Divorcee and her boyoty meet. High Quality Porn

Make-under does wonders for a curious duo.

"We aren't having this chase game all night. I'm hungry now." I sit on his chest and reach for an arm. I tie it to the first thing I see. I realize we are in the kitchen. I tie his arms to the table. He kicked and tries to buck me off.

I yelp in surprise before glaring at him. "That's it! You are in SO much trouble!" I turn and grab his legs, tying one to another table leg, and the other a chair. I lift up and plop back down on his chest harder this time. He lets out a gasp, not expecting me to land back on him as hard as I did. "Im going to ask again. Where do you think you're going?" My voice raises and rumbles.

He squirms under me before saying, "Lemme go I can't move."

Grinning sadistically I lean my face close to his. "Poor little bunny. I guess no one can help you now. Perhaps you didn't get the memo. Predators don't let there prey go." I go to bite his neck but he tries to buck me off again. "No more of this!" I lean in and bite his neck, hard. Hard enough to leave a mark, but not hard enough to break the skin.

"Now I want you to pay close attention. I want to show you something." He lowers himself and looks at me in fear. I feel him tremble lightly underneath me. I run my fingers to his crudely patterned Hawaiian shirt. I undo each button. My fingers trace his chest down past his flat stomach to the top of his pants. I trace the waist band, pulling my fingers in a little and taking them out again. He shutters in anticipation. I reach in his pants again and play with the large bulge that is starting to swell rapidly.

"Wanna see what I'm gonna show you?" His head nods eyes glued to mine. I grin before removing my hand and lifting my skirt. I reveal I am not wearing any panties. I scoot up and move closer so his face is close to my pussy. I begin to stroke myself, enjoying the feeling.

"Do you wanna be touched like this little bunny?" His head nods slower this time. "That's too bad little bunny. You shouldn't have tried to run away." I continue to stroke myself, inserting a finger. I moan and tilt my head back a little as I slowly pull my finger back out. He whimpers and tries to move his face closer to me. I stop moving and glare at him.

"I did NOT say you may touch me did I?" I glare at him for a few moments before shifting myself until I was sitting on his face. "Now you need to finish what you wanted to start. Lick!"

He groans and tries to get up. "No no no. You wanted to lick now you're going to lick. If you're good I'll reward you." He sighs and lowers himself again.

Slowly he begins to lick my clit. I gasp and lean my head back at the rush of feelings, pushing my pussy against his face further. I groan and find myself moving with the movement of his tongue. "That's a good bunny. More." He continues to lick, going deeper into me as the weight of my body is placed on his face and head. I quiver in pleasure and enjoy the feeling until I climax. I stay for a few moments before looking down at him. He is still licking, enjoying the taste of my cum as it starts to come through my pussy lips.

"I suppose you think you deserve a little treat eh?" He nods quickly. I shift and place my face near his zipper, but keep one hand on his chest in case he tries anything funny. I unzip his pants and pull out his hard cock. I lean in to have a taste but stop. I looked towards him and give the same look he had given me so many times in my life.

My lips twitch. "Beg." He squirms and trembles, pulling at his restraints. "Please." His voice is soft.

"What?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. "Speak up." He closes his eyes. "Please please please." His lower lip trembles. "Please I beg of you PLEASE!"

I laugh "How cute you look when you beg." I lower my head and lick him from base to tip, then raise my head again. "I really think you can beg better than that, don't you?"

He rolls his eyes at me and moves slightly. He stops moving as my hand lands hard against the side of his face as I slap him. "I said to beg, not to move!"