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Finding a new friend in a new town.

"Well, well, well! Isn't this sight to behold! Two gorgeous whores hugging one another!"

"Oh, hi, Jack." said Lisa. "This is the hot cunt I told you about that was interested in taking my place for a while."

"Hi, tits." Said Jack to Suzie as he grabbed her tits and kneaded them and proceeded to suck on her nipples."

Surprised at Jack's rude treatment, Suzie asked: "Well, hello, Jack. Do you greet all women with "hi, tits"?

"Sure, babe. Lisa tells me you were whores together. Aren't you still spreading your legs all over town? If you're not, you sure should be. With a body like that, you need to be generous with your equipment. You know, we are all pretty spoiled with Lisa's 44 EEE knockers. She sure does know what to do with them. But you're no flat chested babe either. What are these hooters, 40 D?"

"Excuse me, Jack, they are 40 DD!"

"Great. Minimum tit requirement for this place is 40 D so you made it. You've got to be able to really swing and bounce those hooters when you walk. Ok, now. Let's start the interview, shall we? Lisa, honey, why don't you start making the announcements that we have a new cunt that is being interviewed by me now and you will be bringing her around to everyone for further evaluations?"

As Lisa left the room, Suzie asked: "Further evaluations???"

Jack began to knead her tits again and said: "Hey, tits, do you think they are going to take my word for it that you can handle 75 cocks? Oh, no, Lisa will take you around to each office. Each guy will handle your tits and of course, fuck you to make sure your cunt is tight and cooperative."

"Listen, Suzie, I'm sorry for the rude treatment. If you ask Lisa how I am, she will tell you that I treat her like a queen. She loves to fuck but lately because of her condition, I've been covering for her with the guys so she doesn't have to do so much fucking. It's tough on her cunt and her tits are very sensitive and they hurt from all the sucking. So, you have to present yourself as a very willing participant. As far as I am concerned, you are gorgeous and from what Lisa has told me about you when you two were whores together, you are very well qualified."

Suzie said: "Jack, you are really going to town with my tits."

Jack said: "Well, tits, is there a problem with that? After all, you are a whore and you are standing there with them hanging and screaming for attention. As long as you work here, your hooters are going to get constant kneading and sucking. Lisa said you loved it. Lisa's big hooters are fantastic. I'd spend a lot of time playing with those babies. I'm a tit man myself but I sure do appreciate a hot cunt. So, if I pay a lot of attention to those great knockers, it's because I love them."

He resumed his vigorous tit kneading and said: "Let me tell you what you have to do. Get in by 7:30 in the morning. That will give you a little time to have some coffee and get ready. By 8:00, most of the guys will be in and will have their lights on."

"Lights on?" Suzie asked.

"Yes. Each office has a little red light outside the door. When the red light is on, that means they expect to fuck you. Most of the time, when you come in, every light will be on. Now your job during the day is make sure you visit every office to fuck and suck. You will have a daily fuck sheet and when you finish with each cock, they will sign the sheet. That protects you so that later one of them can't complain that you missed him. Sometime a guy will have a guest or two with him. In that case, you fuck the guest too as a treat to him. Goodwill you know."

"Now after you have serviced every cock once, they can turn their lights on again and you start over.