Popular Scott Greg meets a sexy, older nurse. Videos

A trip to a television universe has its risks.

I look at how beautiful you are naked before me in nothing but a strappy pair of high heels. I'd then turn you away from me, kiss your neck and shoulders, and massage your breast from behind. I then lightly trail my hands down your stomach and finger your pussy teasingly, enough to make you squirm but not enough to satisfy, all the while I'd be grind my pussy into your ass.

I'd then make you assume the position for frisking. I begin tracing kisses down your back between your shoulder blades and lightly run my nails down the sides of your body, the undersides of your breast, across your nipples, the flat of your stomach and in soft circles around your ass as my mouth goes lower down your spine. My hands are on your hips and I place kisses, licks and nibbles along each cheek. You shiver and moan anticipating what's to come next. I spread your cheeks, run my tongue slowly in small tight circles down your crack, and hit your bud. You arch back pushing your ass towards my tongue. Because of the way I am teasing you your pussy is so wet that I get the first taste of your honey as go past your bud. You ask me not to stop and your breathing is getting heavier but I do stop and you press your head against the wall and ask me why am I teasing you this way.

I want more but I want to prolong the tasting of your body. I want you crazy with anticipation before I satisfy my craving for your honey. I take you by the hand and lead you to the bed, and place you in such a way that when I do lay you down your husband can see the look of pleasure on your face as the flame of your desire is stoked and then put out by my manipulations. As you sit you, watch me undress and begin to stroke your pussy. I stop you and put your hands on your breast instead. I don't want you to cum until I am ready to take you to the peak. I love the contrast of my big breast in comparison to your smaller ones. My being a BBW does not bother you and it makes my all the more crazy to please your pussy. Why does a BBW feel the need to prove something in this arena? It is evident, most other people don't want to give us a chance and they don't know what they are missing until we show them otherwise. And I am about to show you.

I kiss you deeply making you breathless again. I begin trailing kisses down your neck and onto your d__colletage. You offer your right breast to my lips as I kneel between your legs. I lick around the swell of your breast before pulling the hardened peak into my mouth sucking on it hard then plucking it with teeth and lips. I manipulate the other breast now doing the same going back and forth between the two. You head is back and you're moaning that it feels so good. I massage your nipples and start kissing the flat of your stomach tonguing your navel and then placing little nips along the sides of your hipbones.

I lay you back spreading your legs and I begin licking and nibbling the crease of inner thigh.

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