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Elunara meets up with an old friend.

Leslie slowly began to stroke my cock as we pulled back from each other. I fumbled with the clasp on her shorts, trying to get it opened. "Let me help" Leslie volunteered, and she easily opened the waistband.

"Stupid me," I said...I forgot ladies pants open the opposite of men" I said sheepishly.

"You have been out of the dating scene for a while, haven't you Robert" Leslie said with a smile on her face.

That smile was quickly replaced with a look of passion as I slid her shorts down, letting them fall to her ankles. Leslie stepped out of them, leaving her wearing only her bra and panties. Although our pool enclosure was screened-in and the backyard well shielded by plantings, I desired more privacy for what was to come, so taking Leslie by the hand and picking up he clothing with the other, I led her into the house.

As soon as we got into the family room, Leslie reached around my neck with her hands and gave me another passionate kiss. As we fought with our tongues, I unbuttoned my shorts and let them slide off, allowing my hard cock it's freedom. With Leslie holding on, I cupped her tight ass in my hands and lifted her off the floor, rubbing her crotch against the length of my penis, bring a purr of approval from Leslie. I swear, if she hadn't still been wearing her panties, I would have thrust my cock into her pussy right then.

I carried Leslie over to a pool table in the center of the family room and set her bottom down on the rail, continuing to suck on her tongue all the time. Even though her nipples were already erect, I could swear they got harder as they pushed against my chest. I could have kissed Leslie all night...but there were other things to do.

Disentangling Leslie's arms from around my neck, I unclasped her bra and removed, giving me my first in-person look at her breasts. They were beautiful - not overly large, but with much darker aerolas around and inch and a half in diameter. Her nipples were like large pencil erasers and, lowering my mouth, I took one gently between my lips. As soon as I did so, Leslie began to climax, gasping "oh God, Robert...that feels so fucking good." I took this as a good sign and continued to suck, taking only enough time to alternate between her two breasts. Leslie leaned back onto the pool table as I stepped between her thighs, pressing my cock against her pussy while I nursed on her tits like a baby.

As her climax subsided, Leslie's breathing slowly returned to normal. "You don't know how many times I imagined that over the past couple weeks, Robert" she said softly. "Ever since I watched you stroke your cock to my video, I've wanted you to make me cum..."

"With luck, that was just the beginning" I replied, letting my fingers trail down her stomach to rest on her panty-covered pussy. "Do you like other things sucked too?" I asked.

Leslie could only moan, and lifted her butt off the pool cushion to let me slide her panties off. Her pubic hair was the same as in the video, but it was obvious that Leslie had a larger clit that I had imagined, probably because the camera wasn't as close as I was right now. As she set her butt down on the cushion again and I slid her panties from her legs, I placed my hand directly on her muff, with one finger resting against her clit. As Leslie felt the pressure of my finger, she spread her legs, opening her cunt to my view.

"I love a woman with black pussy hair...especially when she has such a beautiful pussy too" I told Leslie. Taking my finger momentarily away, I licked it. Leslie was focused on me, nothing else getting her attention. As I moved my finger back to her pussy, Leslie trembled with anticipation. I lightly touched her clit, making her shudder.

"Fuck me with your finger" she begged. "I'm so hot!"

"All in good time my dear...all in good time. As I recall, you're not the only one who is hot" I said.

Smiling, Leslie turned around on the pool table allowing her head to tilt off and placing it directly at the level of my penis.