that he's going to tie my hands again. No. It's so dark in here, I can't see what he's doing but, I know he's over by the closet. He comes back to the bed and ever so gently caresses my bare ass. He tells me to use our safe word (which had been a joke up until now as I've never said it) if it's too much.

I start to ask what he's going to do as I hear the air being cut and what feels like fire comes down on my ass. He's got a belt. My belt. My braided leather belt that I wear every day. Jesus Christ. The initial shock covers some of the intense pain before he lightly touches the already rising welt. Instant pain to pleasure. God, he's good.

Again, the belt comes down with a loud *crack* and I feel the second welts rise along w

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