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A change leaves her craving more.

I can hear though and I listen intently as he walks away from me. I hear the door open and close and wonder how long he will leave me this way. It seems like hours later, I hear the door open again. My head is bowed and my arms ache. But I lift my head and wonder if this is him. Someone walks close to me I feel their breath upon my skin. Shivering from being cold and alone I wait for them to speak. But they do not. They place a soft kiss upon my forehead and I am left lost and confused. I can hear another person moving around in the room. I wonder who it is.

I try to speak thru the gag, but my mouth is now so dry nothing comes out. I feel a hand clamp down upon my left nipple and twist and pull it hard. Gasping from pain sucking my breath in I want to be able to cry out and cannot. The hand does not feel like a man's hand it is softer but much more vicious. Knowing there is another woman in the room to see my shame, makes me more repentant to him. His allowing one there does not surprise me at all.

But to allow her viciousness is unlike him.I hear the sound of a whip lashing thru the air and expect it to land on me. But then I hear it connect with skin and it's not mine.He has used the whip on her for thinking she could hurt me. I hear her cry out in pain, and ask him what his problem is. He reminds her who is the Master here. I hear that whip five more times before he has mercy on her. Then I feel his hands releasing me from the wall,removing my gag and blindfold, I collapse against him. I feel as though my legs are missing.

Unable to support my own weight he picks me up gently and lays me on a bed. But he isn't being kind. No he reties my hands and feet leaving me open to what ever he has in mind. He tells her to get on the bed with me. That she must be gentle until he tells her otherwise. I feel the kiss of a breath on my skin just before the touch of her mouth lands on my breast.

Gasping with the pleasure I arch my back pushing my breast further into her mouth. I can see him watching us now, a look of great pleasure on his face. I glance down his body and see that his cock is trying to burst thru those skin tight pants. I wonder how he can handle the restraint.

He sits beside the bed just watching at the moment not saying a word as she works upon my body. Her hands and mouth wild upon me. Touching me everywhere. I'm struggling against my bonds wanting only to be free of them to be able to participate in what she's doing to me. I feel my orgasm close to the surface as her tongue plays with my clit. Running her hands over my breast, pinching and squeezing them tightly. Her teeth and tongue driving me wild.

I look at him and beg him to let me cum. But he smiles and tells me no. He walks to the bed and pushes her off of me. I am crying at losing the pleasure she was giving me. Until I notice that he is making her undress him. I watch her pull that tight shirt off over his chest. Watch as she licks and sucks on his nipples. His head is thrown back in pleasure.The sight of his pleasure increases my own. As she moves slowly down his body, using her mouth to undo his pants.

My gaze is riveted on them, wanting to be able to do that myself, but helpless since I am bound. When she has him completely naked he turns toward me and I can see how hard his cock is.

He walks slowly to me and leans over me whispering softly, telling me what he wants to do to me. I smile a sultry smile bringing him to my mouth with just a look. He kisses me deeply raping my mouth with his tongue.

A bruising punishing kiss meant to hurt, but brings great pleasure instead. I struggle against the ropes that bind me wanting to be free, to use my hands mouth and body on him. I see her in the background watching him as he plays with me. See her smile evilly thinking that I will be punished. I agree with her on that the look in his eye is enough to scare me.

He wants to hurt me.

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