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"The bones will mend, but they'll take time. The scars will leave lines on your legs, groin and the back of your arm; luckily, your face was not damaged. The bruising is all but gone, so you're.. no I'm a lucky kid," Tanya reflected.


Julie knocked on the door and entered the lounge. "Tanya asked me to pop in on you, they've had a multiple and she wont be home until later."

Julie made some coffee and placed it on the low coffee table. The ringer on our phone had been turned off so as not to disturb any sleep I might fall into. Tanya wanted me to recover, and recover quickly. We hadn't made love in over two months and, although I wanted to, I just couldn't get it up. Tanya had spoken with one of the psychiatrists at work who explained that my condition was only temporary and we were not to worry.

"Thanks Julie," as she placed the cup on the table.

"Hey, you fancy something to eat?" Julie was always a bubbly person. She had been a regular visitor, supporting her best friend and me since the accident.

"No thanks, I'm not hungry"

Julie sat next to me and put her arms around me. "You know, Tanya and me, well, we cried to sleep on this sofa when you were in a coma. The doctors ordered her home to rest awhile, there was nothing she could do at the hospital, it just had to run its course."

I placed a hand on Julie's and squeezed a thank-you. She kissed my cheek. She smelt so good. She had never been this close to me before, even when Tanya and I used to go out with Julie and her boyfriends to make up foursomes. Yes, I had noticed her shoulder length jet-black hair and sultry brown eyes, her long shapely legs that supported a well-proportioned body. Her breasts were firm under her t-shirt and she never wore a bra. Her cut-off denims allowed the thigh to touch my right leg. Without realising, my cock begun to stir back to life.

Julie must have noticed the slight movement of my shorts and quickly stood up, "If you want anything else, just give me a call."

"Wait a minute Julie, where are you rushing to now?"

"I've just remembered I've left something in the oven."

She left, the door slamming in her wake. I sat there, realising why she had left so quickly. I looked down to my crotch and could see the tip of my cock protruding from the left leg of my shorts. I burst out in a roar of laughter - and boy, did it hurt my ribs.

That evening, when Tanya arrived home, I told her of Julie's great escape. Tanya laughed and hugged me tight. She was relieved that I was now almost fully recovered, and my mental health was also on the mend.

I laid in bed, arm around Tanya's shoulders, her naked body snuggled up to me. She was gently caressing my cock, stroking its softness. We spoke of good times we'd had with John, and Tanya described how there must have been over three hundred at his funeral, and everyone asked how I was.

My cock stayed shrunken, but Tanya knew that to make a full recovery I had to get over my fears and face what had happened and accept the loss of a dear friend.

I cried. For the first time since the accident, I wept. Just a tear at first, but it was enough to melt away the barriers and cascade into a full sobbing. Tanya comforted me, relieved that my crying was a major step in my healing process.

I fell asleep. Tanya cried silently in my arms.

Four weeks later, Julie popped round. Tanya was ironing clothes so Julie kept me company in the lounge. I apologised for any embarrassment I might have given her and went on to explain that she should be proud of herself. That was my first erection since that day and I hadn't noticed how 'little Willy' had tried to free himself.

Julie laughed aloud I joined her.

"What are you guys laughing about?"

"Oh, nothing, nothing," I said. "How about a drink?"

"Tea, coffee?" Tanya asked.

"Hell no! Give me a nice cold beer," the first beer in recent history.

We sat sipping beer, and within minutes it was as if everything was all right, like old times, talking about holidays (holding back some of the adventurous details), about garde