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He recalls a special time in his life.

Tabitha pulled into a spot away from the windows where Emily couldn't be seen and took a deep breath.

"Just stay her for a second. I'll be right back. She doesn't need to know you're with me. I'll don't want her to think I'm just lying to her to get out of work."

"Okay," Emily said as she bent over to kiss Tabitha before she got out of the car. "Hurry back."

"Will do," Tabitha replied as she got out and shut the door behind her.

Emily turned on the stereo and popped in a cd, Rachel's, something soothing after the stressful night and early morning. The soft strings and piano made her feel a little better, but it would take more than some nice music to make her feel good.

After about fifteen minutes, Tabitha came around the corner and got into the car. Apparently everything had gone fine. Suzy had accepted Tabitha's reason for not coming in as long as Tabitha promised to work for her next Saturday night. Tabitha had agreed gladly. Saturday night's weren't her favorite, but it was better than losing a full day's pay or getting fired.

The girls chatted a little as they made their way across town to the crappy little gas station where Becky worked the graveyard shift, part-time for a little extra cash a couple days a week. Becky was a little bit older than Tabitha and Emily. She'd been the cool, older chick who took them under her wing in high school when they were freshmen and she was a junior. She'd been the first person to give them booze, the first person to get them high, and the first person to give them ecstasy. She was like a mythic heroine to them. The wild friend that every kid needs so they can learn how to have fun despite all the annoying responsibilities of life.
She was also the first person they had told about their relationship. Becky had acted like it was the greatest thing she'd ever heard which wasn't so strange once you knew she herself was far from straight. In fact, she had tried to get into Emily's panties more than a few times, but Emily just hadn't been ready back then. Becky had been cool about it. She always was.

As Tabitha brought the car to a stop in the parking lot of the dirty, little gas station both girls got out and walked to the door. As usual the place was almost completely empty. The only other cars there were Becky's and some guy pumping gas. This was all fine by Tabitha and Emily the smaller the audience the better.

"Hey," Becky said cheerily as the door buzzer went off and she saw Tabitha and Emily enter the store, "What are you guys doing up?"

"You'll never believe what happened," Tabitha said and then proceeded to tell Becky about the night's happenings in full detail.

Becky listened intently between customers which were few and far between, occasionally interjecting little comments, but mainly just listening patiently as Tabitha told her tale and Emily stood by quietly sipping some free coffee.

"God," Becky said as Tabitha finished up, "Your mom is such a bitch. What are you going to do for a place to stay until you go to school? Do you need to use my extra room? It's a little messy right now, but you can use it if you want."

"Are you sure? I mean I don't want to be..." Tabitha started to say trying to be polite.

"Oh, shut up, Tabby," Becky said abruptly, "You know it won't be a problem. Hell, I asked you to move in a while ago. You could stay at my house forever for all I care. You're always welcome. You too, Emily. Ever since that bitch Morgan moved out it's been too damned quiet. That's about the only thing I miss about her. Loud mouth, nosy cunt."

"Ugh," Emily said between sips, "Don't even mention her.."

"I see she told you about seeing you two at the party? All that girl cares about is gossip and weed. I'm so glad she moved out," Becky said with a sneer.

"She told you?" Emily said worried again that her fears were coming true.

"Yeah," Becky said a little confused by Emily's obvious concern. "Why? What's the big deal?"

"Emily's worried the Morgan might tel