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SGT Brittin brings a friend this time.

A bevy of stars lit my sky, I took a moment to take in their beauty --- knowing all to well they would be invisible in moments, washed away from the storm.

I glanced down at the crumpled note in the palm of my hand the concierge has brought to me only moments before.

La Fay~ I am truly sorry I will not be able to meet you.
Please understand...

I shivered slightly in my shirt, not bothering to dress properly, I had slipped a mans simple white cotton button-up shirt on, barely skimming my bottom, I folded my arms across my chest as I looked out into the night. Tears of frustration so close, I didn't bother to read the note a second time weren't coming.

Walking back to my open door, I passed the private hot tub off the terrace, thinking of how nice it would have been to share that with you. I walked to the mini bar refrigerator, retrieved a bottle of champagne that was chilling there, tossing the note on the plush white couch and walked back into the night.

Sliding one long nail into the foil around the head of the bottle working the wrapping off, walking past the hammock for two nestled in-between two palm trees 20 feet from the room, my feet sinking into the warm sand as I made my way closer to the waters edge. I sat down, just close enough to let the zealous surf kiss the tips of my toes. I nestled the cold bottle between my thighs, wrapping the palm of my hand around the cork, slowly working it back & forth, feeling the pressure build under my hand, the stopper gave away with audacious pop and I expertly held it in place until the rising bubbles subsided.

Tipping my head back, the ends of my hair brushing along the sand, I noticed the stars glow begin to dim under the shadow of the clouds over head, rushing over the silvery moon in gloomy waves, leaving a perfect reflection of the ocean floor against the sky's canvas. I took a long drink straight from the bottle, liquid bubbles bursting in my mouth, sweet pears and apples.

My thoughts lingering on you -- The way your lips slowly curve into a gentle smile when I enter a room. How your eyes fix on mine, reaching out to me, telling me I am center -- the only one. Looking into me like no other person had before. The sound of your voice, many a nights finding solitude there, coming home late at night to my apartment, dark circles under my eyes, fatigue cloaking my badge, to find you waiting up for me. Your hands healing me, tenderly wiping away at the fraudulent residue of my craft that coated my skin in thick layers.

Tasking another long drink the bottle, tired tears clouded my vision, brushing them away, I lifted my face to the dark vault of heaven just in time to watch it open before me in a silent explosion illuminating the sky, pouring rain fell from the above. I stood up, my hair hanging in wet ringlets, the men's oversized shirt I wore now clinging to every curve of my body. Closing my eyes now, I raised my arms above my head, soft cotton plastered to me-- exaggerating the contrast between my trim waist and the soft swell of swaying hips. Rain trickled down my neck, sliding between my breasts, caressing down my navel, balmy water droplets landing on my inner thigh.

Thunder hummed along the deserted beach echoing back to me. Picking up the champagne bottle I made my way back to the suite. Dusting as much sand off me as possible, I stepped into the room catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror across the room. I did a double take --- not recognizing myself there, bewitched. The woman in the mirror looked wild, her eyes stormy, cheeks a rosy glow, long untamed hair hung in dark sheets over one shoulder, dark nipples jutting through her wet shirt.

Numb fingers worked at the buttons down the shirt, peeling it away I took on last look in the mirror, making a face at myself.