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Wife turns Charles back on to sucking cock.

She then walked directly to Henry who didn't see what she was wearing at all. Henry was busy rolling the last of the sausage links onto a plate. As she walked towards him, I was enamored with how amazing her ass looked in those panties. I was actually beyond my fantasy at this point, but she wasn't through making me pay for it as it seemed.

Now Henry was a very "Roll with it guy," but upon spinning around he quickly said "Oh shit honey, did you forget your shorts?"

Janet just went with it and replied "No, my God, what's the difference, Panties, bikini bottoms, is there that much difference?

Henry quickly said "Absolutely not. This is your boat honey, and you wear what you want, anything you want, anytime you want, this is your boat." I knew Janet was pouring it on thick at this point. She was trying to arouse Henry in front of me. It was a fact that she obviously didn't hear the reasonable apology from me she wanted to, and she was laying the ground work for me to craft an apology equal to none, one that would make me think twice before bringing up such a fantasy.

Janet knew I was ordinarily a very conservative man, very conservative, but this wasn't just any fantasy, and it wasn't just any circumstance.

Janet then walked from Henry after hugging him, thanking him for making her favorite breakfast. Afterwards, she slowly walked towards the back bench couch on the back of the boat, glancing at me only briefly. She knew at this point I was completely aware of what she was doing, but at the same time it was killing her that I hadn't reacted. It was almost like a game of chicken.

As Janet got to the bench, she sat, casually put both feet up onto the edge with her legs spread about two feet apart, laid her head back and said "God, I'm still so tired."

She really had me at this point, I mean her crotch was completely exposed, and the crotch of her see-through dark navy blue panties was wet with a dark almost black slit about a half inch wide and sunk so tightly against her crotch. I knew it was from her still leaking come.

You have to know Janet, her point was not made.

I quickly said as she laid her head back "Hey honey, why don't you go below and put your shorts on, we're thinking about parasailing up the coast."

Janet slowly raised her head and replied "I think we should just have fun on the boat."

She had me dead bag, I was utterly paid back, only problem, she wasn't done. Henry spun around with the breakfast, and instantly looked away saying "Okay, Wow! Sorry, get comfortable, it's all good."

Janet then rose up and said "Henry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get too comfortable."

It was at that very moment I realized she was trying to pay me back for my fantasy, and embarrass Henry for jacking off to her photo. I mean she didn't care if Henry kicked us off the boat and she had to swim back. The freakishly odd part was that I was fine with being paid back at this point, just hoping it would end, but Henry had no clue someone watched him jack off to her photo and I was thinking she might say something, but she didn't.

Henry put the breakfast plate down in front of her trying to be a gentleman, but Janet caught it. She lowered her legs and said "Henry, I want a photo of you sitting on my lap."

Now Henry is an enormous guy, three times the size of Janet in every way. He just laughed and replied "Okay, here we go," and jokingly acted as if he was going to sit on her lap.

As he did, Janet grabbed at the side of his shorts and he fell onto the back bench seat. Once he hit the seat, he said "Wow, lets get this photo. I'll try not to crush you."

I then grabbed the camera hoping after a snap or two, we I could do damage control and tell her how much of a mistake my fantasy was. The first couple photos were pretty benign, but then Janet said "Let's get a sexy one."

Henry jokingly broke into a pose as Janet jokingly hugged his left leg as he stood in front of her. As I snapped it she said "Sit down Henry." and he did.

As he sat, Janet said "Let's get a very sexy pose."

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