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Horny aunt helps sulking nephew enjoy a family barbecue.

He sighed, "Oh, Sally that feels really cool."

The pain was going now and the heat was not nearly so intense. Sally slid her hand very gently up and down his cock with a twisting motion, to cover all the surface in the gel., Greg lifted his hips towards her involuntarily to hurry her along. Sally was marvelling at the size he had gotten. He seemed to be an inch longer and the glans was huge!

"Greg, just lean right back and relax; in fact put this cushion under your back."

Greg took the cushion, and sure enough, that was more comfortable. Sally gave him another coating of gel and asked," How does this feel now?" As she spoke, she gave him a little squeeze.

He sighed, "Oh, apart from feeling tight it's not bad, but it feels really strange, sort of strained."

Sally giggled, "Sorry, I shouldn't laugh, but it just looks, huge. If you're sure its ok, I want to try something."

Greg knew that tone of voice. "What exactly are you thinking of?"

Sally wiped her hand on a towel and took off her shoes. "Well, actually this," she said as her blouse came over her head. "And this," as her shorts and panties hit the floor.

Then she climbed on to the chair, her neat breasts jiggling, and arranged her legs on the arms and shuffled her bottom towards him. She took him in her hand and aligned the glans with her entrance. She moved her hips, and gelled as he was, he slid right in.

"And precisely this."

Sally gasped as the swollen head pushed apart her vaginal walls. She wriggled her hips until he was all the way in. He began to start to move but she stilled him.

"No, Greg, just you stay like you are, I'm in charge here."

She soon realised she was in the wrong position for thrusting, and pulled back, feeling the head slide out of her.

Greg groaned, "Don't tease! I can't stand this."

Sally tartly remarked, 'Well, you're not exactly standing are you! Now just hold still.'

She knelt on the chair, her legs on either side of him and sank down on him again.

"God, you're massive, I feel stuffed. Oh, it's good.. so good."

She began to rise and fall: the riding lessons had some use after all. She had long wanted to try this, and the circumstances were ideal, well for her anyway if not Greg. He reached up to her breasts, and stroked gently; he loved her tits, not large, not flat, they were to him just ideal with their perky brown nipples. He craned up and licked the nearest, taking it in his lips to nibble and tease with his tongue.

Sally was in heaven: she had never felt so full.

Her movements were getting more urgent. She was getting very excited, hell, she was going to come. Taken by surprise, she thrust harder, then urgently, then frantically, her hips a blur as the orgasm hit her. She shuddered and Greg felt her pussy gripping him in rippling pulses as she came. She leaned forward on to him, gasping for breath.

"Oh, that was something, that was really something else. Did you come too?"

Greg shook his head. "No I just feel numb there, I can't seem to feel much at all.

Sally looked at the distress evident on Greg's face as he studied his swollen organ.

"Sally, I have to come, to get this down. I'm feeling I'll have to pee soon, and there's no chance of that, with my cock like this, is there?"

Sally stifled the urge to laugh as Greg's face glowered at his penis.

"I don't know what to do here," she said. "If I can't get you off with fucking, I just don't know. She paused, "What about Jo."

Greg groaned. "What about Jo?"

Sally hesitated. She knew things about Jo that he had yet to learn. It could be soon though, the way things were going. Do you know she's an ex- nurse?"

Greg spat: "I don't want her life history, this is getting serious here."

"Okay, try and relax, just you stay put here. I think she can sort this out for you. She has hidden talents," she added cryptically. Greg heard Sally on the phone in the kitchen as she made an ice pack.

Two minutes later Jo was at the front door.