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Tabby helps Monique entertain her Dad's friends.

Were it not for the graffiti that was plastered over the walls its grey bleakness would have been overpowering. Its smell too, was powerful, the waft of stale urine unmistakable as it was distasteful.

I stood at the doorway and tentatively peered in making sure it was deserted before starting inside. It was, my heels echoed on the stained ceramic walls as I moved gingerly further in. The place looked and felt genuinely unpleasant and I could not help but take out the print out of the email Master had sent me only two nights previously. I ignored the directions to this place, I had found it all too easily, and concentrated for what must have been the thousandth time on the last paragraph:

"Once you have ensured the toilets are empty (they will be but check anyway) move into the middle of the three cubicles. Once in there close the door, there is no working lock but the door will close, and take off all your clothes. Put them in the plastic bag that will be behind the toilet bowl and then push the bag under the partition of the wall of the cubicle to the cubicle to your right hand side. Then kneel on the floor and await me. If you do this correctly slave this will be your first taste of your Master's cum."

Despite the risk I would be putting myself at, not just of discovery but of worse, it was the last sentence of those instructions that had me so excited. Finally, after all I had done for him I would taste him! That thought above all other considerations saw me push open the big cubicle door and nearly stumble through. I overcame my revulsion at the aroma and the grimness of the surroundings, the lewd and crude graffiti on the wall and the dilapidated nature of the actual bowl - even the seat was broken. Shaking I stood there for a moment before starting to take my clothes off, I had only worn a shirt, jeans and shoes and I slipped them inside the cheap supermarket bag and slid it under the wall into the next door cubicle. Before I had even settled on to my knees I heard steps rush into the toilets, head next door, pick up the bag and head straight out again. I had not spotted anyone even near the building as I had approached it!
All of which left me stark naked and kneeling on the cold, grimy floor. It took me a moment to recover from the shock of the bag being taken so quickly but when I did I realised that on the back of the cubicle door in thick black letters was a message. My heart nearly exploded as I read it.


I knelt there and digested the information and what it meant for me when I heard footsteps again and the cubicle door slowly moved inwards and open. The Master walked in. He smiled at me, obviously happy that I was so obedient to his every demand, so ready to put myself in the line of fire.

"You read my message on the door?"

I nodded meekly.

"Good. I don't know how many, if any will show up but whatever I expect you to stay here like that until three this afternoon."

I must have flinched when he mentioned the length of time for my stay because he just wagged his finger at me as if I were a naughty pet.

"You'd better last that long Trish, or this will be the last game I play with you. Good, that's better, now lean forward."

I did as he asked and he leaned over me, my head pushed into his crotch and reached behind me and before I knew it he had handcuffed my wrists behind my back. I looked up into his impassive, cragged face and must have looked so sweet and vulnerable.

"Just so you are not tempted to clean your face at all my dear" he explained.

Then he unzipped himself and I was finally able to gaze upon his magnificent member.