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June 23 & 25 - a realistic contemporary romance.

We had quite a laugh at your expense, sissy. We're thinking of having a meeting where we put you and the stallion on display side by side."

I stopped my oral worship, horrified.

"I did not tell you to stop, Tom. Yes, nine inches. I've seen pictures. It looks like a perfectly satisfying cock. Just think, if only you had a cock like that you would be able to fuck me like a real man...course then we'd still have your premature ejaculation problem to deal with, wouldn't we..."

I was sucking her with a renewed fury. She could feel me tensing again. I wanted to cum, wanted to soak the front of my panties, wanted to defy her for ridiculing me." She could sense that I was close.

"Get control of yourself, sissy! Stand up!"

Her anger woke me from my subspace. I stood and faced her, head down.

"Turn towards the camera." She pointed towards the large wet spot on the front of my nylon peach-colored panties. "See, ladies, pre-cum. If I hadn't stopped him right now he would have lost his load from the taste and smell of my vagina and from the humiliation I just put him through. Now that's what we call pussy power. He is a humiliation slut."

She leaned over to a bag next to her chair and picked up one of my panty girdles and held it for the camera. "I often have Tom tuck and hold himself with a panty girdle when he eats me. This prevents his cock from being overstimulated by rubbing on his nylon panty. He has ejaculated when tucked, but it is far less likely because tucking prevents a full erection. Plus, I find that it is humiliating for a man to have his cock tucked away out of sight, giving him a feminine appearance, a flat front to his panties like a woman." She laughed as she handed me the girdle, "Put it on, Tom, you know the drill. Hurry, so you can put your tongue back to work."

I hurried, confused by my excitement at the humiliation of tucking and pulling on the white long-leg panty girdle in front of the camera, but anxious to get back to burying myself as deep in Monica's wet slit as possible.

"Mmmm, that's better, sissy, now we don't have to worry about an accident from your little cock. Now listen carefully to what I'm going to tell you."


That is how I found out that Mistress Monica was going on a business trip the next day. "Remember how we had a masturbation problem the last time I went out of town on business?" she asked me, all of this being recorded on the video with my head between her legs. I nodded, sliding my head up and down in her wet slit as I did so, not really sure if she wanted an answer.

"The women of the Domme Club and I have hatched a little plan for our amusement that I think you might actually like. I am going to allow you to wank your little prick while I am gone." I could feel my cock stirring and bulging against the tight spandex crotch of the girdle.

"Yes, Tom, instead of sneaking around and masturbating while your Mistress is gone you will be masturbating for the camera. I've set up a web address and given the password to all of the members of the Domme Club. At 9:00 PM any of them that choose to do so may log in to watch you follow your masturbation instructions on webcam. Won't that be fun?"

I sucked her more vigorously and she had a little difficulty speaking, "I will send you an email...oooh, yes, sissy...with instructions on how your supervised masturbation will...oooh, you are so good at eating pussy, oooh...just how your masturbation will be happen. Okay, faster now, get me off-finish it-yes, yes, yes! Give me a good hard orgasm, sissy! Suck, sissy, suck! On my clit. Oooooh sissy, sissy, suuuck. Yes! Yes! Yes!"

She pushed my head away, and breathing heavily, eyes closed, leaned back in her chair. I waited for several moments, my cock throbbing between my legs, proud that I had given my Mistress such pleasure.

I waited a long time, uncertain even whether she had fallen asleep.

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