Meeting Mister Dark [Conclusion] High Quality Porn

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Joe walked over to the bed as if he was in a trance. Again he heard the voice speak to him "Joe please go to the bed and wait for me...I will make all of your fantasies come true tonight." Joe sat down and waited in anticipation...
And then he saw her...

Part 2

Gabriella nervously waited for Joe to arrive; she thought that he might not show up, thinking that someone was playing a practical joke. She could tell by his reaction that he was surprised to see her. It had been a couple of days since they had first met at a party and after a few drinks ended their night in the throes of passion. Gabriella left Joe's apartment still craving more. Confused about the intensity of her sexual desire for him, Gabriella felt the best way to approach Joe; was to create an erotic fantasy for him.

Gabriella approached Joe --- she walked up to him and put her finger over his mouth, motioning him to stay silent. She took his hand and walked him over to the bed and said, "I want you --- my body has been crying out for you since we last saw each other. Tonight I want you to make love to me." She slowly began to kiss him and Joe eagerly responded to her kisses. She wanted to take her time, but she could not control herself, she began to feel soft and warm between her legs. She hungrily kissed Joe, sucking his lips passionately. She caressed his body and brought herself closer to him.

Joe began to kiss Gabriella on her neck--- remembering how much she enjoyed this. Gabriella arched her back as she felt herself climax. She began to undress Joe slowly, kissing all of his body as she took his clothes off. She kissed his chest, slowly leaving a trail of wet kisses down to his navel. She began unbuttoning his pants but he stopped her. He stood her up and began kissing Gabriella hungrily. Joe began to kiss her neck and slowly opened the black robe that she was wearing, exposing her womanly body and her large breasts. All that he was able to do was look at them with hunger and awe. He could sense that Gabriella was waiting for his lips to touch her breasts and he complied. He slowly kissed each breast, taking turns on each one. Gabriella was crying out for him, almost begging him to suck her nipples.
He sucked and nibbled each nipple making Gabriella cry out in pleasure. Gabriella could not control herself any longer; she began to cum just as soon as she felt Joe's entire mouth on her breasts. She felt herself begin to get weak in the knees. She wanted Joe to stop so she can continue with her seduction. But, she could not speak - all Joe heard were moans of pleasure.

Finally she pulled Joe off of her breasts motioning to lie down on the bed. She slowly began to take his pants off exposing his beautiful cock. She was amazed at the sight of it. She took it in her mouth and began to suck it. It was now Joe's turn to moan, and it felt like heaven for him. Since their first meeting, Joe wondered about Gabriella's passionate nature and if he would ever experience it again. From what he was experiencing right now, he knew that he was in for a night. As Gabriella continued to suck him he touched her wet pussy. Not only was she soft and wet, but he could feel her coming as he fingered her clitoris. He wanted her, and nothing would stop him from having her.

Joe pulled Gabriella up, and turned her on her back. He took the rest of their clothing off. He pulled her close to him and they continued to kiss. He made her lie down on her back and he pushed her legs apart. He slowly began to kiss her belly button continuing down the path that led to her wet womanhood. He slowly kissed her clitoris, sending electrical shocks throughout Gabriella's body. His hands grasped at her hips, pulling her further into his face. She felt his tongue everywhere -- on her clit - on her inner thigh -- inside her.

No longer able to hold her climax, she let herself go, shuddering as each wave took control of her body.