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I head to the showers for a steam bath. And I find company!

I am then dragged away by other soldiers who are eager to introduce me to their Soldier of the Year, and so on; looking back I smile at you as you wink; while others are huddled around you trying to get information about me.

Three days later, I notice you walking down the street; I am heading to my office, and I say hello before entering.

"Hello Mr. Blue, would you like to come inside for a chat; we need to catch up."

You smile and enter as I open the door; reminding me how I was the one that use to salute you, inviting me to come to your office to continue our wicked games. Sitting; facing you as you sit across the table; reminiscing about how I once sat where you sit talking about anything, giggling at the thought of what followed. Looking around; you find my office to be very organized, catching a glimpse of my awards; holding on to a frame of Jane with her husband; me and Laura as her maids of honors.

Then looking at the other frame that had all of us. Jane, me, Laura; Petey, MSG, and Sean. You in the background standing with Maj Ross, Jane's husband, and 1SG Jones, Laura's husband. We invited y'all to pose, but it was not proper protocol, so y'all stood behind us; discreetly smiling. Handing you water; looking at you quietly. Wanting to know more about you; yet not sure how to ask or what to ask. I sit back looking at you; enjoying this friction.

"1SG, huh how does it feel," you ask with a grin.

"Feels nice; rewarding with unexpected surprises" I smile, drinking my water.

Putting my drink down, lightly touching your fingertips; you hold my hand instantly; seeing my Drill Sergeant ring. Bringing my hand to your lips kissing it. Getting up still holding my hand sitting the edge of the table, facing you. Standing up your hands on my hips; pressing me towards you; kissing me gently. Looking at our faces seeing that the years have passed yet that fire that we always had never burned.

Touching your face our kiss becomes passionate. Pressing me tighter feeling you hard between my BDU's; moaning as your lips find those familiar spots that always made me crave you. Saliva intensifies; nails run down your back; purring like a kitty. Squirming; my neck exposed filled with kisses, licks, words. Rubbing me harder; deeper; feeling the friction on my panties. Wanting to be fucked by you, wishing it for so many years; the phone rings. Opening my eyes; going back to my desk. Composing myself; answering the phone, then hanging up.

"I have to go 1SG duties" Then handing you my card; seeing my address asking if you can be at my house at 6 pm. You nodded as you put it in your wallet. Composing myself; leaving my wet thighs wet and untendered. Heading to the door; waiting for me to come closer; pulling me against the door, kissing me hard and passionately; touching my face, we smile. Opening the door, you leave, as I follow going to the left of you. Just like we use to 14 years ago.

6 pm rolls around, dressed in a summer dress; hair still in a bun; sandals. Checking myself in the mirror; anxious. Opening the door, you look up with a smile; I feel like floating yet I know my feet are on the ground. Guiding you to the living room, asking if you would like something to drink. Wine; water; gigging trying not to be too girlish. "Wine" you state with a smile.

Sitting looking at the picture that tells my life after we parted; seeing me hugging three kids. Jane and Laura were pining my 1SGT rank. Then all of us with our husbands me alone in the middle hugging my three kids. By the corner table is a picture in our old unit in Hawaii the three of us standing at parade rest. You smile as you remember those days fondly. Behind that frame is another of me standing with my fellow Delta Force soldiers; I am in the far corner.

Coming back with the two wines in hand; you take one as our hand's touch.