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Samuel and Helen are found and taken.


"Well everyone checks out your tits," Tina said.

"Oh really?" Heather teased, dropping the towel to stand before her friend in just her underwear. "Even you?"

"You so know that I check them out, they're freaking awesome," Tina said, advancing to where Heather stood and reaching to take her friend's tits in her hands, squeezing them playfully.

"God I love it when you touch me," Heather said huskily.

"Yes, but its bed time," Tina said apologetically.

"Together?" Heather pressed, her voice full of hope.

"If we win babe," Tina said, knowing that it wasn't what Heather wanted to hear. "If we win you can do whatever you want to me for as long as you want, but you know how much doing well at this means to me."

"You're just lucky that I like you so much," Heather sighed. Tina pulled her into a hug before the two girls rinsed off under the shower and got into bed. Heather lay there, her fingers once again dabbling between her legs. Tina went straight to sleep and Heather was left listening to her friend's deep breathing. She was about to give up and go to sleep herself when there was a quiet knock on the door. Heart beating quickly, Heather scrambled over and peeked through the peep hole wondering whether she'd have to find some clothes or not. Fiona stood there, looking nervously up and down the corridor. Heather opened the door and quickly pulled her friend inside, hushing her as she did so, Fiona breaking into a smile as she took in the sight of Heather's naked body.

Heather grabbed Fiona's hand and pulled her toward her bed. She quickly threw back the covers before turning to take Fiona in her arms and kiss her. Fiona had to bend her head to make up for the 8 inches difference in their height and Heather found herself on tip toes trying to meet her half way even as her hands began to remove her friend's clothing. The track pants she was wearing were quickly pulled to the floor to reveal a black lace thong and as Heather dragged them down, Fiona removed her t-shirt. She wore no bra and her hardening pale pink nipples were revealed. Heather stood back up and took one in her mouth, pulling at it with her lips and teeth. Fiona sighed before pushing Heather down onto the bed, causing her to sit in a hurry.

Heather made room for her and Fiona happily joined her in the bed, sitting over hips, her hands reaching down to massage Heather's plentiful chest even as Heather reached up and tweaked her nipples. This was soon followed by a lingering kiss in which their tongues attempted to tie themselves together.

"Eat me," Heather begged as the kiss broke apart, sensing rather than seeing Fiona's grin in the dim light of the hotel room. Fiona kissed Heather again and then started working her way down her friend's body, stopping to linger over her tits, sucking and pulling and squeezing. As she paused, she moved her legs, feeling Heather quickly spread hers apart to wrap them about her waist, almost pulling herself off the bed, an indication of her desire. Fiona decided not to tease her friend any longer and slithered down until her face was level with Heather's hairless pussy, her lips and tongue seeking it eagerly.

Heather's tangled her fingers in Fiona's blonde hair as she thrust her wet cunt against her mouth, desperate for a release to the tension that had built between her legs. Fiona deftly licked and sucked at Heather's labia and clit, her tongue occasionally slipping into the silky wet warmth of her vagina as her friend writhed beneath her.

Fiona slipped her hands under Heather's butt, lifting it from the bed slightly as Heather used her fingers to spread her pussy wide around Fiona's tongue.