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In a world without words, man grasps the power of voice.

"This deal of ours... Will we keep hunting together when the fish come back?"

"If you resist the urge to drown me today, then yeah."

"Occupational hazard." Vivian eyes him sitting on the boat. "You wouldn't want to join me in the water today, would you?"

Eddie spies an odd glimmer in her eyes. "You know, I think I'm willing to risk it."

"You actually trust me with your life? In open water?"

"Watch me." Eddie puts down his gear and jumps right into the waves beside her.

"You're stupid. And gullible."

Eddie spits out a bit of salt water. "I know. I forgot to ask why you wanted me in the water."

"I didn't 'want' you in the water right now. I wanted to know if sometime later you wanted to swim with me."

"Oh... Well, well whatever, could you show me around the bay? All we've done the past week is chat and gather fish, with me always staying in my boat and you bobbing in the water."

Vivian slides below the water to consider. Before her, Eddie treads water with his pleasantly nude form creating clumsy ripples and waves in the water. The mermaid views his soft, shrunken manhood and traces a finger along her slit, thinking of how he desperately ravaged her the first time they met. As though his life depended on it. Over the past week, he has hardly touched her the same way, at least not directly. Eddie has been perfectly content to stay in the boat while keeping her company, though she has caught a few sneaky glances thrown her way.

He's told her about life in his village and about humans in general. Vivian doesn't care all that much about the world above the water, but she does find Eddie unfathomable and interesting. He readily, and foolishly, puts his life so casually in her hands. All because she promised not to kill him.

She surfaces right in front of Eddie. "I'll show you around the bay. I don't really live here, you know."

"Oh." The smile on Eddie's face vanishes for a moment. "Then, where do you live?"

"In a cavern out to sea, just outside the bay."

"Could you take me there instead?"

"...I guess I could take you. It's not like any human could reach it without my help." Vivian takes his hands in hers. "Why do you care, Eddie?"

"I- I don't know really." Eddie scratches his head, almost slipping beneath the surface in the process. "I'm drawn to you for some odd reason. You've learned a lot about me these past few days, but I haven't gotten a chance to know you."

"That's funny, because your stupid insanity is really attractive to me." Vivian pulls him under, giving him the power to breathe beneath the waves.

The rushing of bubbles fills Eddie's ears as he adjusts. Vivian holds tightly onto his hands while he looks around. Fish are everywhere, just not anywhere near him. They dart close, but dart away again at any hint of movement. Eddie's eyes widen at the beauty of the world beneath his boat.

"You're not as manly as I expected a so-called man-of-the-sea to be."

"Well, sorry about that." Eddie watches the last remnants of air leave his mouth as he speaks underwater. "Wait. What makes you say that?"

"You're still na__ve. You jump into the water with a mermaid." Vivian gives him a look. "Those other fishermen came in after me like that and you saw what happened to them. With your very own eyes."

Eddie gives her a look back. "If you don't like humans so much and you don't even live in this bay, why do you come out here?"

"To sun myself. The water is calmest in the bay." Vivian shows off the gleam of her sun-kissed skin to Eddie. "I don't understand why your kind cover yourselves up. Not all of you are ugly on the outside."

"Yeah, that doesn't really sound like a compliment." Eddie can feel Vivian's cool gaze trace along his cock. "Thanks for that, I guess. I take it that all mermaids are cunning and stunning and gorgeous, right?"

"You're just basing this only on the fact that I'm the only mermaid you know."

"Do I look like I'm lying to you?"

Vivian smirks at his crotch. "C'mon. We're almost at my place."

Eddie is dragged through the water.

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