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She caught his look of appreciation and she smiled.

"You will be set up in this conference room over here. There are refreshments in the room and the restroom is right around the corner. If there is anything else you need just ask."

"Thank you!"

Travis walked in the conference room with Rick and explained the routine. "You will meet with some people in here today. However, you will meet with the Senior Partners and Partners in their offices. They will send their assistants to escort you. Lunch will be brought in today and I'll join you then. If all goes well and I expect it will, we will have dinner with my father this evening."

"Okay, thanks Travis."

"See you at lunchtime."

Travis left Rick alone and closed the conference room door when he left. Rick poured a cup of coffee and sat down awaiting his first appointment. His mind flashed back to the blonde beauty at the reception desk. She was a knockout and if that's what he could expect of San Diego women, he was ready to move here. Of course, he would have to balance his life with Travis but he thought that was doable. Just then the first person came in to meet with him.

"Good morning Rick, I'm Tom Wilson. I handle most of the administrative logistics for our partners and consultants."

"Nice to meet you Tom."

Tom poured a cup of coffee for himself and sat across from Rick. "This is more of a briefing session than an interview. I have a few questions but mostly I'm here to answer yours. I'll give you an overview of our business and we'll go from there. Fair enough?"

"That is great."

Rick liked Tom, the guy knew the company inside and out and provided a good overview. Travis had explained the business but not to the extent Tom did. Rick asked some questions and Tom also had some for Rick. The hour flew by and it almost time for the next appointment. Tom stood up, shook Rick's hand and wished him well.

"I like you Rick. I think that you would fit in well here. Good luck!"

Rick nodded and replied, "Thank you Tom, you were very thorough and it was a pleasure to meet you."

He made a quick trip to the men's room and then returned to the conference room. He smiled at the pretty Laura he walked by. Minutes later another drop-dead gorgeous young woman entered the conference room. She too was blonde and Rick began to wonder if most California women were blondes.

"Good morning Mr. Moore, I'm Trisha, Mr. Jennings assistant. He will see you now please follow me."

"Good morning Trisha, nice to meet you."

He followed her through a number of hallways on the way to the Senior partner's office. She was wearing a very snug mini-skirt and tight blouse. Like Laura she had long blonde hair, great legs and a curvy figure. His eyes went to her ass which was very shapely. He had only been there less than two hours and he had met two of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. They arrived at the office and she pointed for Rick to enter.

"Mr. Jennings this is Mr. Moore to see you."

"Thank you, Trisha, we'll be about an hour. Anything else to drink Rick?"

"No thank you Mr. Jennings."

"It's Tim, please have a seat."

Rick looked around and Tim directed him to an upholstered chair. There was a sofa and two upholstered chairs and Tim sat in the other one. It was a very professional move not to keep the desk between them. Rick felt comfortable in the presence of the Senior Partner. Again, the hour flew by and Rick handled the questions very well. By the time the interview was over, Rick felt that Tim knew everything about him. He stood up shook Rick's hand, wished him well and summoned his assistant to escort Rick back to the conference room. Once again, he walked with the pretty young woman but felt more at ease this time.

He thanked Trish for escorting him and she smiled and wished him well. He had 15 minutes before the next interview. He used the restroom and then went over his notes from the first two sessions. He was working when another lovely woman entered the conference room.


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