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Right now, casual strolling fitted my requirements.

"I've been running," I pointed out. "I was trying to run off excess energy but it wasn't working. Now I'm relaxing."

"If you're trying to work of excess energy maybe you should try a different type of exercise. Tai Chi, for instance."

Yeah, right. I'm going to prance around doing formal Asian dance moves. I knew the type of exercise I wanted and Tai Chi wasn't it.

"I suppose you also do Tai Chi as well as running?"

"It's very healthy," she said, nodding to indicate that she did do it. "It really helps your fitness."

"I'll pass. I must admit that there is another type of exercise I want. How about you drop your shorts and I'll indulge?"

She went red and glared at me.

"I was only trying to be friendly," she snapped. "There's no need to be rude."

She was about to jog off but I reached out and hooked a finger over her shorts, stopping her. She tried to pull away but I managed to flick open the button. I gave a little tug and her shorts slid down over her bottom. So did her panties, with just a little help.

"I wasn't being rude," I said. "I was making an offer. I think I really need some exercise."

She was protesting and blushing and grabbing at her shorts. I was fending her arms off so she couldn't get at them and also lifting her top. I managed to push that up over her bra and then pushed the bra up so her breasts popped out.

She was still wriggling and glaring at me, telling me to cease and desist or she'd scream.

I let her go and started undoing my own shorts. She promptly bent down to grab her shorts to pull them up.

"Stop it. Don't do that," I said, speaking firmly.

She looked at me, startled.

"What do you mean, don't do it?" she asked, hands clutching her shorts.

"If you pull them up, how am I supposed to get my exercise?" I asked, pushing my own shorts and undies down. "You can see I'm badly in need of it."

That was true. My general level of horniness would have guaranteed an erection without her body being on display. Seeing that it was, well. . .

"Do you seriously think that I'm going to let you have sex with me?"

"Well, yes," I said.

I reached out and lightly stroked her from breast to pussy.

"Are you crazy? You can't just pull down a woman's pants and tell her you want to have sex with her"

"Why not?" I asked. "It seems quite reasonable to me. Now we both know where we stand."

I took her arm and tugged her closer, slipping my arms around her to cup her bottom.

"But, but people just don't do that sort of thing."

"I do," I said with a shrug. "Are you saying that you won't?"

"Even if I wanted to, which I don't, might I point out we're in the middle of a nature reserve and people may come past at any moment."

"And they might not. Lift your leg." I lightly slapped her thigh.


"Facilitate entry," I said calmly, lightly tapping her thing again.

She seemed to gulp, then lifted her leg. I caught it under the knee and lifted it higher. A slight adjustment and my erection was pressing firmly against her pussy, then it was slipping between her lips and sinking deeper.

I gave a sigh of relief and she made a strange sort of sound.

"My god, you're really doing it. We're in the middle of the path and you're trying to fuck me. I don't believe this."

By this time I was sinking in nice and deep. I hooked her leg around my waist and closed my hands around her bottom again, holding her to me, finally pushing home that last little bit.

Seeing she was only standing on one leg her hands came up and clutched hold of my shirt, gripping it tightly. I started to rock, slowly moving in and out of her. It wasn't all one sided. Her leg tightened around my waist and she was moving with me, pushing herself against me as I drove in.

I was just quietly enjoying the unexpected exercise, but not so my partner. She was becoming vocal as we got going.

"God, I can't believe this is happening," she insisted.

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