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His graduation party, he was gonna propose, until...

"You? But you seem... so masculine..."
"Well, wasn't grandpa like that? Masculine?"

That stopped her, cold. Brian was right; it didn't matter what face the world saw, it was all inside. An open mind, or a closed one?

She went to the kitchen for another glass of wine and brought another beer for Brian. In spite of himself, Brian watched her ass as it moved away from him, and wondered why he was doing such a thing.

She came back and she sat on the couch, a bit closer to her grandson. Suffice it to say, they saw each other in a completely different light.

"Anyway," she continued, "we thought things were starting to get a bit out of hand. And by that time, it was '47 or '48, I was pregnant with your uncle, so we just stopped. Your grandpa had found a good job and we just didn't need the money.

"But years after Uncle Mike, and your mom were born, we sort of... slipped back into it. But we never did it again for money. It was just some friends getting together... and having sex. I guess you'd call them orgies. Once or twice a year. This went until about '75... Anyway, one of our... friends... John, was a shutter-bug. At first, we let him take some regular pictures... but then as time went on, then we--" She stopped, as if she had said too much. She took another sip of wine.

"This was all so illegal! If half the things we did had gotten out, they would have tossed us in jail and thrown away the key... We could have been thrown in prison for taking pictures of... well, the things we did. We were very fortunate. You young people today are so lucky," she said wistfully. "You can be so open about it...."

"Yeah," said Brian. "I guess we are lucky. Though even now, you can't shout out that you're bisexual. You can get your head kicked in if that gets out in the wrong crowd."

She thought about this. "Well, yes, I guess." The room fell silent. They took a drink before Bubba-Lou continued. "So..." she said, sort of playfully. "Tell me about it."


"About you... and other men."

"Oh, I don't think that I can--"

"To heck with that, sonny-boy! I told you our dirty little secret, you can tell me yours!"

So, Brian told her all about his 'adventures' with his schoolmate, his Denver landlord and landlady and living on the farm with his old boss' family... He told her about Briget and me, (Dennis) and all about our recent forays into bi-sex. (ed. These are documented in the earlier 'Brian's Story' series and the 'Briget' series.)

Bubba-Lou, to his surprise, asked for details. Brian gave them to her, describing what it was like to suck a cock and be involved in group scenes where anything went. He felt himself getting hard as he related the tales.

Bubba-Lou was flushed, too. If he didn't know any better, he would have said that she was really turned on as well. She shifted in her seat, and her blouse drew tighter across her chest, and her nipples were poking out at him, even through her bra. She brought a shaking hand to the opening of her blouse and toyed with the crucifix hanging there. "Did you like it?" she asked, breathlessly.

The time for embarrassment was long past. Brian had always felt comfortable with his Bubba-Lou. It would never be any different. "Yeah, I did. I still do."

"Your grandpa liked it too... You really are alike in many ways." She dropped her eyes and spoke softly and shyly. "Especially after what I saw this afternoon..." She sighed and got up from the couch, saying she'd be right back.

Brian knew, deep inside, where she was going, and when she returned she had refilled her wine glass. She also had a beer for Brian, and, one of the betamax tapes tucked under her arm.

She held the tape in her hands and she turned to her grandson. "This... stays between us... at least for now. Okay?"

Brian nodded and she put the tape in the machine. She dimmed the lights and sat down, close beside him with the remote control.

"Your grandfather's friend put these films on these tapes, so we didn't have to set up the projector to watch the

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