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Then Dawn was ordered to sit on a table or chair so they could view her shaven pussy.

"How does she take the cane?"

"She is very obedient and I have had her caned every day since she returned home. She is fully trained to serve a husband."

Dawn's father did indeed have a lot of offers for the hand of his daughter but finally made his decision that she would marry Charles. On their wedding night he gave Dawn six hard strokes with the cane before having her. He was a successful man who provided for her a luxurious life style. She knew she was lucky to have him.

Within three years Dawn produced two children and so was now ready to serve the school. The first step was a visit the school to see the headmaster. The term headmaster referred to his position as head of the society, a professional deputy head was employed to actually oversee the boys education. Charles knocked on the door of the school secretary.

"Please enter."

Sitting at a little desk was Jenny, a woman in her fifties. Again her position was honorary. and there was an employed woman who carried out the actual job functions. Jenny was a figurehead for the many ladies who served the societies gentlemen in carnal matters. Indeed she was a favourite of Charles who used her regularly. Seeing Charles enter Jenny shot up from her chair.

"Hello sir headmaster is expecting you. Please follow me."

She walked to a door at the far side of her office and knocked.


"Lord Andrews headmaster."

"Welcome do come in. And hello again Charles. It's always a special occasion when one of our gentlemen presents us with a new servant of the school."

The headmaster was a thin man with greying almost white hair and was in his mid sixties. Dawn had been totally ignored as she followed her husband into the large office. As the headmaster stood and went to sit next to Charles, Jenny lead her to stand in front of the desk facing the two men. Jenny then took off Dawn's coat and left the room with it leaving Dawn standing naked. Jenny soon returned with a tray holding two cups of tea and biscuits which she offered to the men.

Charles and the headmaster were now in conversation.

"I understand you used Jenny last Thursday evening Charles."

"Yes headmaster there were four of us."

"You know you are her favourite, she gets very excited when she is going to see you."

"They all should be excited when serving the school."

"Well said. But what did you think of her performance?"

Jenny was listening hoping for just a crumb of praise.

"She's getting old but can still take the cane and cock."

"Quite so. I'm going to send her back to her husband and am considering who to choose as her replacement."

Tears streamed down Jenny's face.

Headmaster carried on, telling Charles that his mother had visited him last week. Here he was full of praise. He once again recounted a story he had told Charles many times before. It was the evening the headmaster and seven other men had used Charles mother. It had started at eight in the evening and began with all the men in a line with her kneeling before them. She took each of them in her mouth. Then they took it in turns to cane and cock her. It when on until two in the morning.

"And Charles do you know we were all worn out and she was still in position ready for more. What a woman you must be very proud of her."

"I am headmaster."

"I think she would make a wonderful school secretary."

Now Charles was very interested. The honour to his family would be immense. So he added weight to her case.

"Everyone tells me how good she is. And she is my friends favourite, so obedient and eager to please gentlemen they tell me."

"I do have a few others in mind. Actually one is your wife's mother. She is coming to see me again next week. Excellent breasts."

To Charles if either his mother or his wife's mother was chosen it would good news so he spoke in favour of both.

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