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He finds her journal under the bed.

The reception line took forever. They'd ask me questions I cared not to answer. What have I been up to...how's my job...I just wanted to get this done so I can get to the reception and ultimately to the honeymoon suite.

I kissed Sasha, Miss Black's juices still drooling off my own mouth; her tongue licking every ounce of it from my mouth and lips. She then stepped back, turned around and kissed the slave behind her in the same manner (John from accounting), and the trainer behind them (Liz, from Human resources) and so on, as I laid down in the middle of the circle. After kissing the slave, Sasha came back over and began sucking my nipple; then the slave behind her came over and he started kissing my other nipple; then the trainer came over and started straddling my head, pushing her pussy to my mouth; then I felt another begin sucking my cock...it felt so good, I never wanted it to end. I wanted to stay there forever.

I felt like I was the only one in the room with my bride as we danced. Our bodies holding each other tight as we swayed back and forth, her face smiling up at me, as she teared up. "This is the happiest moment of my life." Everyone's eyes in the room focused on us, and I didn't care.

Feeling flesh and flesh, moaning, and arousal. Not caring who was touching who. Not caring what we were doing to each other. It was the most erotic feeling of my life. One by one, bringing each other to climax. Deep down though, there was only one person I thought of, and she was watching in amusement. When I finally exploded with excitement, Miss Black clasped the leash on her blindfolded pet, and slowly walked out the room, smiling at me as she strutted. As she walked by, she merely blew a kiss as she delicately yanked the leash, with Staci right at her heel.

"I can't wait to get out of here and into our room. I have such a surprise for you." Staci grabbed my thigh under the table as she sipped her last glass of champagne.

"Let's sneak out before anyone realizes we're gone," I reply.

With a smile, she grabbed my hand and escorted me out of the room and down the hall to our suite. She closed the door and immediately started kissing me passionately.

"Let me take off this dress off and put on something I think you will like more..." With that, she went into the bathroom. I decided to strip down and wait patiently on the bed.


"Will you get the door?" she asked. Who knocks on the door of the honeymoon suite on someone's wedding night? Sheepishly, I walked over, chained the door, and opened it. There she stood wearing a full mink jacket, her hair blown out like our official collaring ceremony, holding a gift. I didn't know what to say. I then saw a shiny black leather gauntlet-gloved hand grab the chain lock as I felt the other gloved hand grab my waist, and bare breasts on my back. She whispered, "Don't be rude, let Miss Black in." The words echoed through my mind...Let Miss Black in...Let Miss Black in...

I stepped back as the chain was undone. Staci stepped next to me, to disclose she was wearing black a leather corset around her waist and accentuating her breasts, knee high black leather boots, and leather gloves that went passed her elbow. As she opened the door, Miss Black entered, having Staci close the door immediately behind her and set the gift on the counter. Miss Black dropped the mink jacket, to display the exact same outfit as our collaring ceremony. "I hope you don't mind...your new bride thought it would be fun if joined you." With that, Staci gave Miss Black a sloppy, wet kiss...and then brought me in closer to Miss Black...who then turned and kissed me, as Staci began kissing my neck.

After a few minutes, Miss Black backed me up and sat me down in a chair in the corner, sitting on my lap. "Why don't you open your gift?"

Staci walked over and opened the gift Miss Black brought for us.

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