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Husband first visits gloryhole, then wife goes with him.

She felt the tension mounting inside her as she slid two fingers deep within the moist walls of herself.

She let her imagination soar as she thought of someone else doing this for her. Slowly she worked her fingers in and out of her pussy. Grabbing the still soapy bath sponge, she caressed the rest of her stomach, breasts, shoulders and neck. She continued the rhythmic motion with her fingers plunging inside herself. Dropping the sponge to her feet, Cherise reached her other hand down and began circling her clitoris with one hand while pumping furiously inside with the other. She gasped as the orgasm swept through her body, reveling in the feel of the release.

Only slightly sated, Cherise quickly rinsed the remainder of the soap from her body and stepped out of the shower. Reaching inside the drawer of the vanity she pulled out a toy she had purchased earlier in the week at Pleasure Party hosted by a friend of hers. She had bought it as a lark, but thought now was as good a time as any to see if the vibrator would live up to her expectations. She was already so worked up from the shower and new that she would only be completely satisfied when she had climaxed again and again. Knowing her sexual appetite, she was even more excited at the thought of pleasuring herself further.

Cherise finished toweling off, dropping the towel on the floor by her bed as she began opening the package. A twinge flickered through her as she put the batteries into the 7-inch toy. She remembered laughing with her friend about the girth of it. Running her hand over the smooth nu-skin surface of it she was amazed at how lifelike it felt. With a slow purr from the vibrator as she turned it on the slowest setting, she began rubbing it over her breasts, enticing the nipples and sending even more waves of anticipation through her body. After slowly tracing the nipples and between her breasts, Cherise drew the humming vibrator over her belly and ever so slowly across her already swollen clitoris.

With one hand still rubbing her breast, the other hand ran the slow purring vibrator over the opening of her wet pussy. Squeezing her nipple, she guided the toy back and forth across her clitoris. Teasing herself, Cherise relished the pulsating feel that was building up inside her. Reaching down with her free hand, Cherise gently parted her wet pussy lips and slowly slid just the tip of the vibrator inside her. Pressing her clitoris against the toy she began to stroke the toy in and out of her, drawing it almost completely out but never completely releasing it. Inch by slow inch she worked the vibrator in her. With each withdrawal she again inserted a bit more inside herself.

Cherise felt the excitement grow closer to climax. Not wanting to come yet, she withdrew the toy again and concentrated on the feel of the tip of it running once again just over her swollen clit. Fully aroused now, her mind wandered to her friend and the conversation they'd had when she bought it. Her friend had teased her that with Cherise's sexual appetite she would need a large supply of batteries in her vanity drawer. She smiled and had to agree that the pulsation inside her and the excitement was sure to be the first of many uses of this wonderful new toy. Cherise also thought about the possibility of sharing this experience with someone.

A smiled slowly crept over her face as she thought about the new mechanic she had met when she had her oil changed last week.

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