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Tammy introduces her neighbor to her body.

Jessica blushed and looked down.

The handsome man took her chin and guided her eyes back to meet his. "I've been watching you for weeks," he said tenderly, "and now I've finally gotten what I've been waiting for." Jessica looked at him pleadingly, as if fearing that he might never speak again. "But after just one taste, I can't help wanting more...do you feel the same?"

Jessica seized the opportunity. She backed him to the wall and pushed against him, reaching up and melting against his lips once again to make clear that her answer was affirmative. "I'll take that as a yes," he whispered breathlessly as the hands that had found their home on her hips eased under her blouse and lifted it effortlessly above her head. He's done this before... Jessica smiled to herself.

As their kisses grew more impassioned, Jessica unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off of his smooth, sexy shoulders, rubbing down his strong back as it fell to the ground. Her arms fell loosely around his neck as the kisses stopped momentarily, Jessica resting her head on his chest as the sweet scent of her hair consumed him. She nuzzled into his neck and began to kiss and lick across his jaw line to his earlobe. His hands found the back of her bra, unclipping it to reveal her fresh breasts, nipples standing at attention. Innocent, but not too innocent...he mused.

She continued her sweet seduction along his neck as he began to fondle her breasts. She gasped but relaxed under his comforting, soothing touch. She felt along his strong chest, lightly circling his nipples with her tongue as her hands moved down his arms, her nails making small circles on his wrists. His hands continued to toy with her soft, smooth breasts and pinch at her nipples, dancing along her stomach as they moved down to play along the waistband of her skirt. They both paused as if frozen in time. She kissed a soft, small kiss on his lips. One small gesture, so much meaning...

He pushes her forwardly gently so he can kneel down, using his shirt for padding on the cool ground. He takes her panties and skirt off in a swift moment and he marvels at her nude, vulnerable body. He lays his right hand on her hip, the index finger on his left hand gliding mercilessly along her dripping slit. Her breathing becomes shallow as she is obviously very excited by his motions, and it's difficult for her to hide her pleasure. Could it be a virgin canal? He hardly has to wonder. He knows how virgins act, and this girl, while seemingly nervous and inexperienced, isn't quite a virgin.

He gently pushes his finger past her folds and enters her warm, tight pussy. He buries his finger deep inside, curling it and twisting it as he kisses her slit and his tongue brushes past her hood to meet her emerging clit. He sucks on it as he adds another finger; a surprisingly tight fit as her hot pussy clenches him hard. As her knees weaken, the hand on her hip serves as a stabilizer. She whispers urgently, "Please...I don't...I'm going to..." and he understands. He releases her clit from the suction of his mouth and his hands glide as gently and easily out of her velvet cave as they did in.

He stands again, kissing her forehead sweetly. "I'm s..." He places a hushing finger on her lips. He brings her into in embrace and holds her reassuringly. She feels his not-too-modest hardness against her stomach and knows what she must do, what she wants to do. She slides down his body as he leans against the wall expectantly, knowing he'll need it to steady himself. He can't wait to feel her hot, wet mouth working on his cock. She unbuttons and unzips his pants hurriedly, letting them fall to his ankles. She explores up and down his legs, butterfly kisses behind his knees, rubbing and licking the inside of his thighs. She removes his underwear and is greeted by his beautiful, steadily hardening cock.

She greets it with a soft kiss to the tip followed by taking it deep into her throat while her hands massage his balls and his erection grows.

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