Katie and I go on a skinny-dipping adventure.

I looked at her face and knew she wanted more, but did not want to ask. Then using the remote the lights were dimmed with only one small bulb still being illuminated.

"Goodness. It is almost pitch dark like that."

"Yes it is."

With that I stood, undid my slacks and drew them and my shorts off. Followed quickly by my shirt. Then I eased into the water and let the jets do their thing. Sam's eyes adjusted to the near dark conditions and she knew I was in the tub.

"Richard, did you plan to do this so you were wearing a suit, or?" she trailed off.

"Well since you can't see, does it matter?"

"I guess not. Not really."

"You know Samantha, you can join me if you would like. I promise not to bite or do anything else you do not ask me to do. The decisions are all yours from here on out. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, I think so Richard."

I sat with the sounds of the jets going in my ears. I strained to hear something, anything that would tell me which way she was going. Then I knew. I felt her leg as it slid into the water next to mine, softly touching me a couple of times and then she moved a little away from me to enjoy the water jets as I was doing. Times like this I wish I had gotten a smaller tub, but when you have 10 people in one tub, you have to have a bigger one.

I then began to hear a muffled sound, like a cry but not quite. It was Sam as the waters were sweeping her into a world that was safe and warm. We sat for what seemed an eternity, but most likely just 10 minutes or so, before she spoke.



"If I come over to where you are, will you kiss me?"

"Like I said if that is what you would like, yes. It that what you want?"

She did not reply. Instead I felt her move against me. First her toe and foot followed by her leg and torso, then finally her arm. I moved my arm around and over her shoulder and she came into my safe zone without any hesitation. I held her tightly, but with being too firm. The there was the unmistakable sound of her beginning to softly cry. I was not prepared for that. Instead I held her a little tighter and she continued to softly sob. Finally, she stopped and when she did she raised her lips and lightly kissed me on the neck. I continued to hold her even when she kissed me again. Her lips lingered on my flesh, causing electricity to surge through me, straight to my cock. I turned my face toward her and even in the near darkness I could see her eyes brimming with tears. I brought my free hand to her face, stroking softly, brushing hair from her face and remained steady as she strained to rise up to my lips. After she had gone as far as she could I lowered my lips to hers. I was surprised by the intensity of her kiss. She was so full of passion and yes, even lust. I adjusted to her lips on mine and was shocked when her hand began moving on my arm and chest. My hand moved to her thigh and I knew there was little distance from where my hand rested to the dew covered honey pot nestled between her legs. Once contact was made Sam began to squirm, her legs moving apart.

I moved my fingers slowly along her silky skin from her thigh to her knee and back up. Finger nails trailing, goose bumps rising to greet a passing traveler. Each time I moved my fingers on her leg she'd shift slightly, until her inner thigh was available. She was uncertain, my hand movement slowed to allow her to back out. Ultimately my hand stopped within centimeters of her prize. I could feel heat rising from her and it was all I could do to resist plunging a finger into her womanhood, making her scream aloud with passion. I remained in control for what seemed hours. Sam then increased the intensity of her kiss while her hand moved down to my lap. She moved her hand along my shaft as it rose to the occasion. Using her fingers she climbed to the top. It was now obvious she was more than willing.
My hand still moved on her creamy thigh and trailed along the surface of her skin.