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Brian moves out of Dennis', & in with grandmother.

I pulled the reluctant voyeurs away from the door and in a huddle I quickly explained that one of our role playing fantasies involved a bunch of guys making love to you. I told them that I would go in alone and tell them that everyone had gone for the night and that I was horny and was in the mood for some games. I'd blindfold her and tie her hands and feet and that would be the sign for them to quietly join us. The key word being "quietly". The vote was unanimous and the game was on.

I entered the room just noisily enough to interrupt you before you could cum. Your groan and slumping back into the bed gave away your frustration of having been so close and then to have been distracted. I laughed and said I would help you out. I quickly stripped, telling you as I did that everyone had gone and that I was in the mood for have a fair damsel in distress. you laughed and said "Oh yeah?' I retrieved the ropes we sometimes used and assumed the role of your captor.

I blindfolded you and quickly tied your hands together, and attached the other end of the rope to a hook I had positioned over the head of the bed. I then retrieved a long piece of rope and tied one end to each foot. I then strung the rope through 2 hooks in the ceiling(one on each side of the bed.) This effectively pulled your legs apart and raised your feet up and back towards the head of the bed. You were all mine now. I could smell your excitement as I knelt between your legs.

I picked up your vibrator and switched it on. I ran it up and down your pussy lips and then rested it against your swollen clit. I then began to tell you all the evil depraved things I was going to do to you, including having my friends help ravish you. This scene was one that we had played many times before, but only in our imaginations. This time, as I lowered my mouth to your sex, I sensed rather than saw John, Steve, Mark, Rich and Chris fill the room. I bounced around acting like I was trying to get comfortable as I ate your pussy, giving the guys the opportunity to get on the bed without you knowing. I did my usual trick of pulling and pinching your nipples until they were hard and swollen while I sucked on your clit.

This time, however, as I let go of each nipple my fingers were replaced by someone else's. Soon, each breast was being handled by one of the guys. Rich signaled that he wanted a taste so I paused and moved out of the way to let him in. He buried his face in your pussy and I could tell by watching your face that he was as good at eating pussy as I was. We soon reached the point where it was "now or never".

There were 5 hard cocks in the room and up to that point, you were only aware of 1. I figured "now" was better than never and I leaned up and whispered in your ear that there were 5 of us in the room and that we were going to make you very happy. At first you thought I was kidding, but then realized that how could I be talking to you if I was still eating your pussy. You groaned and pulled on the ropes in a feeble protest, but the pleasure Rich was providing you overpowered your objections.

As you resigned yourself to your fate, Steve moved up from your breast and began kissing your mouth and neck, until Chris moved up and boldly fed you his long cock. I untied your hands and Mark and I positioned ourselves and guided our cocks into your hands, where you began to stroke them. Rich continued eating you until you had cum once, then raised up, grabbed onto the ropes attached to your feet and plunged his hard cock into your sopping pussy. He fucked you hard and fast, just the way you like it, yanking on the ropes that held your feet each time he thrust into you.

This caused your feet to pull up higher and your pelvis to rise up to meet each thrust.

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