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A submissive given a dilemma he never imagined.

" She grinned at me. "We were having so much fun while we were getting ready that I lost track of the time. We ended up having to get dressed in such a hurry that I completely forgot about it."

Opening the bag, she took out a black rolled leather dog collar. There was a heart shaped metal tag hanging from it. She handed the collar to me and said; "This is for you, read the tag."

I looked at it. The following inscription was engraved on one side: My name is dicklet. I belong to Kelly Mason. A shiver of excitement rippled through my body.

"Read it out loud."

I did.

"Do you like it?"

I smiled at my wife. "Yes, I like it very much."

"Good, when I have more time I'll get you a fancier collar. One with jewels like the collar nymph wears. I'll also get you a nice gold tag from a jewelry store." She giggled. "You can go with me when I buy it. That should cause a little commotion in the store."

I chuckled. "Yes, I suspect it will."

"Put it on."

Mandy said, "Ms. Mason, I think you should do that."

Kelly thought for a moment and then she said; "Yes, I suppose I should."

I handed the collar back to my wife. Every nerve in my body was tingling as she placed it around my neck. After she fastened the buckle she placed her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me to my knees. "I think that deserves a little demonstration of your devotion to me."

I smiled up at Kelly, then I bent over and lovingly kissed her feet.

My wife opened her robe. "Very good dicklet, now I want you to kiss my pussy."

I straightened up. Kelly's freshly shaved sex was directly in front of my face. I put my hands on her hips and leaned forward. She sighed when she felt my lips touch her.

Breathlessly she whispered, "Lick me dicklet. Give me pleasure, but understand that you will get nothing in return. You're my slave. Your only pleasure is to give me pleasure."

Kelly's words excited all three of us. I pushed my tongue into her moist cunt and started eagerly licking her. She closed her eyes. Her breathing became more rapid. I found her engorged clit and sucked it into my mouth.

Suddenly I felt her hands grasp my head and push me away. "No dicklet not now. This evening I belong to Chris. I want my next orgasm to be with him."
Excited by those words, I breathlessly looked up at my wife.

She whispered. "You're not only my slave, you're also my cuckold." We smiled at each other for a moment and then Kelly pulled me up to my feet. "We'd better get busy, Tonya and Keisha will be here soon."

Mandy opened her overnight bag and took out her collar. This was the first time I'd ever actually seen it. It really was quite impressive. It was at least an inch wide with a row of large stones that did appear to be diamonds. A heart shaped gold tag hung from a gold D ring. She handed the collar to Kelly. "Ms. Mason, would you please do mine."

My wife nodded. "Of course nymph, I would be happy to do it. May I read the tag to dicklet?"


She held it up and read, "My name is nymph. I belong to Martin Jackson."

Mandy smiled. "I have another tag at home that says I belong to Caldwell Brunner. When I stopped living with him and went to work for Martin, Caldwell had this new tag attached to my collar. I guess it means that he gave me to Martin." She grinned. "Thinking about being given away to someone else like a piece of property gets me very wet."

I took a deep breath. For a submissive the idea of being casually given to another person was very exciting.

Kelly noticed my reaction and whispered. "Dicklet someday would you like me to give you to Tonya or Keisha?"

I shook my head. "The idea is exciting, but I'd never want it to really happen. I love you. I'd never want to belong to someone else."

Kelly smiled. "I love you too and I'd never dream of giving you to anyone else."

Mandy nodded. "I didn't love Caldwell. I think I'd feel much different if Martin gave me to another man."

Suddenly Kelly started to grin.

I looked at her. "What?"

"I think it might be fun to loan you out once in a while."

I stared at my wife with an astonish