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"Warming Up" Efrain and Cory's first time.

A fresh flood of juice gushed out and bathed my cockhead. She moaned with anticipation and eased her ass down my stomach. With agonizing slowness she worked my dick into her clenching pussy and I pulled and twisted her nipples as I resisted the driving need to pound back into her slick, hot snatch. After an eternity that only saw half my length encased in her pussy I could stand it no longer. I jerked down hard with both hands wrapped around her tits. With a cry of pain she pounded down to ease the agony in her breasts and rammed the rest of my straining cock past the end of her cunt tunnel and deep into her cervix. The tight little hole expanded and contracted around the head of my pecker and she gasped at the fullness in her. I let go of her left tit and ran my hand down between us until it cupped the straining cheeks of her ass.

I pushed with my middle finger into the crack and found her rubberband sphincter. I stabbed and twisted my finger into her asshole and she raised her hips and moved her ass to rotate around the stiff finger in her butthole and the pulsing dick in her cunt. I moved my own ass to work my dick partway out of her sucking pussy then rammed back and up to the hilt. Over and over we ground against each other with my finger trapped deep in her butt. She raised higher and higher off my dick until each withdrawal left only the tip between her cunt lips. I used the hand under her ass to hold her up in that position and slipped my index finger up her bung to join the one still in her. She tightened down so hard on the two fingers penetrating her anus that I thought I would lose circulation in them. I crooked the fingers in her ass and pulled back down to drive her deep onto my cock. I pulled my other arm around her stomach and heaved up out of the chair. My fingers and dick drove deeper into her grasping holes as I turned her face to the chair. She grabbed the back of the chair with her hands as I dropped her onto the seat of the chair with her straining ass in the air. I pulled my fingers out of her butt with a sucking sound and placed both hands in her cheeks.

We sweated and cried out with effort as I began a long hard pound deep into her slick cunt. I pulled all the way out after each thrust and drove back through her pussy lips to bury my cock deep into her. She held perfectly still with my hands tight on her cheeks as I slammed again and again into her tight depths. My cock was so sore with all the raw violence of the last two days that I was sure I could never heal. But, the woman I was pounding at was irresistible to me. I knew that I would fuck her until we both collapsed. I slammed deep and held her tight against me as her pussy muscles spasmed up and down the shaft of my dick. I felt the boiling in my sack as her trembling body worked up to a second coming that threatened to drown us both in it's blind intensity.

I pulled back one last time as the cum worked it's way down my shaft and hesitated at the door to her pussy until I felt the stinging at the end of my cockhead.

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