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Her first threesome.

Once my dick was free, Christy turned her body so that we weren't being as obvious, but when she kissed me again, she started jerking me off with one hand. For some reason, the idea of being out in public was sexy as hell to me. I continued to massage her pussy, but I could tell I wasn't having nearly the effect on her that she was having on me.

After a few minutes I could tell I was ready to come, and I told her so. Because of the alcohol and the foreplay, my dick was almost desperately hard. I thought she was going to jerk me off into one of the napkins, or maybe leave my jeans a mess, but to my surprise, she didn't do either.

Christy snuck a quick look around, and then leaned over and put her head in my lap, taking my dick deep into her mouth, almost to her throat. Almost immediately, I was overwhelmed by the sensation, and started ejaculating into her mouth before she even had a chance to come up for air.

Christy came back up before I was finished coming, but she caught some of my semen in her hand and wiped it off on the napkin.

"My God, that was awesome." I said.

"I told you I would pay you back." She said.

And after that, she stood up, stretched just enough to show off her body, and started to lead me out. I stopped long enough to leave a $20 tip for the waiter, who smiled at Christy and gave me a "thumbs up" sign when she wasn't looking.

By the time we got back to the room, it was 1am, so it was already day 3 of the cruise. Day 3 was a day at sea, so we didn't have to be up by any particular time. When we got back to the room, and Christy stripped her clothes off, I thought she might be ready for more, but instead she curled up with me and went to sleep. Watching her sleep, I realized that she was my dream girl. I had let her get away before, but I wouldn't make that mistake again.

The next morning I was awake early, showered, and ordered breakfast for the room. In a surprisingly short time, the room service staff brought us omelettes and bagels, with way more bacon than we had requested. As I brought the breakfast to bed, Christy stirred awake, but decided to make a trip to the restroom before eating breakfast.

When she came back to bed, she had brushed her hair and teeth, but she was still completely naked. I marveled at her figure, and told her how good she looked. I had been working out and dieting for weeks to get ready for the cruise, and she knew it, but she was in as good a shape as ever, and really much better shape than I was in.

Rather than sit on the bed, she picked up the plates and walked out to the balcony. I was wearing the bathrobe, since I had met room service at the door. Christy sat the plates on the balcony table, and came back to me with a grin on her face.

Before we sat down, she loosened the bathrobe, and carefully took it off my shoulders. I had not been wearing underwear, so now we were both naked.

"Let's just stay naked all day," she smiled.

"Sounds good to me, but I bet they will throw us out of the show tonight."

"Maybe not," she mused. "Maybe the show tonight is 'Hair.'"

In fact, we had reservations for the Broadway-style show on board ship that night, but I am pretty sure it was 'Cats.'"

Still, the idea of spending all morning naked was appealing to me, and my erection started to swell.

She reached down and touched my erection. "I will take care of that in a minute," she said. "But breakfast first."

With that, she sat in a chair on the balcony, still naked, and started to eat her breakfast. I thought about how she didn't wash her hand after touching my dick, but it occurred to me it had been in her mouth plenty of times in the last few weeks.

The balcony was pretty large, and the privacy from the other balconies was pretty good. If someone were leaning up to the balcony keyhole from the room next door, they could most likely see through, or if they leaned over the balcony, they could turn around. But the only thing in front of us was open ocean.

The sun had risen, a